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The Minute the War Stops, Netanyahu Goes to Prison

The Minute the War Stops, Netanyahu Goes to Prison

No wonder he doesn't want it to stop

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This interview was conducted last Friday, shortly after the truce ended.

Well, for more insight on the continuation of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, we're now joined by Mr. Kevin Barrett. He's editor of Veterans Today, who's joining us from Saidiya, Morocco. Mr. Barrett, welcome to the program. I want to get your perspective on why the Israeli onslaught on Gaza will continue. Hamas has laid the blame on the Israelis with the green light from the United States.

Yes, of course that's correct. Whether the United States is giving a full green light or simply failing to give a firm enough red light, ultimately the responsibility for this does fall on the Biden administration as well as on the fanatical genocidal maniacs in and around the Netanyahu government. It’s shameful and horrifying that after this period of truce extensions with prisoners being freed, and the chance of more prisoners being freed…all Israelis now can see that the Israeli prisoners who were freed were on very good terms with their captors. They were smiling. They were high-fiving. They were hugging their Hamas captors. So it’s pretty obvious when you compare that to the treatment that Palestinian prisoners get in Israeli prisons, which includes torture, systematic sexual abuse, rape, constant maltreatment, the whole Israeli propaganda narrative is completely falling apart.

This narrative that Hamas is a bunch of dangerous, violent, criminal “animals” —these horrible genocidal terms that the Israelis have been using — turn out to actually describe themselves. Whereas Hamas has been revealed as a vastly more honorable and noble and moral and ethical kind of organization than the genocidal Israeli government.

So it's terrible. They've come out and killed a hundred more civilians on the very first day, less than a day in fact, since the truce expired. The Biden Administration deserves much of the blame for this. They’re going to be taking political punishment here in the United States. But whether they will ever stand up and force Netanyahu to stop committing genocide remains to be seen.

Mr. Barrett, the war itself is also being considered, when we're talking about the backlash and the aftermath of all of this inside Israel for the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this war itself is also being considered as a major flop for him. I want you to elaborate on that for us as well.

Yes, well politically, the Biden administration and Netanyahu and the Israelis have lost.

Politically, the Biden Administration and the Netanyahu gangsters face slightly different problems. In the case of Biden, he would actually be better off if Netanyahu resigned and wound up in prison, and a totally new extremist-free Israeli government were formed. And that could happen in the event of the war stopping in a context in which it is obvious that Netanyahu and the Israelis have lost, or failed to achieve their goals in major way. Which is undoubtedly how it will end, since there is no way they can achieve their goals. They can’t eliminate Hamas, as they say they’re going to. All they’re succeeding in doing is massacring civilians. So as soon as this war stops, it will be viewed as a failure within Israel. And at that point Netanyahu is going to take the blame for the whole thing. And who knows what kinds of investigations will be done into what led to the Israeli debacle and Palestinian triumph on October 7th. Netanyahu is likely to go straight from the PM’s office into a prison cell as soon as the war ends. So he has every reason to keep this war going as long as he possibly can.

Meanwhile the Biden Administration is facing political problems because the most active wing of the Democratic Party is at least modestly aware of the scale of the Zionist genocide going on in Gaza, and is horrified by it. And a lot of people in the US are going to be sitting out the election and not voting for Biden because of this — certainly the American Arab and Muslim communities, as well as much of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. So for Biden it would actually be good to end the war and have Netanyahu hustled off to prison, and have a slightly more pragmatic Israeli government replace him.

The problem, though, is that the Zionists have so much power in the US that doing anything that can be perceived as standing up against Israel can make you politically vulnerable. And the Republicans are cashing in on the brainwashing of the American people in support of Israel. So Biden is walking a tightrope between trying to assuage people in his own party who are aware of the reality, while having to fend off challenges from the Republican camp, which is utterly and completely brainwashed to be cheering for genocide. So it’s a complex situation, and so far, the Biden Administration hasn’t had the courage, much less any morality or ethics, to stand up and force this war to end. And I don’t have any confidence that they will. But we’ll see.

Mr. Barrett, here's some new reactions. The Iranian Foreign Minister has said that the U.S. and the Israelis seem oblivious to the severe fallout of the continuation of the war on Gaza. So let's say that this war continues for another long period of time. More women and children are massacred by the Israelis. What type of fallout would you expect to see?

Well, I don't think it's entirely true that the whole Biden administration is unaware of the political fallout that they're taking. They may not realize the full extent of it until it's too late, but Biden already has been quoted as saying that, quote, “we've taken on a lot of water for the Israelis.” And, of course, what that means is that he's comparing America to a sinking ship. The sinking ship, the Titanic, is taking on a lot of water because of its ridiculous and widely hated support for genocide in Gaza. So, of course, at some point, the American administration or the permanent national security community or deep state may wake up and realize that America is going to lose what little shred of its soft power remains as its reputation is utterly destroyed by its support for genocide. And the narrative is changing. The truth about October 7th, the fact that the Palestinian Resistance fought with restraint, with compassion, with morality and ethics, as it went after military targets and hostages to trade for Palestinian prisoners, and then treated those hostages very, very well—all of this is coming out now. And as the world sees this, the damage done to the image of the United States and these Zionist mad dogs in occupied Palestine is getting worse and worse by the day. So, yeah, I think at some point the American administration probably will be forced to stop Netanyahu from committing genocide and then, of course, Netanyahu will go to prison.

But Netanyahu's a survivor. He's done all kinds of crazy things and gotten away with them in the past, including participating in the September 11th operation in 2001. We should never underestimate what lengths he might go to to try to stay in power and out of prison.

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