Sitemap - 2023 - Kevin’s Newsletter

Scott Bennett Returns from Russia/Donbass

Alan Sabrosky on the Fate of “Israel” and Its American Colony

Why Is the Liberal Media Inciting Genocide?

LIVE RADIO! Alan Sabrosky on the Fate of “Israel” and Its American Colony; Scott Bennett Returns from Russia/Donbass

The Minute the War Stops, Netanyahu Goes to Prison

Obsequious Elon Grovels, Then Curses

Of Camels and Unitarians

ADL Says “God’s Mercy” Is an Anti-Semitic Trope

Peter Koenig on Palestine, Ukraine, and Global Totalitarianism

Zionism Is Antichrist

Ron Unz on “Gaza and the Antisemitism Hoax”

Did Robert Kagan Just Call for the Assassination of Donald Trump?

Kissinger Arrives in Hell, Appointed Permanent National Security Advisor

Elon Musk Says "No Choice" But to Kill Six Million Israeli Jews

Genocidal Zionists Reveal Their True, Hideous Faces

Experts Agree: Hamas Is Winning

Ken Meyercord Says IDF Killed Civilians on Oct. 7, Sam Husseini on “Israel and the Kennedy Assassinations”

Dmitry Orlov on “Wherefore Israel?”

Should "Israel" Move to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast?

Why Does the West Support the Genocide of Gaza?

It's the Jewish Supremacy, Stupid!

Can 100 Million Dollars Make You Hate Hamas?

Inept Zionists Slaughtered Own People, then 13,000 Palestinians (and counting)

Maisoon Rice Flays Zionist Shayateen

The Zionists Have Exposed Themselves as Genocidal Monsters (Ofogh TV interview)

Laurent Guyénot on Bibi’s Biblical Genocide & JFK Anniversary

LIVE RADIO! Laurent Guyénot on Bibi’s Biblical Genocide & JFK Anniversary

British Police Arrest Hamas Supporters

Gaza Genocide Sparks Anti-Semitism

"Israel" Can't Hide Its Genocide (Ofogh TV and AFP Report Interviews, plus new version of the "I Support Hamas" article)


James Perloff Argues for 10/7 False Flag

Alex Krainer on “Life Outside the Western Matrix”

Barbara Honegger on "Hostage Crises" 1980 & 2023

Israel Will Lose. Here's Why.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on "Booby F*ing Kennedy!"

Bishop Richard Williamson: "The Jews Have a Vision: World Domination"

Mandatory Palestinian Holocaust Denial Bills Draw Bipartisan Support

Jewish Activist Doooovid on Gaza Genocide, Eschatology, and the Blood Sacrifice Temple

Joel Simpson: Was Al-Aqsa Storm Another 1916 Easter Uprising?

In Which I Talk to One Zionist and Two Jews

Gaza: Where Is Hezbollah?

Al-Aqsa Storm Was Not a False Flag

Why I Support Hamas

Will Muslim East + BRICS Liberate Palestine?

Debating "Anti-Semitism" with John Kaminski

Is It Anti-Semitic to Oppose Genocide? A Freewheeling Debate with Rich Sweir and John Kaminski

Is Islam a Religion of Obscurantism or Liberation?

Are Jews Avenging Their Foreskins?

Occupied Melilla, Occupied Palestine

What Do Israelis Think About the Genocide They’re Perpetrating?

Kevin MacDonald on Israel-Palestine and more

Anthony Blinken Offers SHOCKING Admission in “Holocaust Survivor” Speech

Anthropology Prof. Virginia Abernethy on “Born Abroad”; Int. Affairs Prof. Michael Brenner on “America Declares War”

WW3 Canceled! "Sitting Duck" Aircraft Carriers Won't Be Sunk

Explaining to Richie Allen That Zionists Lie Like They Breathe

David Rovics on the Gaza Ghetto Uprising

BREAKING! Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent!

"Palestine Is on the Right Side of History": Ofogh TV Interviews Kevin Barrett

Did Hamas Demolish IMEC?

Debating J. Michael Springmann on Whether Hamas Attack Was a False Flag

Sam Husseini on Western Media’s Incitement to Genocide

Robert Fantina on Western Media’s Incitement to Genocide

Robert Fantina and Sam Husseini on Western Media’s Incitement to Genocide

Palestinians Score Shocking Victory with “Al-Aqsa Storm”

Did Israel Just Experience a 9/11-Style "Intelligence Failure"?

Gazans Break Out of World's Biggest Concentration Camp

Anthony Hall on Canadian Parliament's Nazi Salute, Cokehead Trudeau, Discredited Nobel Prize Committee, & More

Richard Cook on “Is World War III About to Start?”

Is World War III About to Start?

Why—and How—Algeria Should Make Peace with Morocco

Eric Walberg on Rainbow Flag vs. Islam (& HUGE Canadian Muslim-led anti-woke demonstration)

One Conspiracy Theory to Rule Them All!

John “Barsoom” Carter on Jabs vs. IQ & Left vs. Right

Justin Trudeau Accidentally Insults Non-Binary Sexual Deviants

Huge Sufi Conference in Morocco Highlights "Global Citizenship"

Russell Brand Witch-Hunt Exposes #MeToo Psy-Op

Cat McGuire on UN COVID Treaty Demonstration

Helen Buyniski on “Never Forget to Never Forget (Or Else)”

Linh Dinh on Hyperreal vs. Authentic

LIVE RADIO! Linh Dinh on Hyperreal vs. Authentic; Cat McGuire on UN COVID Treaty Demonstration

MSM: An Ongoing Disaster!

E. Michael Jones on #BanTheADL

Meryl Nass on WHO Pandemic Treaty & UN PPPR Program

Meryl Nass on WHO "Tyranny Treaty"

Barbie Doll from Barbados (Oliver Anthony parody)

Michael Walsh on Medvedev’s ominous warning

#BanTheADL? I'd Rather Debate Them

Report from Earthquake-Stricken Morocco

Edward Curtin says “We are pissing our lives away on abstractions”

Algerian Coast Guard Kills Jet Skiers at Moroccan Border

Alen Salerian on JFK Assassination & More

Did Mohamed Atta's Pink-Haired Stripper Girlfriend Mastermind the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot?

Is Liberalism's Collapse Accelerating?

Atty. Dave Meiswinkle on National ARM vs. COVID Crimes

JFK Justice? 9/11 Justice? COVID Justice?

9/11, 22 Years Later: Will We Ever Get the Truth?

I will miss Allan Rees, unsung hero & 9/11 truth radio pioneer

Vivek Ramaswamy: Trump’s Political Heir?

Ray McGinnis: "Attack of the Dubious Mainstream Narratives"—are we living in a zombie movie?

Dave Gahary Says We’re Close to Civil War

Mark Gaffney on “The Demolition of the World Trade Center”

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: To Buy or Sell, You Must Get Chipped and Send Selfie, Data to Unit 8200

Zios Pay US Pols to Hate on Iran

Gordon Duff, Advisor to Imran Khan and Nigerian Govt, Weighs In on Crises

The American Political Spectacle: Cage Fights or Professional Wrestling?

Brett Redmayne-Titley: “On-Scene Reporting from World Gone Mad”

Brett Redmayne-Titley, Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer comment on ongoing disasters

Biden’s Crisis of Democracy

"The Holocaust" and Nuclear Holocaust

John Waters: “Trust the Experts” Is the Virus

Jimmy Walter on Self-Exile from Imploding USA

Johnny Punish Interviews "Kevin Barrett Outside the Empire"

Economist KV Ramani and Scientist Josh Mitteldorf on AI and Evil Elites

Why Do They Burn the Quran?

What If the AI Bulls Are Wrong?

We Made It to Morocco!

RFK Jr. and the Jews

Helen Buyniski Skewers the Thought Police

Rolf Lindgren Breaks Down Trump’s Legal Issues

An Epidemic of Unhinged Accusations

A Tale of Two Occupations

Joachim Hagopian on NATO Fast-Tracking WW3

COVID Origins: Connect the Dots

Alan Sabrosky on Lawlessness & Civilizational Decline

NATO Fast-Tracks World War III

Your Last Chance to Have Lunch With Me in the USA?

Barry Kissin on “Blame the Russians”

Help keep False Flag Weekly News alive!

Meryl Nass on Censorship

Ex-Intel Officials: Teenage Hookers, Laptop, Ukrainian Payoff and Cocaine Found at White House Doesn't Belong to Hunter Biden

California Reparations Task Force: Pay Descendants of Enslaved People to Urinate in Public

Were mRNA Vaccines a Biowarfare Experiment?

“Honesty Studies” Scholar Fabricated Findings

Jim Kavanagh on RFK Jr.’s Prospects

Ron Unz on “The Fall of Affirmative Action?”

LIVE RADIO! Ron Unz on “The Fall of Affirmative Action?”

Azov Battalion Permanently Adopts "Rainbow Swastika" Pride Month Flag

Prighozin's "Insurrection," RFK Jr.'s Tush-Kissing: Real or Psy-Ops?

Alan Sabrosky on "Feminine Dystopia"

Barrie Zwicker on Graeme MacQueen - and more

Legendary Old Dudes Shred Establishment Lies

Why Is “Truth-Teller” RFK Jr. Lying About Israel?

Trump, Kennedy Struck Down by "Magic Bullet"

Was the Unabomber Right All Along?

Jim Fetzer on Lawfare vs. Trump

Why Is RFK Jr. Shilling for the People Who Killed His Father?

Tribute to Cormac McCarthy

"The Unmanly Lynching of Andrew Tate" (K. Barrett Bilali)

Holocaustianity: Religion or Psychosis?

Thaddeus Kozinski on the “War for Our Souls”

RFK Jr. and Imran Khan: Statesmen vs. Deep States

Harrison Koehli on Marxcissism and Wokeness

Perversity Is Our Strength!

Linh Dinh on “Brave New Reset”

The Continuing Story of Bodycount Bill

Peace Breaks Out in the Middle East

When an Anti-Islam False Flag Shut Down the US Capitol

Cat McGuire: RFK Jr. Is Fantastic, But...

America Has a Political Assassination Problem

AJ Smuskiewicz on "Why I'm for Kennedy"

The Palestinians’ Catastrophe Is Our Catastrophe Too

Jafar Ramini on 75th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba—Which He Experienced at Age 5

Mathew Crawford on World War E “Globalists vs. Globalists” Hypothesis, and More

E. Michael Jones on 75th Anniversary of Palestinian Nakba, "Antisemitic Elon," and Trans Terror...

Why I'm ALMOST Ready to Vote for Trump

Binoy Kampmark on Assange’s Foiled Escape

Josh Mitteldorf on Time Paradoxes and Election Integrity

Kremlin Drone Attack Sparks “False Flag” Mania in MSM

Chutzpah: It Isn't Just for Jews Any More

Peter Koenig: Stop the WHO Pandemic Treaty!

What Is the Dumbest Thing the Empire Wants Us to Believe?

Ron Unz on Neocons, 9/11, and Chomsky

John Carter on Commodified Intelligence

Debating Ron Unz on Neocons, Chomsky & 9/11

Chomsky's Ties to Jeffrey Epstein—and Suspected 9/11 Mastermind Ehud Barak—Exposed

US Political System Gone Crazy!

Ex-President’s Legal Woes: “Trumped-Up” Charges, or Symptoms of US Decline?

Tribute to Prof. Graeme MacQueen, Truth-Seeker

Helen Buyniski on Out-of-Control Censorship

What’s the World’s Worst Problem—Unearned Rent, Satanism, or Censorship?

What’s the World’s Worst Problem—Unearned Rent, Satanism, or Censorship?

Alex Krainer: Was There More Freedom Under Communism?

Can RFK Jr. Win the Presidency—and Take Back America?

Edward Curtin on “RFK Jr. vs. the American Political Wasteland” (full transcript)

In Praise of "Jews Against DeSantis"

Alan Sabrosky on “RFK Jr. vs. the American Political Wasteland”

Edward Curtin on “RFK Jr. vs. the American Political Wasteland”

Eid Mubarak! Conversations with Alan Sabrosky, Ed Curtin, E. Michael Jones...

Eric Walberg on Qur’an as Epic Enchanter

Josh Mitteldorf on the Origin of Life

Two Proofs That God Exists?

Dave Lindorff: MSM Covers (Up) Antiwar Protests

ADL Lashes Out at Substack

Peace Activist Nick Kollerstrom: "Russia Is Fighting a Just War in Ukraine"

Henry Herskovitz on Vandals vs. Ann Arbor Protests

Can RFK Jr. Defeat the Media?

Anthony Hall on the Permanent Emergency; Ken Meyercord on Multipolarism vs. DC Think Tanks

Zionists Attack Worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque

ADL Takes Aim at my Substack

The Permanent Emergency Has Been Revoked

Max Parry on Alexander Dugin and the Red-Brown Myth

Russia-China-Islam: The New Superpower?

Edward Curtin Faces “Clear Evidence of Peril in a Country of Lies”

The Qur'an Condemns False Flags and Scapegoating

Putin and Xi Meet in Moscow, Rock the World—with Trade and Diplomacy, Not Bombs

Another "Conspiracy Theory" Turns Out To Be True (False Flag Weekly News with John Carter)

Peter Myers Re-Solves MH-370; R. Michael Fisher on Political Fearlessness & Marianne Williamson 2024

Barbara Honegger on NYT Conceding 1980 “October Surprise”

MH370 Mystery Solved; October Surprise Confirmed; and Other "True Conspiracy Theories"

Ramadan Fundrazr: Help Us Relocate and Become Sustainable

Human Rights Lawyer Clive Stafford Smith on Guantanamo Prisoners, Aafia Siddiqui, and More

Neocons and Neolibs: A Conspiracy of Silence

NY Times Admits It: Another "Conspiracy Theory" Turns Out to Be True

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi on US-imposed regime change in Pakistan

Igor Lopatonok (“Ukraine on Fire”) on US-imposed regime changes

Raccoon Dog Blamed for COVID Pandemic Identified, Arrested

Federal Whistleblower Asks Seymour Hersh About 9/11, WTC-7, JFK Coup

Neocons and Neolibs: A Conspiracy of Silence

Greetings from a Brand-New MENA (Middle East/North Africa)

Anonymous Intelligence Sources Have Identified the Nordstream Sabateurs

COVID Origins Riddle: Is the Answer "as Simple as ABC"?

Greetings from Oujda, Morocco, the City of Mosques

J. Michael Springmann on What He Saw in Iran

Are COVID Vaccines—Like COVID Itself—a "Pentagon Project"?

John Carter (Postcards from Barsoom) on Gender Wars and More

1993 WTC Bombing Patsies Still Imprisoned 30 Years Later

Setareh Sadeqi and Christopher Weaver: MSM Is Lying Outrageously About Iran!

Why Chomsky Is Wrong About 9/11

Tribute to Richard Belzer: Discussing 9/11, JFK, Banksters, Zionism, and More!

Matt Ehret Counters David Skrbina on “Artificial Idiocy,” Lovesick Chatbot Stalkers, and the Metaphysics of Technology

David Skrbina on “Artificial Idiocy,” Lovesick Chatbot Stalkers, and the Metaphysics of Technology

LIVE RADIO! David Skrbina and Matt Ehret on “Artificial Idiocy,” Lovesick Chatbot Stalkers, and the Metaphysics of Technology

Pentagon Reveals Chinese Spy Balloon Was “Weaponized Hyperinflated Condom”

Artificial Idiocy: The Moronic-Demonic Nature of AI and the Civilization That Produced It

Why Is the Media Lying About Palestine?

Maisoon Rice Questions Turkey-Syria “HAARPquake”; Linh Dinh on “A Distant Episode”

Zafar Bangash on Iran Revolution Anniversary

Could Iran's Model of Governance Spread?

US Hybrid War on Iran Stalling?

That Chinese Balloon Looks Different from Tehran

John Waters Presents: "The Filth Reveal!"

Peter Bahlawanian on “Desire to Live” (Ethnic Cleansing of Artsakh, Armenia)

Moti Nissani’s “Eight Billion Cheers for Direct Democracy”

Vulgar Humor, Jews, and the Mortification of Pfizer Executive Jordan Trishton Walker

Are We Safe for Democracy Yet?

WaPo Decries "Anti-Establishment Hate"

Philip Kraske on "The War in Ukraine Will End with a Bang — Soon"

Peter McCullough on Vax and Mortality

LIVE RADIO! Peter McCullough on Vax & Mortality; Peter Myers on WEF, WHO, & Global Health Tyranny

John Kerry: “Select Group of Hos” at Davos Is “Extra-Terrestrial”

Let's Replace the UN With the Hajj Qasem Soleimani Assembly of Nations

Biden, Trump Used Classified Docs as Toilet Paper – Report

Mathew Crawford Rethinks Vax and Mortality

Richard Cook Addresses American Nationalists

House Resolution Would Rename Washington DC Monuments After Zelensky

Stanley Kubrick: Whistleblowing satirist or AI transhumanist?

Santos Attacks “Anti-Semitic Holocaust-Denying Homophobes” Who Are Badgering Him to Resign

Is Putin a Conspiracy Theorist?

Helen Buyniski Says “Atrocities Aren’t Accidents”

Ron Unz Asks “Vaxxing Deaths or COVID Deaths?”

LIVE RADIO: Ron Unz Asks “Vaxxing Deaths or COVID Deaths?”; Helen Buyniski Says “Atrocities Aren’t Accidents”

John Cobb on David Ray Griffin and Process Thought

Saints and Scholars: Russia Follows Iran Back to Religion