Sitemap - 2021 - Kevin’s Newsletter

Russia and China Can Expel the US from Eurasia—by Exposing the Petrodollar Fraud

FFWN: Top Stories of 2021! with Ron Unz, Cat McGuire, Alan Sabrosky, Mike Springmann, Matthew Ehret

FFWN: Cat McGuire Discusses "Top Five Stories of 2021"

Fatna Bellouchi on Her New "Spiritual Cookbook"; Richie Allen & Kevin Barrett Discuss Kyle Rittenhouse & COVID Jabs

Islamic Scholars Jowad al-Ansari and Alamdar Zaidi Discuss the End Times with Convert Andrew Israel

Dr. Peter Chojnowski on Fatima Apparitions Conspiracy

“Zionophobia” Takes Identity Politics to a Whole New Level—of Idiocy

E. Michael Jones: I Will Vote for RFK Jr. When He Runs for President!

Daniel Estulin and Ellen Brown on Global Economic Implosion

Ron Unz: MSM Hit Piece on RFK Jr. Is "The Dog That Didn't Bark"

Jamie Macphail on "9/11: Unravelling the Lies"

Thaddeus Kozinski on “What Plato can Teach us about Covid 19”

Ex-Cultist Radhia Gleis on BuddhaField Cult /Trump Cult

Tribute to David Pidcock: "Signs of the 'End Times' Are All Around Us!"

Josh Mitteldorf survives head-on bike-truck crash—and plugs RFK Jr.'s book

Zafar Bangash on Saudi Mismanagement of Pilgrimage, Eric Walberg on Post-US-Occupation Afghanistan

Alan Sabrosky Un-Retires from Radio

Dean Radin: "Trust the Science"—Magic Works!

AK Dewdney on Truth Movement vs. Deep State (Who’s Winning?)

Randy Short on Shootings, Verdicts, Injections, and His New Books with Roger Stone

Comedian Mona Shaikh: Antivaxxers to the Gas Chambers? No, COVID Itself Is the Final Solution! (full interview)

Antivaxxers to the Gas Chambers?!

Poet-Scholar Tom Breidenbach on Vaccine Letter to Family & Friends

Peter Janney: How the CIA killed JFK, Mary Meyer, and world peace (audio and transcript)

Michael Hudson's "Super Imperialism" explains how Wall Street plunders the world

Meryl Nass Updates Us on COVID/Vaccine Research

Swami Beyondanonda Incites an Upwising!

Dave Lindorff on US Making Nuclear War More Likely; Jim Fetzer Remembers John Stadtmiller

RIP John Stadtmiller: He Sparked 9/11 Truth Movement—and Gave Me My Start in Radio

COVID-19 Fascism! Jimmy Walter on Draconian Mandates, John Whitehead on COVID Detention Camps

Interfaith Dialogue with “Follower of Christ” Tom Compton

COVID-19 Fascism: State Power Plus Corporate Power Equals Goose-Stepping Groupthink

Challenger Disaster Whistleblower Richard Cook on Government Coverups

Matthew Ehret on religion in China: Propaganda vs. reality

Aaron Rogers and Leo Chenal—Wisconsin's Top Two Football Stars—Resist the "Vax from Hell"

Daniel Pinchbeck on media “engineering consent”

FFWN: Night of the Living Vaxxed

Daniel Lazare continues our Press TV debate on "conspiracy theories"

Rolf Lindgren on the Conspiracy to Turn Republicans into Conspiracy Theorists; Joel Hirschhorn on “Data Manipulation Pushed Pandemic”

The Constitution of Medina: A Model for the Taliban, and for All Islamic Governance

Daesh Terror in Afghanistan: A Divide-and-Conquer Operation?

Ron Unz on “American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty”

John Shuck, We Will Miss You

10th Anniversary of Qaddafi's Murder: Ellen Brown Says Hillary's Emails Reveal Why He Was Killed

Cat McGuire and Tessa Lena on freedom movement & infiltration

Gordon Duff on Lebanese protestors shot by snipers for exposing Israeli nuking of Beirut

WaPo Goes Batty for Biowar Coverup

MOST CENSORED VIDEO EVER! "Truthseeker: 9/11 and Operation Gladio"

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould Expose Political Assassinations and War-Trigger Provocations

Philosopher Peter Simpson on Internet Censorship

Alan Sabrosky Discusses Internet Censorship—and Announces His Retirement (from Doing Interviews Like This)

Legacy Media Desperate to Silence Its Competition

Ken Meyercord on 9/11 Remote Hijackings

“Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED

Foster Gamble on Thrive II

COVID-19 Biowar Investigation: Persons of Interest

Taliban's Triumph: A Geopolitical Earthquake

Aussies Gideon Polya & Peter Myers debate COVID clampdown/rebellion

Richard Gage’s “first tell-all interview disclosure” on leaving AE911Truth; Henry Herskovitz on synagogue protest First Amendment win

LIVE RADIO! Richard Gage’s “first tell-all interview disclosure” on leaving AE911Truth

Jim Fetzer Discusses COVID Hospitalization and Recovery

NYC Freedom Day Rally Organizer Cat McGuire: "No Mandates, No Passports!"

Censorship and Secrecy

Radio Islam (South Africa) and Richie Allen (UK) interviews on Milley vs. Trump, Afghanistan, 9/11, and much more

Linh Dinh from South Africa: "Why I'm Leaving the Unz Review"

Jim Hogue and Rowan Millar Discuss 9/11-COVID and Vaccine Mandates

Ex-NASA Engineer Dwain Deets on Scientists for 9/11 Truth Plane Research

9/11: The Controlled Demolition of Trust in Authority

9/11 Family Members Bob McIlvaine and Joe Krackenfels Join Author Ray McGinnis: "Our loved ones were murdered in controlled demolitions"

Barbara Honegger on 9/11 20th Anniversary Events

Laurent Guyenot on "The Unspoken Kennedy Truth"—and Its Link to 9/11

Was Spike Lee’s Greatest Film “Spiked” by 9/11 Traitors?

"Death by a thousand cuts" for Iran—or Israel?

Attorney Thomas Willcutts Cross-Examines Ron Unz’s COVID Origins Theory

Eric Walberg on “America’s defeat in Afghanistan: Divine justice?”

Did the 2001 Anthrax Attack Lead to the 2019 COVID Attack?

Matthew Ehret on “Clash of Two Americas” and “How China’s Gorbachev Was Flushed in 1989”

Israel Shamir on "The Sheer Joy of Afghanistan"

Charles Upton on “The Alien Disclosure Deception”

Dissident novelist Philip Kraske on "Legacy of Chains" (on US POWs left behind in Vietnam)

Ron Unz on “Waging Biological Warfare”

Will the Taliban Trumpet the Truth About 9/11?

Sean McMeekin on “Stalin’s War”

Steven Rosenbaum: New 9/11 Film "The Outsider" May Help Spark Necessary Conversations

Binoy Kampmark on Daniel Hale & Evil Empire’s Defeat in Afghanistan

Zuckerberg: Facebook's new prayer app will spy on God, steal His data

“Swami & Steve” offer comic relief for 9/11-COVID

Eric Beeth, MD: Bioengineered COVID + Vaccines = Protection Racket

Edward Curtin on "The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki"

Jonathan Simon Offers Updates on Election Fraud

Truth Jihad Chronicle 7/29/21: "Vax Resisters Need Experimental Capital Punishment Therapy"

Neocons Tear America Apart

Moti Nissani: Death to Oligarchs!

Ralph Cinque on film “The Pro Bono Watchman” and the JFK Ice Bullet Theory

Ray McGinnis on New 9/11 Book “Unanswered Questions”

Cat McGuire Plugs World Freedom Day Rallies this Saturday July 24

Truth Jihad Chronicle 1/19/21: "Listen to Iran"

American Patriots Should Listen to Iran

Eric Walberg: "US Empire Declining, You Can Feel It in the Air"

Peter Myers on NWO & Freemasonry

Should History Be Legislated?

Christopher Fogarty on Irish Holocaust Denial

Charles Upton on “Covenants” and Muslim-Christian Breakthroughs

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