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"Israel" Can't Hide Its Genocide (Ofogh TV and AFP Report Interviews, plus new version of the "I Support Hamas" article)

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"Israel" Can't Hide Its Genocide (Ofogh TV and AFP Report Interviews, plus new version of the "I Support Hamas" article)


Last night I told leading Iranian network Ofogh TV that Zionist propaganda is wearing thin, as the whole world watches the proof that "Israel" is just a euphemism for the genocide of Palestine. Below is a transcript of the interview. -KB

People in different countries, despite the propaganda by media outlets that are very powerful, are coming to the streets and demonstrating.What is the reason?

I think that the Zionist propaganda is not working any more. Too many people are getting the alternative sources through social media and through outlets in different kinds of alternative media.

It's hard to hide what the Zionists are doing to Gaza. They are committing genocide. And it's hard for the Zionist propagandists to conceal the fact that the Palestinian resistance is fighting in a just cause and using defensible tactics and generally looking like heroes to anyone who isn't already on the Zionist side.

So the propaganda is only working on the people who are not really paying attention. But more and more of the world is paying attention because of the genocide. And that's why we're seeing millions of people in the streets all over the world supporting the Palestinian resistance.

Thank you, but in social media the hashtags are being censored and some photos that are called violent are being omitted and deleted. We see the censorship in social media but the people are still paying attention. How do you think the people are influential in transmitting this message?

I recently had a video that was censored by Rumble. And I think the reason it was taken down is that I said that I support Hamas. And I think that you're not allowed to say that in the UK, which may be where Rumble is based.

And this is happening to all sorts of people, even people who are not as outspoken as I am. But the more they censor us, the more those of us who are paying attention understand that they can't win a debate—that is, they can't allow the Palestinian story to be told, because that story is true and compelling and everyone who hears it sides with the Palestinian resistance.

And so the censorship just underlines and accentuates the fact that they don't have any arguments. All they can do is kill non-combatants by the thousands. They can kill 6,000 or 7,000 children and 11,000 civilians and destroy whole cities full of innocent people. But they can't win when they fight a group that is armed and fighting back.

And they can't argue. They can't debate because they have no argument. That's why they censor us.

And more and more people understand that. And that's why they're going out in the streets despite all of the censorship.

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I recently discussed my much-commented-on article “Why I Support Hamas, and You Should Too” with John Friend on the AFP Report. Below is the new revised-and-condensed version of the article, posted in full for my paid subscribers.

Why I Support Hamas, and You Should Too

By Kevin Barrett, for American Free Press

After Hamas, alongside other Palestinian Resistance groups, led a mass breakout from the Gaza Strip concentration camp on October 7, the Zionist-owned mainstream media has drowned the Western world under a tidal wave of lies: “Hamas beheaded babies!” “Hamas raped grandmothers!” “Hamas is  ISIS!”

Give the Zionist liars credit: They have plenty of chutzpah. But the truth is that compared to Israel, Hamas is a host of angels. Israel systematically and deliberately slaughters civilians in enormous numbers; abuses and tortures prisoners; desecrates Christian and Muslim holy sites; and commits war crimes and crimes against humanity on an industrial scale. Hamas, by contrast, focuses on attacking the Israeli military, even when massively outgunned, and treats civilians far more humanely than it is required to under international law, which deems occupation settlers legitimate targets.

Israelis captured by Hamas have described their captors as kind and considerate. They have testified that most of the mass murder of Israeli civilians on October 7th was perpetrated not by Hamas, but by the Israeli military, in accordance with its Hannibal Doctrine mandating the use of massive firepower to annihilate both hostages and hostage takers, to avoid the political liability of hostages. Though these facts are well known to everyone in the region, and to most of the non-Western world, they have been systematically suppressed by Zionist-owned Western mainstream media. You can find some of them in English by reading Jewish journalist Max Blumenthal’s reporting at TheGrayZone.

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