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Jamie Macphail on "9/11: Unravelling the Lies"

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Jamie Macphail on "9/11: Unravelling the Lies"

The whole book is available free online!

Jamie Macphail’s book 9/11: Unraveling the Lies is a terrific resource for newcomers to the controversies around 9/11—and also for us old-timers who occasionally need to refresh our memories. As the author puts it, the book is “A comprehensive and up to date analysis summarized into one volume to provide an overview for both convinced skeptics and those inclined to believe the official account.”

Below is a transcript of the first two-thirds of the interview. (I’ll complete the transcript this weekend.)

Jamie Macphail discusses 9/11: Unraveling the Lies

Kevin Barrett: You're listening to Truth Jihad Radio, where we've been talking about 9/11 and other forbidden topics since 2006. If you like the show, please subscribe at Substack. You can find it by way of Just click on the Subscribe at Substack button.

Welcome to Truth Jihad Radio, the radio show that goes all out for truth, starting with 9/11 truth and moving on from there to all of the biggest issues that are being covered up or spun or completely suppressed or lied about in the corporate controlled mainstream. Today, we're going back to 9/11, the mother of all false flags and the mother of all red pill issues, with the author of a terrific new book summarizing the best evidence against the official story. Jamie McPhail is the author of Unraveling the Lies, and it is available free of charge on the Internet. And so this is actually a good book to pass out to any (if there are any) intelligent, sentient beings that haven't yet figured out 9/11 in your neck of the woods. You can pass them the URL for this book and they can take a look at it for free and see what they think. It's a valuable book. Thank you so much, Jamie. How are you doing?

Jamie MacPhail: Very good. Nice to talk to you Kevin.

Kevin Barrett: Good to have you. So I noticed that in a way this is sort of like an update of the kind of information that David Ray Griffin has been working on for so many years. But instead of 14 volumes or whatever he's published, you've packed it all into one volume.

Jamie MacPhail: Yeah. David Ray Griffin has been a great source of information on 911, along with a few others, such as David Chandler, of course, Kevin Ryan, Kevin Fenton, of course, writing on the issues around the intelligence agencies. There are so many people. Graham McQueen, of course,has been a great contributor to the to the cause well. And Mark Gaffney, just to name a few.

I've kind of read all their stuff and sought to put it all together into one coherent narrative, but trying desperately to avoid getting caught up in rabbit holes, which 9/11 is absolutely replete with. You know, there's so many areas of 9/11 that if you're not really careful, you can just get caught into a particular perspective that can be then knocked down and destroyed as an argument. So I've tried to keep clear of the pitfalls.

For example, the Pentagon is a classic one where most people who have written about 9/11 have always followed the line that it's a cruise missile and there's no evidence of the 757. And I had that view myself as well, actually for many years, until I came across the research of David Chandler, Wayne Coste and their colleagues on the on the website, which is very, very good and very useful to to investigate for those who are interested in the Pentagon. So that's one of the rabbit holes of 9/11n. We can very easily get caught up in the idea that there was no plane that went into the Pentagon.

Kevin Barrett: And the rabbit hole is a good metaphor for that. Since there are those two holes: There's the the hole on the outside, and then there's the interior hole in the E ring, the central one of the five rings in the Pentagon. And just a cursory examination, especially of the exterior hole, without knowing the larger context, can easily make it seem very obvious that there was no big plane.

Jamie MacPhail: Yeah, absolutely. And (Gen. Albert) Stubblebine was a great advocate of that. And he, of course, was a major figure within the American Army, and he came out and said, in about 2005, that the plane does not fit the hole. I don't know if you remember that one.

Kevin Barrett: Yeah, it was like if the plane does not fit, you must acquit.

Jamie MacPhail: "So there's no there's no plane, it must have been a cruise missile." But there is very clear evidence (of a big plane impact). I've borrowed some pictures from to put in the book. It's very clear that there was structural damage along about a 90 foot area of the front of the Pentagon there, indicating that yes, actually it wasn't a cruise missile, it was something much larger that caused that amount of damage. I know this is a contentious view. There are many people in the 9/11 truth movement who still maintain that it was a missile or bombs and had nothing to do with the 757. But I would challenge that view myself. And the evidence relating to the shenanigans of Dick Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operations Operating Center that morning is further evidence indicating that it was actually a 757 that went into the Pentagon and that it was Flight 77.

Kevin Barrett: Ok. Go ahead and describe Cheney's antics that would reinforce that view.

Jamie MacPhail: Okay. Well, it's not his antics. It's the fact that he was there and it was denied by the 9/11 commission. They went out of their way to embellish the story of how Dick Cheney did not appear in the PEOC until 10 o'clock, or possibly, 9:58, they say. Absolute nonsense! Do you want me to just give the evidence?

Kevin Barrett: Sure, you may as well. It's been so many years since my listeners have been reading (David Ray) Griffin's books on this.

Jamie MacPhail: Dick Cheney was definitely in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center way, way before the plane hit.

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