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Even draconian censorship can't stop a growing global majority's cheering for the Palestinian Resistance

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My career as a truth jihadi just reached a new milestone: One of my videos was censored by Rumble. Having a video removed by Rumble for being too controversial is quite an accomplishment. Like Col. Michael Aquino’s getting kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil, it’s definitely something to put on your resumé.

Why did Rumble wait this long to start censoring me? I’ve been saying things the censors don’t like, and inviting guests who say even more things they like even less, for the better part of two decades. I’ve been hard at work spreading all the true conspiracy theories, starting with 9/11 and JFK, as well as discussing the most interesting ones that might or might not be true. I have questioned the 2020 election results, explained why my family and I haven’t been vaccinated since the 1990s, blasphemed against the WHO’s pandemic guidelines, opined that COVID was obviously a bioweapon, and earned numerous awards for "anti-Semitism” from the ADL and B’nai Brith.

None of that bothered Rumble in the least. After all, it’s a free speech platform, right?

So what does it take to get banned from Rumble? Three simple words: “I support Hamas.”

As I wrote in my October 28 article “Why I Support Hamas and You Should Too”:

In this week’s False Flag Weekly News I outperformed Cat McGuire (for once) in saying things the ADL won’t like. Angered by the genocide of Gaza, I uttered many uncomplimentary and/or inflammatory remarks about the Chosen People and their Chosen State. But of all of the “oy vey” things I said, what the ADL will hate the most is my open declaration of support for Hamas.

And that, of course, is the most obvious reason to support Hamas: “They” really, really don’t want you to.

Ironically, “they” proved me right. The ADL spies paid by that multi-billion-dollar organization to watch all my stuff found the “here’s why I support Hamas” section of the video, transcribed it, leaned on Rumble, and got the video banned. (If you have a more plausible alternative narrative, feel free to post it in the comments section. You can still watch the video on Bitchute—for now, anyway.)

“I support Hamas” is not a radical or fringe view. It is almost certainly the view of the global majority. Here in the Arab world (400 million people) at least 399 million are perpetually glued to their proverbial chairs awaiting with proverbially bated breath the next statement from Abu Obaida, spokesman of Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades, and leaping up from those chairs to wildly cheer every time Hamas releases a new video of its fighters bravely blowing up an Israeli tank.

The Abu Obaida phenomenon is rather astounding. Five weeks ago he was an obscure figure. Today, he’s better known, and far more popular, than Che Guevara ever was. (Even at the height of his posthumous popularity, there were plenty of Spanish-speaking folks who didn’t like Che and what he represented; whereas today, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone among the world’s two billion Muslims with anything bad to say about Abu Obaida.)

So why are we not allowed to say what billions of people around the world think—even on Rumble, the “radical free speech” platform? The answer, of course, is that censorship is the last resort of powerful people who know they can’t win an honest debate. If “they” allowed us to debate whether or not we ought to support Hamas, it would quickly become clear that there are no good reasons not to, and plenty of excellent reasons to back the entire Palestinian Resistance including its current flagship franchise.

Don’t take my word for it. Read my 2600-word article “Why I Support Hamas, and You Should Too” and then scroll through the 440+ comments. Not one of those comments offers even the slightest pretense of a coherent and detailed rebuttal, or even a link to one. Instead, the only substantive reason not to support Hamas that anyone could come up with was that “it might be illegal” (it isn’t, at least in the US) and “it could ruin your career” (if your career requires cowardice, get another career).

The upshot is that there is really only one reason that Westerners who know the basics of who invaded and ethnically cleansed whom in Palestine don’t support Hamas: They are terrified of pushback from rich, powerful Zionist Jews. What they fail to recognize is that if you are afraid to entertain an idea because it might displease the powerful, you have no business involving yourself in the world of ideas in the first place.

Draconian Media Censorship Backfiring?

If they’re removing pro-Palestine videos on Rumble, you can imagine what all of the mainstream not-so-free-speech platforms are doing. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Al-Jazeera reports:

At the end of last week, Thomas Maddens, a filmmaker and activist based in Belgium, noticed something strange. A video about Palestine that he posted to TikTok with the word “genocide” suddenly stopped getting engagement on the platform after an initial spike.

“I thought I would have got millions of views,” Maddens told Al Jazeera, “but the engagement had stopped.”

Maddens is one of the hundreds of social media users who are accusing the world’s largest social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube and TikTok – of censoring accounts or actively reducing the reach of pro-Palestine content, a practice known as shadowbanning.

Authors, activists, journalists, filmmakers and regular users around the world have said posts containing hashtags like “FreePalestine” and “IStandWithPalestine” as well as messages expressing support for civilian Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are being hidden by the platforms.

Since the above-referenced article was published on October 24, the censorship, like the genocide of Gaza, has gotten increasingly worse. Yet in spite of social media censorship, or maybe because of it, a gargantuan grassroots pro-Palestine movement has sprung up all over the world. Millions of people, maybe tens of millions, have been hitting the streets to support the Palestinian genocide victims—including, implicitly, the ones who choose to fight back. You can see pictures from some of those demonstrations between the 22’ and 24’ mark in the above-posted False Flag Weekly News video.

How did all those millions of people figure out that the Palestinian Resistance is right, and the Zionists wrong (not to mention evil), despite the blanket of censorship imposed by the Zionist billionaires who control most of the world’s media, including social media? It seems that the censorship, like the concentration camp wall around Gaza, has backfired. Rather than keeping people penned up and docile, it has angered them to the point that they are motivated to break through the wall and try to defeat their tormentors. The flood of pro-Palestine content on social media can’t be contained by even a billion-dollar outfit like the ADL that can hire people, and unleash AI programs, to run around sticking their fingers in the exponentially-increasing holes in the dike.

The on-the-ground journalists in Gaza are being murdered by the Israelis at an average rate of one journalist per day (with some seeing their entire families targeted and murdered, as Wael Al Dahdouh did).

Yet new journalists keep springing up to replace the murdered ones, just as new Resistance fighters arise to avenge those martyred by the Zionists. The images of the Gaza genocide they are capturing, while heavily censored by Zio-media genocide-enablers, are leaking through the blockade fast enough to awaken an ever-increasing number of people around the world. And every time someone discovers not only the horror of the #GazaGenocide, but also the censorship that itself constitutes a crime against humanity, that individual is likely to grow doubly enraged. Pretty soon that person will join the billions cheering the brave and brilliant military exploits of the underdogs.

Once you learn that the Zionists have been lying about everything—the “beheaded babies” and “attacks on civilians,” the actual facts about who really used tanks, rockets, and helicopter gunships to kill hundreds of Israeli civilians on October 7, and of course the larger context of the ongoing genocide of Palestine, there is no going back.

We are experiencing a tectonic shift to a #World4Palestine.

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