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Ex-CIA Gordon Duff: Iran Can Blow Up US Economy

Ex-CIA Gordon Duff: Iran Can Blow Up US Economy

And Russia has doomsday weapons planted off both US coasts

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Ex-VT editor Gordon Duff, now at, writes strikingly non-mainstream headlines:

*Biden concedes Netanyahu a ‘lunatic mass murderer’ making continued US support of endless War Crimes ‘hard work’;

*126 New Jewish Recruits refuse after thousands of Jewish war criminals killed by Freedom Fighters;

*Gaza death toll exceeds 33,500 as the newest US backed Jewish Genocide continues;

*Zionist regime will drown in blood of Haniyeh’s children and other Palestinians;

*Thousands of ‘Half Caste/Untouchable’ Indian Slave Laborers sent to Jewish Occupied Palestine to Act as Human Shields in Iranian Retaliation;

*Jews Abduct Over 8,000 West Bank Palestinians as Gaza Hostages;

*US, German backed Jewish Terrorists kill more than 120 innocent civilians in a single day: Health Ministry;

*Refuting Jurists, Lloyd Austin, with No evidence supporting him, says Jewish Terrorists fully comply with law when murdering, raping kids, looting…


I worked in intelligence a long time, and I'm probably doing more real work than I've ever done before. I don't know where to start with some of this. The big project we've been working on collectively, and the we is probably my friends. Carol and I have started hanging out in Iceland, and I've met a lot of people there. There are a lot of young activists there. Most of them are either high or drunk most of the time, which makes working with them a little hard. But good-hearted people backed by a government that won't allow our servers to be shut down simply because we tell the truth.

So this is where we've opened the Intel Drop. That's T-H-E, Intel Drop, which does 80 stories a day on a newsletter of censored news, which we don't totally stand behind. We truth bomb the stories.

You rewrite the headlines.

Yeah. They don't have the guts to actually say what it's about. So listing ISIS is anything other than a CIA proxy, or the truth about the chemical bombings in Syria that were done by the white helmets, a sub organization of MI6, along with the Israelis, but also in combination with the Reuters News Agency and Turkish intelligence. They received their chemical weapons and biological weapons from a USAID-funded facility in Tbilisi, Georgia, called the National Reference Lab, or commonly the Lugar Lab, after US Senator Lugar, who started the funding.

What we did is we closed down our germ warfare and our biological warfare facilities in Fort Detrick, offloaded the hundreds of academics into universities, offloaded the illegal research developing new strains of avian flu, swine flu, releasing them and testing them on human beings with some regularity across the Middle East, India, spent attacks more than a few times, Pakistan, Russia, China, biological attacks. We do this on a regular basis.

And COVID had something to do with that.

COVID-19 was absolutely, no one doubts it.

Russia is about 25 years ahead of us technologically. They graduate three times the number of engineers the United States does. Their military-industrial complex is huge and extremely efficient. It runs financially on about 3% of the money ours does.

Now they just sent up a rocket we're making fun of, a space rocket, a while ago. What we aren't saying about that rocket, the Agora, that just went up yesterday, is it has a plasma engine. What this allows that rocket to do is its second stage. Once it's out of the atmosphere, the engine in that second stage can run forever. It doesn't do a burn and head off toward the moon at 25,000 miles an hour. It can head toward the moon at 200,000 miles an hour if there was time to accelerate that much. And it can reach those speeds going to Mars.

What kind of fuel is it using?

It's not using fuel. It's powered by fusion. There's a magnetic coil on the engine that creates a plasma donut, which operates a little like the warp engine on the Enterprise. But it's, yeah, it's a rocket engine with a magnetic coil. And it creates a plasma ring that sits under and that continues to expel neutrons and propel the spaceship with constant acceleration.

You can almost use that for interstellar travel.

It's making interplanetary travel a reality, but it's also going to make it possible for Russia and China to build a base on the moon, which they've already planned, with a large nuclear reactor. And they will be settling up there, and especially since they can do the trip in a few hours, where it takes days for us, if we could get up there at all. Last time we went up, we went up a few weeks ago, put a lander up there, and it fell down. It fell over on its side.

But let's get back to the Jewish settlers in occupied Palestine.

The important part of this is that, first of all, using the term Israel, there's no such place. There are no Israeli people. It's not a country. It's occupied Palestine, and it's land that was stolen. And then... This continual blackmail, they get one or the other weak public…And everyone who goes into government, this is the disappointment for so many of us, people who go into government are by nature generally bad. It's just simply where they go.

We don't have some island where they could go instead of government?

Yeah, or like we would do with lawyers, perhaps if they were along the bottom of the sea for a period of time.

The Russians have offshore in the U.S. a Poseidon torpedo that they planted probably about nine months ago. That's a 200-megaton tsunami bomb. They have supposedly five planted off the U.S. And that would send a radioactive sea (wave) that would almost reach to Mississippi, but kill almost everyone in the Eastern United States. 1,500 meters tall, 4,500 feet tall, basically taller, I guess. Meters, I think, break down to about 39.22 inches or whatever.

That's like a doomsday weapon in Dr. Strangelove.

It's exactly what it is. The Russians put nine of those on the Belgorod, the massive submarine that they'd been working on for 20 years that they deployed about a year ago. These torpedoes are 90 feet long. They have nuclear engines. They have massive nuclear weapons, the largest nuclear weapons. They're a five-stage thermonuclear weapon.

A 50-megaton bomb was set off on an island north of Russia some 60 years ago. And people got burns from that 300 kilometers away and broke windows 500 miles away. This is four times larger than that. And we have them off the East Coast and the West Coast. My concern is that, and this is, I've seen the documents on this and I've published them on the Intel Drop. If the one that the Russians planted in the Caribbean—and we can't defuse these or anything, they sit on the bottom forever until activated. We can't do anything about it.

Really? I would think that there would be a counter effort to try to find a way to grab and remove them.

I actually defused a bomb once.

Probably not this big of a bomb, though.

No, something about five pounds of C4 sitting in an airline office once.

No, something about five pounds of C4 sitting in an airline office once. That's a little smaller. I was called because I was the only idiot that had a bomb blanket in a car, and it wasn't hard to figure out how the thing worked. Once you pulled the blasting caps out of the C4 and took the C4 away, the whole bomb was there, and all it had was five blasting caps. Nobody tells these people on TV about that, you just pull the blasting caps out and get rid of the C4. And you don't have a bomb anymore. You have blasting caps.

So if you try this at home, if you see a bomb, just pull out the blasting cap.

You can do it. And what you don't want to do, though, is if you don't know what a trembler switch looks like, or a mercury switch or something similar within the bomb's mechanism that would cause it to activate if you moved it, you want to learn about those things. Or perhaps you leave that to trained professionals, I guess. I'm supposedly a trained professional.

Yeah, my inclination would be to go with the professionals.

There are reports that Iran is likely to retaliate against Israel for its strike on the consulate in Damascus. It could happen kind of any time because Ramadan's over, the Eid is over. It's now time. And how is that – how could that play out? Is it possible that this U.S. administration would do sort of what Obama did (pulling out US support for Iron Dome)?

First of all, I don't think the U.S. has a choice here. The Iranians have areas where they can do a lot of harm. Now, if the Iranians suckered the United States into doing something to defend Israel and moving that ship in there, it certainly looks like it. So if there's a missile attack and the U.S. steps in, then Iran has a reasonable excuse to close the Straits of Hormuz. And now the Iranians have been meeting with the Saudis on a regular basis. The Jewish-controlled press, and I'm going to risk saying that, has been inserting fake stories recently that the Saudis are meeting with the Israelis about recognizing Israel. Now, where those stories show up, the Saudis obviously during this period not only aren't going to be talking to the Israelis, the Saudis are having some very dark moments right now about the region in general. Their major project, that linear city that they were building, and one of the companies I work with out of the UAE, where I still work apparently, is doing the security for that project.

What happens if the Straits of Hormuz gets closed? What then?

That would be a hit to the American economy that would not be survivable. It would be a threat to the oil companies directly and their extreme power over the United States government, which we don't even begin to look at. But it's an attempt, I believe, to try to push the US to the reality of a civil war that a number of nations see as the only way of removing the U.S. as the power behind failed globalism. The financial model of neocolonial globalism as the U.S. runs it is dead. It no longer functions. BRICS is killing it, despite the fact that this is Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and now 50 other nations have joined an economic pattern that's developing its own banking system and trade system to operate without the U.S. dollar, to operate around U.S. sanctions.

The U.S. is sanctioning as a form of trade warfare 40 nations around the world simply as a way of keeping these nations poor. That's what it's basically about. Militarily undefended, politically unstable and poor. And everything the United States does is to cause as much human suffering in the world as possible. It's what we do. It's our job. And Russia, China, North Korea, South Africa, nations around the world are banding together against the United States.

So if the U.S. interferes after Iran strikes Israel, then the Straits get closed and it could be moving to that fully multipolar order sooner rather than later. And if not, what happens?

Well, I think the goal is to break up the United States. Is there an international financier elite doing that? If Donald Trump can be kept out of prison, it will guarantee doing that. And an awful lot of people want that, including probably both of us.

Yeah, all right. Go Trump! I never thought we'd end on that note.

This is not a viable country anymore…

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