Feb 18 • 57M

David Skrbina on “Artificial Idiocy,” Lovesick Chatbot Stalkers, and the Metaphysics of Technology

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Yesterday’s New York Times reported that Bing’s new chatbot Sydney makes Kubrick’s Hal look like a well-balanced upstanding cyber-citizen. According to the Times article by Kevin Roose, Sydney quickly morphed into a psycho stalker, declaring undying love for Roose and trying to break up his marriage. Maybe it’s time to question “technological progress” ?

First hour: David Skrbina, author of The Metaphysics of Technology and Confronting Technology, is a co-founder of the Anti-Tech Collective. He emailed me last week in response to my article “Artificial Idiocy: The Moronic-Demonic Nature of AI and the Civilization That Produced It” saying “Good article.  We should do a podcast on the evils of tech.  No one else out there seems willing to discuss this.”

(The second hour, featuring counterarguments from Matt Ehret, will be archived here soon.)