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Federal Whistleblower Asks Seymour Hersh About 9/11, WTC-7, JFK Coup

Hersh promises to read Laurent Guyénot's The Unspoken Kennedy Truth

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At a National Press Club event in Washington DC yesterday, March 14, retired federal agent and whistleblower Karl Golovin asked Seymour Hersh pointed questions about Nordstream, 9/11, and WTC-7, and then handed Hersh a copy of Laurent Guyenot's book The Unspoken Kennedy Truth, which blames Israel for JFK's assassination.

Golovin’s question referenced Tucker Carlson’s recent comments about WTC-7 on the show REDACTED. In the above interview Golovin discusses driving across the Nevada desert with Tucker Carlson in 2008 and trying to convince Carlson to investigate 9/11.

Karl Golovin retired in 2007 as a Special Agent of the U.S. Customs Service (by then known as DHS/ICE). In November 2001, while working in the U.S. Customs Service's Office of Internal Affairs, Golovin was among USCS/IA agents assigned duties at Ground Zero and Fresh Kils Landfill, including sifting the rubble of WTC-7.

Golovin served as Security Director of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Karl Golovin, Director of Security for Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign
Seymour Hersh accepts The Unspoken Kennedy Truth from Karl Golovin and promises to read it