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Why Is RFK Jr. Shilling for the People Who Killed His Father?

Why Is RFK Jr. Shilling for the People Who Killed His Father?

Is he playing 3D chess? Or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

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On yesterday’s Richie Allen show (listen above) we covered plenty of controversial ground—global tyranny, is resistance futile, was the Unabomber right, do we need a revolution, are you pro-2nd-Amendment, the wokist debauching of children, why LGBTQ ideology is wrong, and why the war on Russia is really a war on Europe.

One topic we didn’t cover was RFK Jr.’s odious regurgitation of obscene hasbara lies. From Haaretz:

“Everything has a historical context in Israel. If you look at why we aren’t at a two-state solution, which everyone now says they want, but both in 1947-1948, and again in 2001, it was the Palestinian leadership who walked away from a two-state solution and pledged itself to the destruction of the Jewish people,” Kennedy said.

“That’s a very, very clear history – and at a time when they had a very, very generous solution on the table. Now, the other thing I say is, Israel is a democracy but a flawed democracy just like the United States. But if I was a dissident Arab, Palestinian, would I rather be a dissident in Israel or in Saudi Arabia or Oman or Qatar or any other Arab nation?” he asked.

Kennedy stressed that “on all these issues ... if you’re gay, for example, you can be killed for that. Israel is the only place [in the Middle East] where you have freedom. If you’re a transvestite or have any other kinds of dissident views, you’d much rather be in Israel.”

He added that Israel is also held to a double standard regarding whether it takes proper precautions in avoiding civilian casualties. “Israel is going to the West Bank and killing children – it’s never doing that deliberately, never, and nobody has ever said it is,” he said. He accused Israel’s Arab neighbors of having a deliberate policy “to attack and target civilians and to kill them.”

Coincidentally or not, Kennedy started shilling for the Zionists just as a new Economist-Yougov poll showed he has higher favorability ratings than Biden and Trump in the wake of a group of Silicon Valley billionaires lining up behind him. Did RFK Jr. suddenly realize he has a chance to win, but only if he placates the Zionists, like Trump did? (Actually Trump went much further than just placating them—he seems to have cut a deal with Israel in the summer of 2016 that put him in the White House. The Russiagate hoax was not just designed to hobble Trump, but also to cover up the Israelgate reality.)

RFK Jr. is not a stupid man. He must know the Zionists are genocidal lunatics who have contributed enormously to the ongoing destruction of America, not least of all by murdering his father and uncle. Assuming that to be the case, he would be uttering vapid Zionist platitudes as a cynical political ploy. (So much for his self-professed commitment to tell the American people the truth.) Maybe he thinks, like his father did, that once he’s in office he’ll be in a position to go after the bad guys.

But it’s also conceivable that he actually is that stupid—or, to put it more accurately, that psychologically damaged. There is a psychological phenomenon known as identification with the aggressor, whose best-known example is Stockholm syndrome, that could explain such behavior. Unconsciously, Kennedy may very well know or suspect that Zionists were behind the 1963 coup and the 1968 pre-coup. And he undoubtedly knows that people with a visceral attachment to Zionism dominate the media and to a significant extent the political process. Faced with such overwhelming power and such hopeless odds, he might be driven by unconscious factors to start behaving like a Stockholm hostage.

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I’ll be discussing RFK Jr.’s Zionist outbursts, along with other topics including the Trump indictment and bankster dictatorship, with Jim Fetzer and Mujahid Kamran on tonight’s live edition of Truth Jihad Radio. Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio or wait for the archive to appear at my Substack.

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