Shahid Bolsen’s intriguing video postulates there was wide coordination by Big Islam to not just help Hamas, but to reconfigure the entire Middle East as part of the new, growing muscularity of multipolar players.

Going along with Bolson’s premise that the unhinged settler colonialist project known as Zionism is going down, I seriously doubt that would be the end of Jewish supremacism. I wonder how an end to Zionism would affect World Jewry strategies as ZOGs’ true face is revealed to be JOGs.

Which sort of begs the question, who is calling the Zionist shots for this war? Israeli Zionists or US Zionists? Or is it an equal partnership? I’m thinking Israel is ultimately the junior partner to the US Jews, and I’m not talking Blinken. More like Larry Fink trumps Bibi Netanyahu.

Normalisation, War & the One State Solution


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By threatening to nuke israel into wasrael if ever even one nuke lands on Russia or naftalibennets assassinate him, Putin has effectively stopped the neocohens from using their control over the great satan towards israeli ends, and possibly starting a WW3. But that still leaves this simple matter of shlomos slowmo annexation of Palestine unaddressed. In 1993 upon the rabin/arafat Oslo agreement there were a 100k pigtails in the West Bank, today they have risen to 750k, and all due to hamas provocation like their 50kg rocket that just killed 500+ at al-Ahli Arab Hospital!!

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