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Richard Cook on Bill Clinton the War Criminal

Richard Cook on Bill Clinton the War Criminal

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Before Bill Clinton’s presidency (1993-2000) came Reagan’s Central America wars and his game of nuclear chicken with the Soviets, followed by G.H.W. Bush’s brutal Gulf War I. After Clinton left office, Cheney and Bush Jr. presided over 9/11 and the wars it was designed to trigger.

So were the Clinton years a golden age of relative peace and prosperity? That’s how some remember them. But Richard Cook, author of Our Country Then and Now, takes a different view. In his new review of Jeremy Kuzmarov’s Warmonger, Cook endorses Kuzmarov’s thesis that Clinton was not just a crooked Deep State asset, but the central figure in the USA’s turn from its criminally unnecessary Cold War (1948-1989) to its current and even more criminal war for perpetual unipolar global domination.