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Peter Koenig on Palestine, Ukraine, and Global Totalitarianism

Peter Koenig on Palestine, Ukraine, and Global Totalitarianism


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The war in Ukraine may be winding down, while Zionist genocide in Gaza, opposed by Palestinian resistance, commands the world’s attention. Are the two wars, taken together, demonstrating to the world that the era of US hegemony is over? If so, what comes next?

Former World Bank economist Peter Koenig takes the pessimistic view that globalist one-world control freaks are on their way to imposing Orwellian technologies on the entire planet. See his recent articles:

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Excerpt from this interview:

“They think if they kill children, they kill future generations, and that's what they want. They want to really eradicate Palestinians. There's a whole agenda that has not just been born with this war on the 7th of October, that has been under preparation since almost the creation of Israel in 1948. The agenda is not necessarily made by Netanyahu. And the idea is to expand Israel to Greater Israel, which was already on the drawing boards in the early 70s. And the Greater Israel—I'm sure you have seen maps drawn up of what that would imply. It could be between 30 and 50 percent of what we call today the Middle East. And that will mean, depending on how you look at this artificial or fictitious map—and I hope it will stay fictitious and just a nightmare dream. And if that would happen, then Israel would be in control of about 30% of the world's hydrocarbon resources. That's an estimate. It's probably on the low side. And would be only third to Venezuela and Russia.”