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WW3 Canceled! "Sitting Duck" Aircraft Carriers Won't Be Sunk

WW3 Canceled! "Sitting Duck" Aircraft Carriers Won't Be Sunk

The good news according to E. Michael Jones

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The good news is that World War III has been postponed due to events beyond the Zionists' control. The bad news is that they're still trying to figure out how to blow up Al-Aqsa and build a gay disco called The Pink Heifer.

That, anyway, seems to be the considered opinion of this week’s False Flag Weekly News commentator, Dr. E. Michael Jones. Below are excerpts from our conversation.

Kevin Barrett: So here's our big story. And no, I'm not going to play that song again. Send us money and we won't play that song again.

Here's the aircraft carrier. Two of them actually, the Ford and the Eisenhower. Each one has 5,000 sailors on board. Today a few cheap anti-ship missiles probably within reach not only of mid-level powers, not only the serious regional powers like Iran, for example, but even maybe an individual, a wealthy Gulf individual, could probably take out one of these things with 5,000 people on board. There go 10,000 dead Americans into Davy Jones' locker. Is sending these aircraft carriers right off the coast of Gaza and telling them to say “quack quack” as stupid as I think it is?

E. Michael Jones: It's the principle of showing the flag. That's always the principle. If the Greeks don't pay their debt, the British Navy shows up and bombards Athens, and then they pay their debt. That's the way it works. The trouble is that the game has shifted to the point that missiles now have made the aircraft carrier obsolete. Now, I don't think that Hamas has a missile that can sink an aircraft carrier…

Kevin Barrett: But “Hamas” in quotation marks, spoken with a thick Hebrew accent, probably does.

E. Michael Jones: What we do know is that Putin just made a comment. He said “we have a Kinzhal missile” that can sink an aircraft carrier. It's not a threat, just a statement of fact.

(The Americans) want to intimidate Hamas into giving up. But the problem is that the Israeli air force has already done what the American aircraft carrier can do— they've already bombed Gaza. So the Americans could fly in and bomb the rubble again if they wanted to. But the main issue now is whether there's going to be a ground invasion. And at this point the United States has announced that they have 2 000 troops ready to…enter the tunnels. As I've said before, I don't think the Israelis are willing to enter the tunnels that Hamas has dug. I'm saying this based on what happened in 2006 when it was Hezbollah in the tunnels in Lebanon. Hezbollah had anti-tank missiles that stopped the Merkava tanks, and the Israelis would not go into the tunnels. So I don't think anything's changed here. The aircraft carrier is, in this respect, irrelevant. They can only do what has already been done, and that doesn't need to be done at this point.

Kevin Barrett: Well, if they send Americans into the tunnels to die for the Zionists, I for one am going to be even more annoyed than I already am. But some folks like Bernard over at Moon of Alabama say this aircraft carrier here couldn't possibly be for use against Hamas (but is instead intended to escalate the war on Syria.)

E. Michael Jones: I don't think so. I think that the whole point of Biden's visit was to be the good cop in the good cop bad cop scenario. And I think this is why the Israelis attacked the hospital, in order to narrow his ability to maneuver diplomatically.

Kevin Barrett: Okay, let’s move on to the Gaza Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital explosion story…It was just so insane. It's shocking to me that people were buying the Zionist version of it.

What actually happened apparently was that a huge Israeli airburst bomb went off above the hospital. And in front of the hospital there were hundreds of Palestinian refugees that Israel had chased out of their homes. And they were sheltering there, thinking it was safe. So Israel just did an airburst right above them and killed hundreds of people who were not even protected by the building. And this confused some people because the hospital itself didn't get flattened. But it was actually the people outside the hospital that got killed, for the most part.

The mainstream media has been split on this. A lot of them are parroting this ridiculous Zionist cover story that they recorded Hamas saying it was actually Islamic Jihad that did it. But it turns out that's a complete joke. The recording is blatantly inauthentic. It's almost like a parody. So even the mainstream is starting to question this, as Caitlin Johnson pointed out. And the pushback is getting pretty extreme.

So, Mike, let's talk a little bit about the hospital bombing. Why did the Zionists repeatedly tell us they were going to bomb this hospital, send a bunch of non-warheaded rockets to “knock on the door” to show that they were going to bomb it, then did bomb it with an airburst, killing hundreds of people who were sheltering outside? And then they admitted it and bragged about it on Twitter, and then deleted the tweet, then made up a completely transparent bogus cover story, and somehow forced Joe Biden and about half of the mainstream media to parrot this transparently ludicrous cover story?

E. Michael Jones: Yeah, that’s what's called having your cake and eating it too: They got the effect of it (and the blame-the-Resistance propaganda narrative.) When they realized that it's caused huge amounts of international protest, they denied that it happened and cooked up this story of a Hamas rocket that sort of went off track. And Biden buys into it. So the question is, did it limit his ability (to broker a deal)? Because he clearly came with the idea that he was going to be the broker.

That was the whole point of the first (post-October 7 US diplomatic visit) when Blinken showed up and said “I come not only as United States Secretary of State, but also as a Jew.” Well, you just lost all your credibility.

Kevin Barrett: And then he starts rambling about the Holocaust, as he always does.

E. Michael Jones: Everywhere he goes, every time he gives a speech, he immediately says, “I have relatives who died in the Holocaust.” It's wearing a little thin now. But I think he lost. They had to reestablish that notion that the United States is a kind of broker between two sides. And I think that's why Netanyahu wanted to attack the hospital to force him over toward the Israeli side.

But it looks as if they did the same thing (attempt to broker a deal) anyway. So today the story is that Biden is going to give a speech: The trucks are lined up, the humanitarian aid is going to go in because Biden brokered a deal. So it's like two steps forward, one step back, as far as I can tell.

Kevin Barrett: I agree that Biden is trying to be the good cop, but he's trying to be the good cop both to Israel and to all the people who are completely outraged by these kinds of slaughters. The Israelis have killed, I can't even keep track of the body count now, but it's been like 3,500, and the wounded count is well over 10,000. I don't know if it's up to 15,000 or higher by now. So this is just a massacre. And Biden tries to be the good cop by going along with Israel's ludicrous lies while taking credit for getting some humanitarian aid in.

E. Michael Jones: He's doing both at the same time. The only question is, was there something else that got deleted because of the attack on the hospital?Was there something else he was going to do? The other question is, is there going to be a ground invasion? Did that get taken off the table now because of his visit? We still don't hear about the ground invasion.

Kevin Barrett: Joe Biden spoke out against it.

There's a pattern here, (we see it) over and over and over. Every important thing that the Zionists have ever done, they've lied about. When are people going to notice this?

E. Michael Jones: Norman Finkelstein just published a whole series of quotes where basically they've already admitted that they attack hospitals. They've already done it so many times, why wouldn't they do it again this time?

Kevin Barrett: Before the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, they'd already like blown up like 18 hospitals, many with no warning.

E. Michael Jones: Yeah, I think that’s what we're seeing here. On the other side, I don't know whether we're going to cover this, but Ben Shapiro is freaking out over this thing, and Mark Levin too, and there's another guy by the name of Rabbi Dov Fisher. Rabbi Fisher brought an interesting point to the table here: He brought up Dresden. And he said—this is the Holocaust narrative, obviously, since in order to bring anything to a conclusion, you have to throw the Holocaust card down on the table to end the discussion—that “there are no innocent people in Gaza. There are no such thing as innocent civilians in Gaza, because Gaza voted for Hamas.” So it completely throws the idea of non-combatants out the window. It's the Jewish idea and the Nazi idea of (?). You know, kill your family, kill everyone.

Kevin Barrett: They're going to have to kill billions then, because the entire MENA region, where I am—the whole region—everybody here pretty much unanimously sides with the Palestinian resistance. So are they going to kill billions of us?

E. Michael Jones: Well, they're going to have to. But he (Rabbi Dov Fisher) concludes and completes the circle by saying it's exactly the same as Dresden. In other words, “the attack on Dresden was justified because those people voted for Hitler.” So now it comes down to: If you vote, if the city you live in elected someone, then there are no such thing as innocent non-combatants any more.

Kevin Barrett: Right. So that means that if Israel elected Netanyahu, every Jew on earth should go straight to the gas chambers.

E. Michael Jones: This is the type of thinking. It all goes back to the Holocaust. In other words, they are taking their plans from the way the Americans conducted their war on Germany. That's the way the Jews are talking. And the people in the State Department are pushing back against it because they understand where that's going to lead.

Kevin Barrett: It's really undermining the Zionist credibility. And bit by bit people are waking up. And one of these days Richie Allen is going to wake up to this. And a lot of other people are waking up already.

So let's get into the historical context here a little bit. Just a couple of items to look at. First, the red heifer stuff. Here is a Mint Press article from back in September that I included for historical context. We don't hear much about this in the mainstream media, or even most of the alternative media, but the Israeli government is actually on board with this radical, millenarian-messianic, I would argue satanic, settler plan to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the Islamic world's oldest and greatest architectural monument and the avatar of Islamic spirituality and ecumenism, and “rebuild” a blood-sacrifice temple. The Israeli government has actually paid for five pink heifers.

E. Michael Jones: Well, I think that you're the one who said that this was the proximate cause of Al-Aqsa flood, when those 800 rabbis or settlers went into the Al-Aqsa Mosque. But the question is, why are they doing that? What's the problem here? Well, I think the problem is guilt, if you want my humble opinion. Because al-Aqsa is built on the foundation of the Temple. And ever since Titus destroyed the Temple in 70 AD, the Jews have no way of expiating guilt. They had to burn animals, animal sacrifice, to expiate guilt.

Kevin Barrett: Yeah, like the scapegoat ritual, right? Driving the goat out. Or worse, they do a sacrifice.

E. Michael Jones: And so for a 2,000 year period, they've had great success in projecting their guilt onto other people, which is exactly what they did with the attack on the hospital. They're good at doing that. But I don't think it works.

I said this in an article I just wrote: There is a specter haunting Israel. And the one who articulated it was Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister. He said “no Jewish kingdom has lasted longer than 80 years.” Now, people yell at me when I say that. I didn't say it, he said it!

Kevin Barrett: So we're getting close to the expiration date.

E. Michael Jones: That's right. We're five years away from the expiration date. And then Barak goes into detail about how after 80 years, the country is falling apart internally. And he quotes other historical examples: Communism didn't last 80 years. That was a Jewish kingdom. He mentioned the United States Civil War. 80 years after the founding of the government, there was a civil war. That, I think, is what's happening in Israel right now.

And whether I think it or not, Ehud Barak thinks it. And if he thinks it, there have got to be a lot of other people who feel: “Well, we better build this temple in the next five years because otherwise we'll all die in our sins. We won't be able to expiate guilt. We'll all go to hell or wherever we go, because we didn't rebuild the temple and have animal sacrifice.”

Kevin Barrett: Right. Well, with all of the sins around the creation of Zionism through a policy of systematic big lies and terrorism, they're going to have to kill and bleed a lot of heifers.

Here’s more historical context from Ron Unz, a terrific article on the anthrax attacks. It's important to remember that the anthrax aspect of the 9/11-anthrax false flag had Zionist fingerprints all over it, as did, of course, the 9/11 aspect. And Ron does a good job in this article of bringing in the fact that it could have easily been solved right at the beginning. Philip Zack and his girlfriend, two former workers at Fort Detrick, almost certainly were involved in writing a letter demonstrating foreknowledge of the attack.

And now the Zionists are on their way to killing God knows how many more and telling more big lies.

E. Michael Jones: Yeah, the big question is, are the American soldiers going to go into the tunnel as proxy warriors for the Israelis who don't want to do it?

Kevin Barrett: Well, if the American soldiers want to die for a pink heifer, you know, whatever.

E. Michael Jones: Or the gay disco or whatever. I think that this is wearing thin. I'm getting tweets from people saying “not going to die for Israel.” Soldiers saying “not going to die for Israel,” that type of thing. I don't see it happening. They've cried wolf too many times.

Kevin Barrett Well, Mike, if they don't want to die for the Pink Heifer or for the gay disco, would they die for a gay disco named the Pink Heifer? Can you imagine? There's the logo and a neon sign, The Pink Heifer. Wouldn't that be a great name for a gay disco?

E. Michael Jones: Yes, yes. You can start one in Morocco.

We Regret to Inform You That World War 3 Has Been Postponed Due to Unforseen Circumstances Beyond Zionist Control

E Michael Jones: If the humanitarian aid comes in, if the United States, the Biden administration has taken control, that means there will be no ground invasion. If there's no ground invasion, then everyone stands back, and then you can have some type of peaceful exchange of hostages.

Kevin Barrett: And Netanyahu's career ends. So he doesn't want that to happen.

E. Michael Jones: I think it's in his interest to prolong the war. I think it's in his interest to have one more atrocity after another, because I think it's the only way he can hold on to power.

To get back to Ehud Barak, the country is completely divided. The only way Bibi can rule is by creating an external threat. That's always the way it is with people like this. Now the question is how deep does this go? And that's why I wanted to bring in a kind of theological dimension to this. Because if they're thinking that we only have five years left, there's an element of desperation involved here that would probably support Netanyahu, as opposed to the people who maybe don't feel that way and want to have some type of ceasefire and move back to try to deal with this in a rational behavior rather than with military force.

Kevin Barrett: I agree. I also think it's really important that people in the West should listen to what Hamas says, because that's totally systematically suppressed from the Western media, even the alternative media. Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas’s deputy chief, has been giving these long interviews. You can watch them in Arabic on Al Jazeera, and you can probably find some of it on Al Jazeera English, and get Hamas' perspective on all of this. And what you discover is that they never intended to massacre Israeli civilians. Hamas is a much more reasonable and calculating and ultimately peace-loving group than they're given credit for.

And Hamas has always been willing to have a ceasefire. Even though Hamas, like everybody else who's paying attention, believes that there shouldn't be any Jewish state there, if Israel goes back to the pre-1967 borders, they're willing to have a ceasefire, lay down their weapons, and work politically and peacefully—if Israel just goes back to those 1967 borders like the entire international community wants them to do.

So anyway, people really should listen to Hamas. Don't just take these cherry-picked snippets attributed to Hamas by various Zionist sources. Go actually listen to what Hamas says and get that side of the story directly.

E Michael Jones: I think the other thing that we need to talk about is diplomatic pressure from China and Russia. At the moment when the tanks were massing for the ground offensive, already moved up to the border— at that point they said they were going to postpone it because of the weather, because it rained there or something like that.

It may have been the fact that Putin said that we have a Kinzhal missile that can hit that aircraft carrier, and at the same time that China basically pulled out and sided with Hamas and said that there had to be some type of peaceful solution—I think that that may have caused them to pull back.

I don't think it (a Gaza ground invasion and subsequent World War III) going to happen.

Kevin Barrett: So you're saying no ground invasion?

E. Michael Jones: That's what I'm saying. I think that's always been the red line, hasn't it? Wasn’t Iran threatening that “if there's a ground invasion, we’ll get involved?”

I think the United States said, “well, we don't want that, they're talking to each other.” After Blinken stopped saying he has relatives who died in the Holocaust, maybe he talked to someone about “maybe we should do something about this threat of a ground invasion and Iranian response.”

So that was the crucial moment, I think that they blinked. It's happened before. I don't know whether it was the result of the Soleimani murder, when Iran fired missiles at a United States base in Iraq, and at that point it was Trump's position, “okay, you've got to counter this,” and Netanyahu was egging him on, and at that point Hassan Nasrallah said “if you do that, we are going to fire 250,000 missiles into Israel.” And at that point, Netanyahu backed down.

I think we tend to miss these moments because nobody wants to talk about them in the mainstream media. But I think that that was such a moment.

So I said before, they're not going to go in on a ground invasion. And it still hasn't happened. And now there's humanitarian aid that has basically ended the blockade. I think this is the result of international pressure, including pressure from the United States.

Kevin Barrett: So World War III may not be quite as imminent as my headline suggested.

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