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Ron Unz on “Gaza and the Antisemitism Hoax”

Ron Unz on “Gaza and the Antisemitism Hoax”


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Is animosity against Jews atavistic, irrational, and deplorable? Or can it arise for understandable reasons? In his new article “Gaza and the Antisemitism Hoax” Ron Unz writes:

“With perhaps 20,000 Gazan Palestinians having now been slaughtered by Jews, I don’t doubt that the miserable survivors currently feel a great deal of hostility towards the group responsible, but how could we possibility expect anything else? Do we gain any extra insight by labeling this animosity ‘anti-Semitism’?”

That’s a very good question. So are the other questions raised in the article about “notorious outbreaks of anti-Semitism” that turned out to be less mysterious, irrational, and deplorable than meets the eye.

So is the whole notion of anti-Semitism a gigantic hoax? If so, will people ever lose their fear of being branded with a pejorative term that turns out, on closer examination, to be meaningless…and almost psychopathically manipulative?

A theoretical physicist by training, Ron Unz has become America’s most provocative public intellectual. His American Pravda series, and the books that grew out of them, present a formidable challenge to received versions of history and current events.