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Dmitry Orlov on “Wherefore Israel?”

Dmitry Orlov on “Wherefore Israel?”

Next year in Birobidzhan?

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In his new article “Wherefore Israel? Governments of, by, and for the Jews don’t last long” Dmitry Orlov opines that the Zionist entity’s days are numbered, and suggests that Israelis consider moving to the real Jewish homeland: the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in eastern Russia. Excerpt:

“If Israel’s American masters have grown weak, what about the Israeli military itself? Yes, they can still kill tens of thousands of unarmed civilians in Gaza and the West Bank (many people are calling that genocide) but can they win the peace? I don’t think so! What the Israeli military has done so far is unspeakably bad from every possible angle. In trying to counter the Hamas incursion in the south, next to Gaza, the Israelis managed to kill around 1400 of their own through ‘friendly fire.’* It is difficult to imagine a more dismal performance.

“The majority of October 7th Israeli deaths were soldiers. Of the rest, many, if not most, were killed by the IDF itself in crossfire, Hannibal Directive actions (not caring about the lives of hostages), and just plain panic with lots of cases of mistaken identity. Following their incursion into Gaza, the Israelis have been losing large numbers of their Merkava tanks due to ATGM fire from shoulder-launched rockets provided to Hamas by the Ukrainians. The Israeli government has approximately zero public support. If, as expected, the Gaza escapade ends in shame and the money dries up, the Israelis will do what birds do when the bird feeder runs out of seed: they will fly away.”

Next year in Birobidzhan?

Excerpts from the interview:

“The reason that Israel exists is because of Jewish money from the U.S. No other reason. Now, how long do you think that's going to go considering the state of finances in the U.S.? Yes, there are still people in the U.S. who consider themselves rich, but that's a phantom too. That's a phantom just like the rest of the financial system in the U.S. So, once that gravy train leaves the station forever, what's going to become of Israel? I don't think that it has much of a chance. It's a project. It's an outpost. It's not a real country or nation or anything like that. It's just a colonial outpost, a beachhead.”

“Israel has lost the narrative. It has lost narrative control. The entire world now relies on various alternative social media to get the messages out. And the messages, the messaging coming out of Gaza and the West Bank is very, very crisp, backed up with facts and videos, in spite of the fact that Gaza doesn't even have internet access. Somehow all of that information is leaking out.

“So you can see, you don't just have to look at the 30-plus Merkava tanks getting blown up. You can actually get videos of each one. And so the entire world, minus the US, knows what's going on. They're quite aware that Israel has lost its voice in the world. From now on, it's going to be disregarded.

“Now, in terms of what that does to American politics, well, there are two points to be made there, I believe. The first is, don't even bother waking up the Americans. Just hand out some fentanyl patches and let them linger, convalesce, whatever it is they're doing, because they've blown it as far as taking control of their government. They've just completely blown it. The republic is no more.

“And in terms of their support for Israel, well, how do you support Israel if you're broke?And that's another thing that Americans have a lot of trouble wrapping their brains around, is that their country is broke. Right now they're still sort of running on fumes. The printing press is broken. The lending machine is breaking down as we speak. Every single auction has more of a tail than the previous one. And the interest rate on federal debt is going through the roof. The entire discretionary spending part of the US federal budget is getting swallowed up by interest payments.

“So where is Israel in that? Nowhere. It's nowhere. And so we don't really have to worry about anything. We have to just sit back and watch things unfold, because the trends are unmistakable.”