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Iran's Retaliation Underway

Iran's Retaliation Underway

How will it play out? J. Michael Springmann and I break it down.

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It’s 10 pm in Morocco, 6 pm in Washington DC, and Iran has launched rockets and drones at Iranian military targets in retaliation for Israel’s bombing the Iranian consulate in Damascus and killing seven people, including high-level military officers. Earlier today, J. Michael Springmann and I discussed how the Iranian response, which we knew was coming, would play out. Springmann’s article HOW WILL IRAN RESPOND TO DAMASCUS EMBASSY ATTACK? was the basis for our discussion. Below is an excerpt. -KB

Let’s move on to the big news for today, which is in the Iran versus Israel category. The breaking news today, I don't know if you saw this, Mike, was that Iran's IRGC just seized that Israeli-linked ship near the Straits of Hormuz. It's owned by that Israeli billionaire who keeps getting ships seized. So go Iran! Keep seizing more ships. And if anybody messes with you any further, shut down the Straits of Hormuz.

Exactly. That's the ultimate. The Washington Post and the news media here in the States and online keep going on about how the Israelis are terrified they're going to have a strike tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, and Genocide Joe Biden is behind this. He's moving forces into the region, but nobody specifies what kind of forces and what kind of equipment. And he's ready to attack Iran on a moment's notice when the Israelis give him the word.

Yeah, well, I hope it's not that simple. I had Gordon Duff on the show last night talking about how Obama had pointedly removed the American component of Israel's Iron Dome as a sign of displeasure with Netanyahu at a certain point in the festivities with Lebanon. So whether the Biden administration really wants a bigger war, which will badly mess with his reelection, I don't know. It's hard to believe that he's that stupid. But I think the US is kind of self-destructing, so we can expect almost anything from them. But as Gordon said, if the Americans get involved in any way…when, not if, but when Iran retaliates, that means very likely some combination of hitting American military bases, as happened after the murder of General Soleimani, and ultimately shutting the Straits of Hormuz, which will utterly destroy the United States economy. And probably that would be the event that would be seen after that as the end of the American empire, because a kind of general war would break out and China would emerge on top after that. So anyway, we'll see if all that happens in the next 24 hours.

I would like to think the Americans would be smart enough to arrange it with Iran. Iran basically is going to say, OK, this is the level we're going to do. You guys (Americans) stay away. And if you're going to get involved, it's going to be much worse. And the Americans will say, OK, all you're going to do is blow up one Israeli building. Yeah, OK, we can live with that. We'll yell and scream about it, but we won't get involved. Anyway, I think that's actually more likely, Mike. But you're betting that if an Iranian rocket blows up an Israeli building, that the Americans will attack Iran?

From the way Genocide Joe has been raving and all the quotes coming from the general staff, they're itching for an excuse to strike at Iran. So they'll take anything as an excuse to lash out at them in hopes of destroying the country, which I think is an impossibility. And as I wrote in my Substack article, which I guess is the next thing up.

Yeah, that's the next slide.

Yeah. That it's going to be essentially a tit for tat, a measure of response in semblance of the measure of attack on Iran's interests or property. And they will simply escalate it. You raise the stakes, we'll raise the stakes. And as I was told by this well-informed and well-connected attorney in Iran back in 2018, that we had the key to the Iron Dome and a lot of American hostages. And he mentioned the 10,000 servicemen at Al Udeid Air Base, the 20,000 sailors and Marines and civilian personnel in Manama, Bahrain and the Fifth Fleet sailing up and down the Persian, not the American, Gulf.

So the Iranians have a wide range of hitting back. They're big on asymmetric warfare, which I think translates as hit them where they ain't in baseball. So they can do things like smash one of the oil drilling platforms that are sealing Lebanese and Palestinian oil and gas out of the Eastern Mediterranean.

I don't think they can reach the U.S. base at Diego Garcia with the rockets that they've got, but they can certainly make life difficult for the Israelis and the Americans because they're so invested in the area and they have so many bases and so many structures that are very vulnerable. Or they could do something in Latin America or Africa. Who knows? The Iranians are not stupid.

Yeah. I would like to think that the Americans are not really itching for war with Iran. I mean, they say they're not. But then, like you said, there are also these bellicose statements as well. But that's obviously Bibi Netanyahu's plan. Netanyahu's only way to survive is to get this big, wider war going. And I don't know whether maybe the Biden administration is just pretending to be on the outs with Netanyahu and trying to replace him. But I kind of lean towards Meyssan's analysis that a decision was made to replace Netanyahu roughly a month and a half ago.. And so I think that's how it's going to play out one way or another. And I would think American hesitation at getting involved after Iran hits Israel, would actually play in the direction of removing Netanyahu and putting somebody else in there. And then the Americans will become their bellicose pro-Israeli selves again, unfortunately.

Here's another article from Press TV on the likely scenarios, what Iran might use to attack with. And they have a wide range of options because obviously they're not going to hit an Israeli embassy in some third country that they don't have any beef with, because, unlike the Zionists, they're not lunatics. But they're going to hit Israel itself somehow. And so we'll probably learn pretty soon how they do it. And of course, Israel is saying, oh, well, then we'll attack you again. So if the Americans stay out and it's just an Iran-Israel thing, that might be a good way to get rid of Netanyahu, because then the Americans say to Israel, we're not going to step in here until Netanyahu is gone.

And Israel's going to look really vulnerable because it's going to lose against Iran if the Americans don't step in. So they dump Netanyahu. Then the Americans tell the Iranians, OK, stop. And the Iranians go ahead and stop because they've inflicted what looks like a symbolic defeat on Israel. And then the Americans lean on the Israelis to be reasonable. And whether they are or not, who knows? So that's that's that's the more optimistic scenario. What do you think?

The Iranians are creating a great deal of fear and uncertainty just by simply doing nothing. The Americans and the ZioNazis all think that they're going to attack at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. And when they don't, oh, my God, what are we going to do? Where are they going to hit us? What's going to happen? And they're so wound up and scared and confused that the Iranians are essentially have unleashed a weapon on them that's invisible, but it works very effectively.

They all die of heart attacks.

Yeah. Inshallah.

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