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Are Four (4) World Takeover Conspiracies Hiding in Plain Sight?

Are Four (4) World Takeover Conspiracies Hiding in Plain Sight?

And why are they so Jewish? Let's ask Peter Myers.

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This week’s False Flag Weekly News co-host Peter Myers argues in his new book The Cosmopolitan Empire that there isn’t just one New World Order conspiracy. In reality, he says, there are four: The Rothschild Globalists (or Illuminati), the Zionists, the British, and the Green Left. The first two, he notes, are heavily Jewish, while the latter two, at least at first glance, seem less so.

Why are so many elite individuals and groups, of diverse orientations, pushing to roll back the sovereignty of nation-states and establish a one-world government? There are two categories of reasons: the selfish and the ostensibly altruistic. The obvious selfish reason why anyone would push for one-world government is that they imagine themselves, or their group, as prospective rulers of the world.

The supposedly unselfish reasons begin with the observation that history seems to be heading in that direction. Global trade and communications have knit the world more tightly together than ever before. All that remains is to establish some kind of central authority.

And if we don’t, we’re doomed. Or so say the one-worlders. The first and most obvious reason is war. Military technology has reached the point that the competition for power and resources between sovereign nation-states can only end in one of two ways: peacefully (or relatively so) with the emergence of a one-world superstate; or tragically, with a huge war triggering a regression to barbarism and rapid die-off of most of the world’s population.

H.G. Wells, the most prominent propagandist for the one-world superstate, saw war as the biggest threat. But today, many worry as much or more about ecological catastrophe and (bizarrely) naturally-occurring pandemics. And then there are asteroid hits, solar mega-storms, alien invasions, and other supposedly non-human-instigated threats that Earth’s human population supposedly needs to band together to defeat.

Philosophically, there are two main problems with the push for one-world government. The one that jumps out at almost everyone is that it might be a bad government. Clearly a world with many different sovereign nations whose governments are all run by wise and saintly rulers would be better than a one-world state ruled by Satan himself. Likewise, a one-world state run by the virtuous would be better that a many-nation world whose nations are under the sway of the vicious.

So what we want is justice, a.k.a. good governance; how we get there is secondary. It’s the same issue that animates debates between the advocates of democracy, autocracy, religious republicanism, and what-have-you. Only an idiot would prefer a vicious democracy to a virtuous autocracy. (Unfortunately, we have all been brainwashed towards idiocy in this regard, and tend to regard democracy as the end rather than the means.)

That observation leads us to a less obvious problem with one-world movements: The ends-versus-means dilemma. Assuming we agree that a one-world government is a good goal to strive for, we will quickly discover that those with a stake in the current system of relatively sovereign nations—the powers that be in today’s world—will oppose us. If defeating them using only virtuous means seems hopeless, as is likely, we may be tempted to use vicious means. And a one-world government that came to power through vicious means would almost certainly be a vicious one.

That ends-versus-means problem contributed to the failure of Communism. Those who sparked Communist takeovers seemed to think that their wonderful new system, with its promise of paradise on Earth, was so important that it was worth killing and torturing people for. The states that emerged, led by such people, were not paradises.

It is only natural to fear that globalists would use, and indeed are using, vicious means in their attempts to establish a one-world state. Would they lie to us, perhaps exaggerating various threats in order to stampede us into the corral of their New World Order? Would they be willing to kill large numbers of people to achieve their designs? The questions answer themselves.

Jewish Conspiracies

Let’s take a closer look at the four one-world conspiracy groups identified by Peter Myers.

Those who have been trained to sniff out anti-Semitism in all its pernicious forms—meaning all of us—will quickly notice that two of the four conspiracies, namely Globalism and Zionism, are quintessentially Jewish. Globalism is dominated by a cabal of mostly-Jewish bankers, while Zionism seeks ever-expanding power, and ever-expanding borders, for a self-styled Jewish State.

It seems that the quintessentially Jewish half of the New World Order conspiracy has two wings: A right wing (Zionism, embodied by Netanyahu) and a left wing (Globalism, embodied by Soros and his Rothschild associates). Likewise, the less-Jewish half of the conspiracy—the British and the Green Left—also fall on a left-right axis, with the Brits on the right and the Greens on the left. The resulting quadrant resembles the famous Nolan Chart.

But wait! Are the British and Green Left factions really all that non-Jewish? The right-wing British faction, so beloved among followers of Lyndon LaRouche, may have been dominated by white racist Anglo-Saxons back in the day, but according to Myers it has been subjected to a hostile takeover by the Globalist (Rothschild-Soros) faction. So as of the 21st century, it’s actually Jewish too.

But what about the Green Left? Surely those radically non-ethnocentric types, like Greta Thunberg and AOC, can’t be part of a Jewish world takeover conspiracy…can they?

Maybe not entirely. But Myers points out that the biggest influence on this group, whether its individual members know it or not, is the thought of Leon Trotsky. And Trotsky, as we all know, was Jewish. So have been the majority of his hardcore followers. Indeed, as Myers shows in The Cosmopolitan Empire, the Stalin-Trotsky cleavage was essentially a split between the less-Jewish and more-Jewish factions of the Bolsheviks.

My modified Nolan Chart has found an unexpected supporter.

Why Are the Leading World Takeover Conspiracies So Jewish?

So what explains the disproportionate Jewish presence in the leading world-takeover conspiracies? We all know that the ADL has a one-word answer: anti-Semitism. But if we bother to actually read Myers’ book, look into his sources, and admit that the picture he paints is not entirely inaccurate, we need to think more deeply than the ADL wants us to.

There are two overriding reasons why Jews feature so prominently in world takeover conspiracies. The first, and most obvious, is Jewish power. Only a tiny minority of the world’s population has the wealth and power to have more than a vanishingly small chance of becoming a serious player in a world takeover conspiracy. Among those who are wealthy, powerful, and in the right place to participate, a disproportionate number happen to be Jewish.

But even more important, I suspect, are the peculiar traditions of thought and culture associated with Jewish identity. Jews have always been arch-tribalists. Like Gypsies, they have a powerful in-group versus out-group orientation vis-a-vis the nations they wander among. Like Gypsies, they sometimes rob or exploit those other nations (goyim). And like Gypsies, they experience persecution, which is then memorialized in the tribal mythology to intensify tribal bonds and inculcate deep hatred of outsiders (goys, Amalek, etc.)

In short, the Jews have always been at cultural and economic war with their host populations. Perhaps for that reason, Jewish eschatology posits a final Jewish victory over the goyim, the non-Jewish nations. The Jewish messiah, according to the rabbis, will lead this victory and establish a single, Jewish world government on the ruins of the goyish nations.

The Jewish “culture war” on the goyim, then, is part of a millennial effort to weaken and ultimately destroy the bonds that hold the goyish nations together: family, nation, and religion. Freemasonry, especially its radical Illuminist version, has historically targeted all three. The sexual depravity and gender-bending antics of today’s Green Left, like the sexual revolution and feminism of an earlier generation, is part of a concerted effort to weaken the family, the most basic building block of the religions and nations of the goyim. No wonder Trotsky and his followers, those anti-family fanatics, were disproportionately Jewish, while the Stalinist pro-nation pro-family opposition was driven by goyish reaction.

These sometimes-competing, sometimes-cooperating New World Order factions all seek to leverage Western power to impose a World State inspired by Jewish eschatology. For hardline Zionists, the ever-expanding Jewish State will eventually be the only state left standing, and its ruler will become the de facto world ruler, enthroned in a blood sacrifice temple on the ruins of Masjid al-Aqsa. For Globalists, building a world government on usury-power is the primary issue, while putting it in Palestine and calling it “Jewish” is secondary. For the Trotskyoids of the Green Left, scaring us into ceasing to reproduce and accepting world governance is the name of the game. (That explains why the Green Left serves as the shock troops of the Rothschild-Soros Globalists.) And for the Brits…well, are there really any Anglo-Saxon racists left who have any hope of building a world government ruled by the one true master race, the Anglo-Saxons? The Larouche people may think so, but I rather doubt it. The entity that the Saker calls the Anglo-Zionist Empire may be somewhat Zionist, but it isn’t very Anglo—and it’s probably more Jewish-Illuminist Globalist than either.

So that is my summary of the picture that emerges from Peter Myers’ The Cosmopolitan Empire. Now let’s turn to Peter himself. Below is an edited excerpt from this week’s False Flag Weekly News special broadcast.

Peter Myers: On the front cover of my book is the Supreme Court of Israel, and on top of it is a Masonic pyramid with all-seeing eye, as on the $1 bill. Underneath the pyramid is a library. And this building, by the way, is the most beautiful building in Israel, and the most expensive building.

The (Israeli) Supreme Court is where the judges had the big debate over over whether or not it would be able to disallow resolutions of the Knesset. And the factions were almost at war in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Well, this is the Supreme Court where those judges are based. And at the top of the building, under the pyramid, is a library of three levels. And beneath the library are three flights of ten stairs making thirty stairs plus three levels of the library: a pretty clear connection to the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.

So this is a Masonic pyramid and you can also be called an Illuminati pyramid. Illumination from the pyramid “enlightens” the judges. You can't see the pyramid from the street, it can be seen from surrounding buildings or from planes.

Okay, so the Globalist faction is the Illuminist faction, tracing itself back to Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati.

This pyramid has never been shown in the mainstream media. Now you can imagine there would be a lot of people who would be interested in it. It would sell newspapers. People would say “that's like the dollar bill.”

It's like the Denver airport.

It’s not like the Catholic Church’s sex scandals that the media keeps flashing over the newspapers. They don't do that to the Rothschilds. Basically, the fact that the media haven't touched this, they haven't run magazine articles about this, means that they are subservient. The media know that they could make a lot of money out of selling newspapers about it, or magazines, but they don't touch it. Because some things are taboo.

It’s like how for many years they weren’t covering the annual Bilderberger meetings, but finally that taboo got worn away.

There is a plaque in the Supreme Court which says that the Rothschild family designed and paid for it. And there's a painting at the entrance which shows members of the Rosh Yilf family with Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin and a model of the building.

OK, well that's definitely the Illuminist faction, the liberal globalist Illuminist faction. Well, here's the Temple Mount. This is a different faction here, isn't it?

That's right. So this is the Zionists, not the globalist faction, because the globalists are not pitching for the Third Temple. The Economist magazine (the mouthpiece of the Rothschild globalist faction) accepts that there is a debate about the location of the original temple.

But the Zionists don't accept that, the rabbis don't accept it. And here's the U.S. ambassador, a Jewish man from America, David Friedman, posing with this photo. And the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are missing. The “Third Temple” is there. And this is, of course, what the fundamentalists, Netanyahu's faction, want to do. They believe that the Messiah will rule from Jerusalem.

But the site of the Temple Mount is not actually where the original temple was. Instead it was down the hill where there's a spring, natural spring water, the Gihon Spring, because they had to have spring water for their purification ceremonies. So be aware that there is a debate about the location of the original temple, because if the original temple is not at the Temple Mount, then there's no reason why the Jews can't build their third temple down the hill where the original temple was.

And as it is, the Temple Mount is actually a part of the Antonia Fortress, a Roman fortress which housed 6,000 Roman soldiers. They had to have that many there because the Jews were such a troublesome group.

Yeah, I talked about this with Nick Kollerstrom last night on my radio show, and he agrees with you that there was no temple on the current site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Well, here's the calendar that you mentioned earlier in the show. Jewish holidays outnumber Christian ones.

Yeah, so this is the calendar of the U.S. House of Representatives. And it lists holidays.

If you look at Monday the 10th, you'll see it says Passover begins at Sunday. Well, there are eight of those Jewish entries in the calendar for that year. Eight Jewish entries, only two Christian ones.

So why are they showing so many Jewish holidays?

Well, to me it means that the idea of United States as a Christian country is a myth. It used to be a Christian country. They're trying to make it into a Jewish country now.

A lot of people will say that the Christian Zionists are the ones who are ruling the roost over the Jewish Zionists. And I think this calendar shows it's not true. It's the Jewish Zionists who are running the show, not the Christian Zionists.

Here again in December, Hanukkah has two entries on the 12th and the 20th, and Christmas has one.

And of course, Easter and Christmas are pretty much secularized now, partly through Jewish assistance.

And this is what that Polish legislator was pushing back against when he took a fire extinguisher to the menorah full of Hanukkah candles.

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