“Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED

The "natural origin" propaganda is incoherent...and highly suspicious

Less than a minute into the above False Flag Weekly News video, Cat McGuire and I start breaking down the Mighty Wurlitzer’s most insane propaganda story of the week. Headlined  “New evidence undermines the COVID lab-leak theory — but the press keeps pushing it,” the story, authored by presumed Mockingbird operative Michael Hiltzik, is a textbook case in shameless, undisguised deception and doublespeak.

Admitting that evidence for a natural (zoonotic) origin is “spotty” (i.e. nonexistent), Hiltzik then argues that this argument for a lab origin

“has never been quite true — virologists know that animals have been the source of most of the viral diseases afflicting humanity…”

Hiltzik’s sentence makes no sense whatsoever. The fact that animals have occasionally passed viruses to humans, and vice versa, during humanity’s 300,000 years on Earth, and that during about 299,950 of those years there were no biological warfare labs to compete with animals as a source of new viral diseases, is utterly irrelevant to the claim that there is no evidence for COVID jumping from animals to humans…and there would be such evidence if such a thing had happened. The ancient history of animal-human virus transmission is obviously not “evidence” of anything with regard to COVID! As a propagandist whose job is to short-circuit critical thinking rather than elicit it, Hiltzik apparently hopes that his readers will skim his incoherent words carelessly and emerge with a vague emotional bias against the claim that COVID is a bioweapon.

Hitzik is not just counting on his readers being hasty, sloppy, and mindless. He also assumes they are ignorant, writing that the argument that COVID is a lab-manufactured bioweapon “has become weaker than ever over the last year.” Anyone who has actually followed the debate knows that this is an outrageous lie. In fact, most knowledgable mainstream scientists—meaning those who have actually researched the issue and done their homework—increasingly agree that the spike protein was obviously manufactured, the furin cleavage site is a smoking gun, and the complete lack of evidence for any conceivable natural leap from humans to animals essentially rules out the natural origin theory. For details, read Nicholson Baker’s understated yet devastating article “The Lab Leak Hypothesis.”

After insulting his readers by assuming their carelessness and ignorance, Hitzik goes on to argue that since there is no convincing evidence of any specific accidental lab leak (true) while an early cluster of cases involved people who had passed through the Huanan seafood market (true), obviously COVID came from bat-soup-slurpers and pangolin-steak-eaters, not biowar scientists (absurdly false). That argument ignores the overwhelming evidence that COVID emerged from a botched US biological warfare attack on China and Iran, and that the American operatives who presumably spread the disease in Wuhan under cover of the October 2019 Military Games would have targeted the Huanan seafood market, 20 kilometers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as a way to (a) spread the virus in a very crowded place, and (b) create plausible deniability via two “blame China” cover stories.

Hitzik’s propaganda piece is so transparently disingenuous, and was so obviously written in bad faith, that the author ought to be investigated as a possible accessory to the coverup of the COVID bio-attack alongside the five suspects I name in my new American Free Press Article (previewed for subscribers here at Substack):

COVID-19 Biowar Investigation: Persons of Interest

As I point out in the above-linked article, the key people pushing the COVID natural origin theory are in fact suspects in the botched bio-attack. Charles Calisher, the lead author of the most influential pro-natural-origin article, “has been accused by the Cuban government of participating in a CIA biological attack on Cuba that sickened hundreds of thousands of people and killed around 150, most of them children. According to Cuban authorities, Calisher is a CIA spook who went undercover with the CDC and WHO to visit Cuba in 1975 and lay the groundwork for the subsequent US introduction of mosquito-borne dengue fever to the island.”

The second most important pro-natural-origin author, Peter Daszak, is another biowar “spook with a Ph.D.” who has recently become notorious:

A smoking-gun document has surfaced in which Daszak asks the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for fourteen million dollars to play with bat-based “high spillover risk SARSr-COVs. We will sequence their spike proteins, reverse engineer them to conduct binding assays, and insert them into bat SARSr-COV (WIV1, SHC014) backbones…to infect humanized mice and and assess capacity to cause SARS-like disease…by the end of Y1, we will create a prototype app for the warfighter that identifies the likelihood of bats harboring dangerous viral pathogens at any site across Asia.”

Why would “the warfighter” want an app identifying and locating Asian bats carrying dangerous pathogens? Obviously the warfighters Daszek is talking about are not US soldiers invading China who might be forced to suddenly seek refuge in bat-infested caves! Daszek is creating an app for biological warfighters. He is trying to sell DARPA on the idea of building a bat-coronavirus-based bioweapon, unleashing it on China, and blaming the Chinese by pointing to the virus’s supposed origin in Chinese (not American) bats.

And this, of course, is precisely what happened in October, 2019.

As my AFP article concludes:

If anyone with jurisdiction, such as the International Criminal Court, ever decides to launch a real investigation, they should begin by detaining and questioning the real suspects: people like Robert Kadlec, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Peter Daszak, and Charles Calisher.