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Explaining to Richie Allen That Zionists Lie Like They Breathe

Explaining to Richie Allen That Zionists Lie Like They Breathe

UK's best talk show host can't quite wrap his mind around it

Richie Allen opened my segment on his show yesterday: “I'm beginning to wonder about the attack on the (Baptist) Hospital yesterday. I'm beginning to wonder if Israel actually didn't do it, and that a broken clock is right twice a day and that it may in fact have been an accident….I really can't imagine what Israel had to gain by doing that with the world's media traveling across the Atlantic with Biden. Why would they do that? Nothing to gain. I can't see any gain.”

I answered:

“They're not bombing anything in Gaza that has any military significance at all. They're just torturing and killing civilians. I think (the hospital bombing) sent a strong message to Biden that ‘we own you.’ Biden was on the way there with the world's Zionist controlled mainstream press corps with him and they just tugged on his puppet strings and they tugged on the mainstream media's puppet strings.”

Richie Allen is not exactly a credulous dupe. But he should have noticed that the Zionist lies about their murderous bombing of the al-Ahli Hospital were even more transparently mendacious than usual. Even some MSM journalists are getting it, as Caitlin Johnstone points out here and here. Alex Thompson of the UK’s Channel 4:

“So what of Israel’s explanation? Sensing a major problem they worked through the night to get their version out. Press conference first thing. Conclusion: an Islamic Jihad rocket caused it all.”

“They present what they say is two Hamas operatives talking about the attack. Hamas call this an obvious fabrication. Two independent Arab journalists told us the same thing, because of the language, accent, dialect, syntax and tone. None of which is, they say, credible.”

“Equally, Israel claims the Islamic Jihad failed missile was fired from here: a cemetery very close to the hospital. But look again at the video of the event — the trajectory of the missile doesn’t line up with that location. Too high. Too horizontal. Confusingly, the Israelis’ presentation also says the missile was fired from a location down in the southwest; it can’t be both.”

Caitlin Johnstone:

I mean, if people were saying I bombed a hospital, and I knew I didn’t, the last thing I’d do is publish an audio file of me pretending to be two guys talking about how Caitlin definitely didn’t bomb the hospital.

Picture a recording of me doing two blokey-sounding voices going,

“Hello my evil friend!”


“Did you hear that Caitlin definitely did not bomb that hospital?”

“She didn’t?”

“No! It turns out it was we, the Evil Bad Guys!”

“We did it?”

“Yes, it was us!”

Even more thunderingly obvious, as Chris Hedges points out, is that the Palestinians don’t have bombs nearly that big or rockets nearly that fast:

I covered war for two decades, including seven years in the Middle East. I learned quite a bit about the size and lethality of explosive devices. There is nothing in the arsenal of Hamas or Islamic Jihad that could have replicated the massive explosive power of the missile that killed an estimated 500 civilians in the al-Ahli Arab Christian hospital in Gaza. Nothing. If Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) had these kinds of missiles, huge buildings in Israel would be rubble with hundreds of dead. They don’t. 

The whistling sound, audible on the video moments before the explosion, appears to comes from the high velocity of a missile. This sound gives it away. No Palestinian rocket makes this noise. And then there is the speed of the missile. Palestinian rockets are slow and lumbering, clearly visible as they arch in the sky and then tumble in free fall towards their targets. They do not strike with precision or travel at close to supersonic speed. They are incapable of killing hundreds of people.

The Israeli military dropped “roof knocking” rockets with no warheads on the hospital in the days leading up to the Oct. 17 strike, the familiar warning given by Israel to evacuate buildings, according to al-Ahli hospital officials. Hospital officials also said they had received calls from Israel saying “we warned you to evacuate twice.” Israel has demanded that all hospitals in northern Gaza be evacuated.

So to sum up: Israel repeatedly announced they were going to do it, did it on-camera with a rocket/bomb that only they have, took credit for it…then scrubbed the credit-taking tweet, manufactured a laughably bogus tape of two “Hamas” guys (who might as well have had thick Hebrew accents) saying Islamic Jihad did it, and forced Joe Biden and much of the Western press corps to regurgitate what everyone paying attention knew were shameless baldface lies.

In his new essay “Israel’s Culture of Deceit,” Chris Hedges, former New York Times Mideast correspondent, makes a pretty good stab at explaining that practically everything Israel has ever said about anything important has been an outrageous, baldface lie. Yet Hedges barely scratches the surface. (He misses JFK, 9/11, and so much more.)

Though Zionist lies eventually get exposed, by then the damage has already been done. The Zionists are playing on one of humanity’s biggest weaknesses, first impression bias: a limitation in human information processing that causes us to make quick and incomplete observations…based on the first piece of information we perceive.” If they can instill even a shred of doubt—maybe Israel didn’t bomb that hospital”—they succeed in neutralizing the massive outrage that is the normal and natural response to such a horrendous crime. By the time the truth is made absolutely clear, the moment for powerful emotional reactions has passed. Thanks to their ability to play people like Richie Allen, as well as a whole lot of folks who aren’t that sharp, the Zionists get away with their crimes, time after time after time.

Such calculated mendacity is the PR strategy of clinical psychopaths. And indeed, Zionists, as a group, treat other groups the way psychopaths treat other people. For an in-depth analysis, see Laurent Guyénot’s article “Israel: The Psychopathic Nation.

After studying this issue for years, I have concluded that the only hope for the planet is for medical science to invent surgical procedures for eliminating psychopathy and excising the mendacity center from people’s brains…and for every Zionist on Earth to line up for treatment.

*Note: My old friend Steven F. recommends an article that can clear up some of Richie’s confusion about the forensic evidence: 

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