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Ehaab Bayoumi: "Uncle Omar Set Up Fake '9/11 Hijackers' for CIA-Mossad-MI6, NOT Saudi Arabia"

Ehaab Bayoumi: "Uncle Omar Set Up Fake '9/11 Hijackers' for CIA-Mossad-MI6, NOT Saudi Arabia"

A partial transcript of my 2016 interview with Ehaab

Last week the MSM reported on the public release of videos linking Omar al-Bayoumi, “a Saudi national who FBI officials believe worked for Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service,” to 9/11. As NBC News reported:

The Saudi national, Omar Al-Bayoumi, was the focus of years of investigation by the FBI's San Diego field office because of his association with two of the 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, prior to the attack. 

The video, which was unsealed in federal court last week, was a self-narrated video that shows Al-Bayoumi giving a tour of landmarks in Washington, D.C. The video was shot over several days in 1999 and included videos of entrances, exits and security checkpoints in the U.S. Capitol.

The FBI, or elements thereof, have allegedly been trying to nail al-Bayoumi and the Saudi government for the past 23 years, but have been prevented from doing so by Saudi power, money, and influence. If that’s true, then Saudi Arabia basically owns America. It can blow up buildings full of thousands of people, attack the Pentagon, and tell the FBI to get stuffed, and everybody from the president (four of them so far) to the CIA to the military to Congress will cover up the truth. Because Saudis totally own us. They dominate the financial sector. They own Hollywood. They own the media. They own Congress. And only Alex Jones has the courage to say so.

The notion that Saudi Arabia has that kind of power, and would use it to blow up the World Trade Center and attack the Pentagon, is obviously absurd. But there is a foreign power that does. And would. And did. (And would want to distract us with a “blame the Saudis” canard.)

Below is a transcript of most of my interview with Ehaab Bayoumi, a relative of “Uncle Omar,” recorded in July 2016.

Ehaab Bayoumi on Truth Jihad Radio

We're going to have an interesting show today dealing with the alleged 9/11 hijackers. My first-hour guest is Ehaab Bayoumi. Ehaab Bayoumi is a Muslim for 9/11 Truth. Of course, I'm the guy who is currently running that website, Muslims for 9/11 Truth. My past colleagues there include A.K. Dewdney, one of our greatest polymath genius scientists—he's done Ph.D. computer science work, all sorts of interesting ecology stuff, and was the genius columnist after Martin Gardner at Scientific American.

Anyway, Ehaab Bayoumi is a Muslim. He's for 9/11 truth. And so by default, I'm going to call him a member of my group. It's actually a pretty big group, because the polls show that of the world's almost two billion Muslims, about 75% know that 9/11 was an inside job. So that would be almost a billion and a half Muslims that belong to my group, Muslims for 9/11 Truth. And if every one of them would just send me a dollar, I'd be able to do a lot more than I'm doing now.

We had a great event for Christopher Bollyn last night here in Madison, Wisconsin. We had a good turnout, pretty well filled the room, thanks to an ad in the Isthmus local alternative weekly, which cost us 900 bucks. So once again, if anybody wants to help pay for that kind of stuff— If every one of you Muslims listening, all 1.5 billion of you, would all just go to and send me a dollar, I'd be able to buy a much better ad than the one we had for Christopher Bollyn, so we can keep this message going.

I think it's really important to just not give up. This is an issue where if we don't give up, we win. The truth has its own power, its own barakah, spiritual energy, its own momentum, and ultimately it prevails. And so we stay with it, and then we prevail. So we just have to keep plugging away. And we're making some progress.

We're going to be talking about various kinds of progress in the 9/11 investigation. We're going to hear some new information from Ehaab Bayoumi, who knows some of the families of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, or so I'm told. And he's not really happy with the way these people let themselves get set up as patsies to be falsely blamed for the crime of the century. Most of these people, maybe all of them, were not remotely close to being even particularly religious, much less radical fundamentalists or followers of bin Laden or anything like that.

The 15 Saudis, out of alleged 19 hijackers, came over here to the U.S. on CIA snitch visas, meaning they were CIA assets and were in the U.S. on CIA-business visas. I wonder what that could have been.

Anyway, they were repeatedly impersonated, apparently in some cases by Israeli Mossad agents. We have two cases where we have evidence of that. One is the case of Mohammed Atta. The original Mohammed Atta was Egyptian. He never learned Hebrew. Why would an Egyptian learn Hebrew unless he was working for Mossad, of course? Anyway, the supposed so-called Mohammed Atta in Florida, who was dating a stripper and visiting all kinds of houses of ill repute, snorting cocaine, drinking whiskey like a fish, gambling, going on junkets to Las Vegas, hanging out with Jack Abramoff, the notorious Jewish gangster, on his casino boats.

The guy pretending to be Muhammad Atta was actually a fluent speaker of Hebrew. We've been told that by his stripper girlfriend, Amanda Keller. So that's very interesting. We know that the quote-unquote "Atta" in Florida, the psychopath who disemboweled a kitten because he was angry at Amanda Keller, was not the original Muhammad Atta. He was an Israeli Mossad agent, a fluent speaker of Hebrew, who was impersonating Muhammad Atta.

Likewise, there's another alleged hijacker from Lebanon, Ziad Jarrah, whose family all works for the Mossad. They're heroin smugglers, you know, opium smugglers. And this whole family—go ahead and sue me if you don't like this, but it's the truth, and besides, they're all over in Lebanon anyway—they all work for the Mossad, and they smuggle heroin or, you know, opiates. They're involved in that trade with the Israeli Mossad and the "Khazarian Mafia," the Zionist Jewish crime syndicate. They've actually had family members busted by the Lebanese government for being Mossad agents.

So Ziad Jarrah was here in the United States, and he was impersonated by two people who don't even look very much like him. If you just Google this and look for Google images of Ziad Jarrah, the three different Ziad Jarrahs: Look at these pictures on the Ziad Jarah ID that the government tells us was the same guy. Obviously, two of those people are impersonators, maybe all three for all I know.

So in those two cases, we have very strong evidence that both of those two alleged 9/11 hijackers were impersonated by Israeli Mossad agents. And I think we can assume that the same is true for many, if not most, if not all of the other alleged 9/11 hijackers as well.

Yet there were actual Arabs who got roped into the plot. And these guys from Saudi Arabia were probably working the CIA. Who knows precisely what story they were told? That's the kind of thing I'd like to clear up by talking to people like my guest tonight, Ehaab Bayoumi, who has an inside scoop.

Hello, Ehab Biyumi. Are you there?

Yes, sir.

Assalamu alaikum.

Wa alaikum assalam.

Eid Mubarak to you and yours. Hope you had a blessed Ramadan.


Okay. So, hey, how about this? We're talking tonight about issues relating to the alleged 9/11 hijackers. In the second hour, we're going to bring on Cheryl Curtis and a couple of her compadres who don't accept the notion that these 28 pages that were part of the Joint Congressional Inquiry on 9/11 that supposedly show Saudi government financing for a couple of the hijackers or alleged hijackers—that it really means very much.

I've had guests on here who are leaders of the Reveal the 28 Pages movement, people like Les Jamieson, Barry Kissin, Sander Hicks. They're all pushing really hard to reveal those pages. And now we're stalled. Obama promised he was going to make that decision. He had earlier promised that he was going to reveal those pages. The deadline was a couple of weeks ago, but it passed. It's come and gone. No 28 pages. So we're going to talk about that in the second hour.

The first hour, I understand that you, Ehab, have some inside information on some of the families of these alleged 9/11 hijackers, these people who ended up getting framed. They're totally innocent. They obviously were not on these planes. They got framed for the crime of the century. The question is, how did this happen? I wondered if you can help shed any light on this.

On which particular part?

Well, precisely how these guys were set up, precisely how the setting up of the patsies worked. It's always very complex when we look at these intelligence operations. For instance, how Lee Harvey Oswald was set up as the Patsy in the JFK assassination. He was an FBI informant. He'd been on a CIA mission in Russia. He thought he was working for FBI, investigating the CIA-connected people who were plotting to kill Kennedy. He thought he was helping save Kennedy, and he ended up being the patsy—which is, of course, what he said when he was arrested.

That's a very complex subject. How did they set this guy up? Well, the same issues arise for these alleged 9/11 hijackers who were not even on the planes. How did they get set up for this? What do you think?

Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nazmi al-Ghamdi (Nawaf al-Hazmi?) they're pilots. The manipulation was (from) Omar (al-)Bayoumi, who's actually in the family blood. He was the guider. He was here to make sure while they were in flight school to really get pilot licenses to go become pilots. And they're now working as pilots in the Middle East, maybe (flying for) Americans…

So you're saying that these these guys who are blamed for flying planes into the World Trade Center are still flying around in the skies over America?

Yes, that was the manipulation. They were in flight school. But you can also go to flight school for good things like to become a pilot and earn a living. And it's well known that the Saudi government and the United States government work in a lot of industries (together) whether it be medicine, radiology, manufacturing, airlines. They exchange students to work and learn in one another's country.

So Saudi Arabians coming here to go to flight school is nothing new. Actually, it still goes on to this day.

So this was your cousin Omar al-Bayoumi who was responsible for helping set these guys up as pilots in training?

He's a lot older than me. He's not a cousin. He's in the pipeline family blood. A great uncle. He's older than I am, much older than I am.  But he was the guider. He was sort of the babysitter for the situation.

Because when Khalid and Nazmi (came to America) they didn't know English too well. Omar speaks English like—you couldn't even tell the difference between him or a regular American speaking English. And he knew Arabic, too. And he's been all over the world doing a lot of things, different occupations. He’s been in Britain from what I know. I mean, he's probably done things that I don't know about, because I'm not saying I do know everything that he's done. It's not like he's a relative I speak to every single day by any chance.

But these things, for sure, that part of the story is without a doubt a scam. They did not fly any planes. Nazmi El Ghamdi, he probably couldn't even steal a pen from WalMart, let alone fly planes into World Trade Centers in one shot.

Part of the story that is factual is, yeah, they were in flight school. That's why there is real evidence about that. But they were here to become pilots, not fly planes into the World Trade Center. Khalid and Nazmi were training.

Did they train at those bogus flight schools run by the Magic Dutch Boys in Florida? Daniel Hopsicker went down there and investigated Hoffman Aviation. These mafiosi guys from the Netherlands that I guess Hopsicker calls “the magic Dutch boys.” One of them was named Rudy Dekkers, as I recall.

And those two guys, these (alleged) organized crime figures who'd worked smuggling drugs for the CIA, set up these supposed flight schools in Florida. And the main role of these so-called flight schools was actually to bring in CIA heroin and cocaine. And the biggest heroin bust in the history of Central Florida happened not that long before 9/11, at the same airstrip run by Rudy Dekkers, where Mohammed Atta was pretending to learn to fly.

According to research from Daniel Hopsicker, Mohammed Atta was already a qualified pilot. So he was just going through the motions there at that particular airstrip. And he was involved in drug smuggling with the CIA-linked people and hanging out with other organized crime figures, including going on these gambling junkets on the Jack Abramoff's casino boats.

So I was wondering, did Khalid and Nazmi, were they involved in those so-called flight schools in Florida? I'm assuming not because they were based in San Diego.

Maybe they went to a real flight school. It was on the opposite end of the country. So, you know, I like to speak on the things I know. Could be maybe somewhere down the line, they met. They had meetings or conferences there, et cetera. I don't know about that. I'm sure they probably all did meet up to get their story together once or twice. But from what I know, they were based in California on the opposite end of the country.

And so I think it's better to keep them separated. So that way, they're not all bunched up. Things can go wrong a lot more when you've got a lot more guys in one area. When you separate them, when you have them scattered doing one plan, I know from intelligence that things go a lot smoother. You don't want too many people talking, too many voices type philosophy. So you don't want all the hijackers in Florida or in Minnesota or in Illinois. A good strategy to get these things off was it's better off keeping them separated.

Yeah, that makes sense. So if you talk to your great uncle-twice-removed Omar, whatever he exactly is, what specifically has he told you about this?

To be honest with you, nothing since then. I think part of the plan was, uh, to not speak to nobody. If you're going to get paid, I'm sure they signed some documents and somewhere in there…I guess he's living up to the contract or something.

So you heard this from him way back, like shortly after 9/11?

It was about...say about, almost close to five, six months when I seen Omar Bayoumi in a lot of documents. And there was some family concern about, hey, ruining our names here, yada, yada, yada. And he wasn't answering for a while until there was some pressure. And then it was a brief period of speaking and then no one's heard from him.

Interesting. So when he was speaking, he basically admitted that he was kind of the handler and the babysitter for Khalid and Nazmi?

Well, you know what? Let's take it a step further than that. Family members knew the stuff he was getting into. He would be open about it in previous reunions when they would occur. Like kind of, oh, something big. I'm getting involved in something big. And he would like talking in Arabic or be like flamboyant about it. “Yeah, I'm doing worldly stuff.” You know, when family reunions gather and everybody's talking about what the other person's doing and stuff like that. So there was kind of some pre-existing things that were already known through the pipeline, through the family pipeline. Because I’ve got other aspects of my family who fought in the Egyptian-Israeli wars. They fought Israel head-on. And stuff was said during these times that when I was growing up, when I was real young. It really didn't hit me until these things started happening. I used to think when my uncle would tell me stories—you know when you're a kid and youhear your old relative’s stories and you're just sitting there and you just listen to pay respect but they lose you and you lose them about two minutes into the story. It was kind of one of those things. But you remember loud and clear some things they say. And as time goes by, you're like, “wow, they were right. They were right. Oh, this is right. Oh, and this is right.” So there were pre-existing conditions with them.

Interesting. So did Omar give you any sense of who he might have been working for when he was babysitting these guys who then became alleged hijackers?

He would—no names specifically, I'm pretty sure so you don't get killed and (he) was protecting us and whatnot. But without a doubt, the United States government intelligence, Britain intelligence, and the Israeli Mossad.

That's what I would have guessed, too.


Interesting. There's one theory that the Mossad might have hijacked or upgraded the 9/11 thing. They have a history of either hijacking other agencies operations and turning it to their own advantage, or sometimes they'll do a joint operation, but then they'll pull the rug up from under the other agency or, add on to it or do something to it.

Various examples of that include the Mohamed Merah affair in France, analyzed quite brilliantly by Laurent Guyénot in my book, We Are Not Charlie Hebdo. Apparently the French government had set up a false flag shooting of a French soldier, and this was supposed to discredit the National Front in order to influence the outcome of the election. But the Israeli Mossad then came along, and right after this French soldier was shot by a blue eyed white guy with a Nazi tattoo—before the French could blame the right wing and gain their electoral advantage, the Israelis came along and did a fake shooting at a Jewish school. They claimed that a bunch of people got killed, but nobody ever saw any bodies, and they were “immediately taken back to Israel to be buried in the Holy Land of Israel.” And then the Israelis said the same guy, Mohammed Merah, did both shootings. And, of course, the witness who saw the blue eyes and the Nazi tattoos was like, “what?!”

So what happened was the Mossad just stepped in there, and they probably had blackmail material. They could have blown the whistle on the French guys who set up the original shooting of the French military guys. So they had blackmail material.They hijacked it. They turned it into a much bigger thing, and they used it to sort of make themselves out as victims. And, of course, they're always using this stuff to demonize Arabs and Muslims.

That's one clear example of an Israeli hijacked false flag from another agency. Now, the theory with 9/11 is that some of the American actors may not have known just how murderous it was going to be. For instance, we have testimony from Susan Lindauer, who was a CIA asset involved in pretty high-level negotiations with Iraq, that she and her CIA case officer, Richard Fuisz, knew that there was going to be a huge terror attack in central Manhattan in late August or early September. And they didn't really know exactly what was behind it, just that everybody in the CIA, or at least high-level people like Fuisz, apparently knew this. And he shared it with Lindauer.

But then on 9/11 itself, they were on the phone as they were watching television, and they saw the Twin Towers just blowing up with thousands of people inside. Richard Fuisz, then a CIA case officer, started screaming over the phone, “The goddamn Israelis! The goddamn Israelis!” I bet there were a lot of CIA people yelling that.

It's my hypothesis that this was basically a Mossad job that was sold as an American job to a bunch of American idiots who didn't really know quite how big and ugly it was going to be. That's kind of how I think it went down. Do you think that's plausible?

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. The Mossad is known as—they're totally ruthless. I mean, if you ever look them up now on Google, one of their latest definitions is “the most efficient killing machine.” Oh, there is nothing, nothing, nothing out of (the bounds of) possibility with them. Absolutely nothing. They’ve got the hottest women working for them, their fingertips on the banks, law, finance, military, NASA, anything. You name it, it's plausible with them that they are one ruthless, God-unfearing, lack-of-human-empathy organization. I mean, they... You’ve got to credit to them because they've done a hell of a job, man, up until this day. They've done one hell of a job the way they got things going. The beauty of it is that still most Americans, you still hear them, (though) it’s a lot better (than) the 1990s or early 2000s. Remember the era of “I stand with Israel”?

“I stand with Israel.”

Like right there, it's like, wow, they've done a phenomenal job when you can do all that, and you still got the people saying that. That's one hell of a job, right?

And, of course, they're partly doing that through false flags. They've got this concept of the War on Terror, which was invented at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in 1979 by Benjamin Netanyahu and colleagues in Israel who summoned George H.W. Bush, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, and other heavy hitters in the American policy-making establishment over to Jerusalem to participate in this conference. And Netanyahu basically read out the script for the coming War on Terror.

He said, we're going to unite the West in a struggle against terrorism. The next big enemy is going to be terrorism. And then the Israelis went and—they were actually the main force, apparently, behind U.S. support for the extreme elements of the Afghan Mujahideen, which then became Al-Qaeda. And they've been ginning up this illusory enemy, this monster that we're fighting, this radical Islam, and all of this “clash of civilizations”—this was all created at that Jerusalem conference in 1979.

And as Christopher Bollyn pointed out in his talk here in Madison last night, 9/11 was done in order to to launch the war on terror which had actually been created in 1979, but the public wasn't really brought in on board until they went and did 9/11, which was a PR stunt. It was a PR launch like with any product. If you want to get people's attention you have to stage a big product launch. Maybe you're going to buy ad time or maybe you're going to create a news story that the networks will be tricked into reporting. Like Trump always does. He's gotten so much free publicity. Well, the Israelis, boy, did they ever get free publicity for their concept of roping the entire West into their eternal war against all of their neighbors and enemies by this PR stunt on 9/11.

And you're right. They've done a very, very efficient job. And one of the reasons that they can hit so far above their weight—this is a country of like a little over 9 million people and only 80 percent of them are even Jewish at all—so this is not that many people, but they can pull off this stuff. Their intelligence agency is able to do this stuff because not only are they utterly ruthless and very competent, but they also have access to sayanim: Jews, many in very high level positions in all agencies, in all corporations, in all banks everywhere around the world. They have hundreds of thousands of sayanim, these Jewish helpers who are citizens technically of the United States or Britain or Russia or China or whatever, but who are actually loyal not to their country that they're living in, but to the state of Israel. They offer free services to the Israeli Mossad, and they help the Mossad do things like killing Americans on 9/11. And if the American people knew this, I don't know what they would do.

Unbelievable. I'd like to tell you a story that preluded all this. I'm sure you heard about the war of 1967 when Israel officially took over Gaza. They fought Egypt—part of my family is also from Egypt. I'm a good chunk Egyptian now, and I had an uncle, had two of them. One got killed in the Egyptian-Israeli war and one survived the Egyptian-Israeli war. And this particular uncle, I've had a lot of talks with him. It was kind of a little backtracking to what I was telling you before about when you hear stories of older family members and something sticking your head through time, yada, yada, yada.

Well, in 1967 the Jewish race didn't have the stranglehold (it does now). They were kind of like a cocoon in the world. You know how a butterfly is first a cocoon before it breaks out and flies away?

They hadn't metastasized yet.

Exactly. And he had Israeli prisoners telling him that, “oh, it doesn't matter that you've captured us. We're going to rule the world someday. Someday we’ll just take over Egypt and the West Bank and (we’ll be) controlling you and the Palestinians. We're about to rule the world.”

And what do you know? 55% of the world's billionaires are Jewish. Now, mind you, there's only about 15 million Jews in the whole world (versus) 1.6 billion Muslims and (even more) Christians. And the majority, 55%, of billionaires (are Jewish). They have got all the top lawyer jobs. They're commissioners of sports leagues. They run the plastic surgeon industry. They run the Hollywood. Obviously, they control the media. They run Lockheed Martin, which is one of the biggest weapons and war equipment manufacturing. They run the world's intelligence agencies. They run the United Nations. It's all true, man. It's amazing. And now, in 2016, roughly 50 years later, everything’s hitting on all cylinders.

Wow. Well, they got away with that war of aggression in 1967 by way of their stranglehold on world media, which they already had then, maybe not quite as much as now. But that was just a preplanned war of aggression. They suckered Nasser into moving troops up towards the front. But Nasser was not going to attack. He never attacked Israel. He was not planning to attack Israel. But the Israelis suckered him into moving some troops in the general direction of Israel in such a way that Israel could then wage a war of aggression and seize all of this land, which the whole world ever since has admitted is occupied.

That's why he got assassinated. That's where the hardcore Muslims come in because this is what they feared. They're like, “if Israel sets up base here, it's over.” So they knew what they were doing. The people did not want Israel gaining.

And that was the turning point for the whole world. Had Egypt taken down Israel and not let that happen, we wouldn't be where we are today because he got assassinated. So that part's right. He didn't want to fight them, but the people wanted to fight Israel. The people, the Muslims, the true Muslims know: “No, we cannot let Israel and Jews settle there. This is Palestinian land.”

There's a spiritual dimension to this. People like Sheikh Imran Hussain talk about this in terms of eschatology. And it's not just a Muslim thing either. Muslims were at the receiving end of this because Palestine has been Islamically-administered Holy Land pretty much ever since Islam existed, except for a couple of periods where crusaders came in and slaughtered everybody and then got chased out.

But basically Palestine has always been run by Muslims. And all of the faiths have been welcome to come in and spend some tourist money and worship and all of that. So it's a Muslim holy land. And when the Zionists said “we're going to come in and steal it, turn it into a Jewish supremacist state,” obviously the world's Muslims are not going to accept this, any more than if a bunch of Arab Muslims invaded southern Italy and occupied Rome and ethnically cleansed it and set up an Arab-supremacist Muslim state in  occupied Rome, that's not exactly going to go over too well with the world's Catholics.

But the spiritual dimension goes beyond just Islam. Christopher Bollyn, who is a Christian, didn't say this during his talk, but in the Q&A, he gave a very beautiful answer about this being a spiritual struggle, that Israel is really dominated by evil. There's a reason for that. It's founded by people—if they're people—who are basically heretics from Judaism. They're not normal, traditional Jews. They're followers of the false messiahs, Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank, the demonic, satanic Kabbalists.

And these people believe that you can't wait for God to come back with the Messiah and let the Jews go back to the promised land. You've got to force God's hand, satanically rising up and spilling blood in the Holy Land and committing abominations. And this Sabbatean-Frankist heresy says “do all the things that are forbidden. Since the Ten Commandments say don't kill, you should murder people. Since it says “don't commit adultery,” you should have orgies. “Don't sacrifice children,” like the story of Abraham says, means “commit ritual sacrifice of children and summon up demonic entities.” That's what these people do. And that's what Zionism is. It's a spiritual plan, a satanic spiritual plan, to bring people to the Holy Land that against God to and do unholy things there.

And then that war (in 1967) people always have this question: why are you Arabs fighting one another? Why are you angry at one another? Look at the country right next door (to Egypt). I sit right in the middle. I’ve been seeing it my whole life because of my Saudi Arabian ancestry and my Egyptian ancestry. Why do they hate one another? Because the whole friction started with “how can there be a government like Saudi Arabia in God's holy land with the Kaaba, Mecca, Medina, all the money in the world,

and they just sat around watching it (the 1967 war). I think among the biggest people who are going to be questioned is Saudi Arabia and its royal family. They had all the power to do something, man. And they did nothing. Had Saudi Arabia stood up and helped the Egyptians fight that war, I'm telling you, Americans today would have been better off. I swear to God, man. The billionaires would be more spread out. The millionaires would be more spread out. Hollywood might have been run by multiple races and multiple people instead of just one race controlling every sector. Maybe they wouldn't have had this world-dominating power. That's (the source of) those tensions and those feelings from the war that was lost. When Israel gained sovereignty and was starting to break through that cocoon and Saudi Arabia just sat around watching it. That's where it all started. Because no one to this day can believe and understand how they got all the money in the world. They're a big country, too. You can store a lot of military equipment. You can house a lot of refugees. You can do a lot. That family, they can do a lot in this world. But they're still corrupt. They gave Hillary Clinton now another $25 million for campaigning. Muslims are like, what the hell is going on here? They're getting more corrupt by the day.

But that's where it all started, man. (The 1967 war.) There's still the deep hatred.

How is Saudi Arabia sitting there with all this Muslim stuff, all this bismillahirrahmanirrahim and this and that. And they just sat there and watched this unfold. The Saudi leadership is so bad, you almost have to credit some of these interpretations of where they come from that suggest that that family spent a long time before they emerged into becoming sort of the warlords who used the Wahhabi extremist movement to take over the Arabian Peninsula. Even before that, who were these people? They were these Nejdi desert midwives. The modern-day term is selective Islam. Wahhabi is what? Strict Islam. Okay, you're so strict. Why didn't you stand up for Egypt against Israel? God told you that. The Prophet sent that down. You're supposed to stick together. What happened to this part?

I got a visit from the Homeland Security and the FBI….I was just honest with them. I was under oath and all that. They knew everything, so we had to speak the truth. They just left us alone after that. I don't know if they're geeking or what they're doing now. You can't lie to them. I didn't tell them anything different than what I'm telling you now. They know it's a scam. We went deeper. They actually ate…We made some rice, cooked them…it was a friendly meeting, honestly.nAnd they just came in and wrote what they had to write down and interviewed is and got to know us better,  I guess. It was like... why is this going on? Why do we need to do this? What's this going to prove? This ain't the way to get the world better. And we don't do this stuff. And, you know, come search.

Search my house. You caught us cold. You came in here. That's what I literally was telling him. You want to go look at my underwear drawer? I don't own a gun. You know, I work out. Anyone wants to fight me, let's fight. So we live another day. We don't got to shoot. Come see. We don't got no chemicals here for bombs. That's the way I was talking to him. Go search my car, man. Do whatever you want.

When I was talking with with some of my Muslim friends in Madison, Wisconsin, shortly after 9/11, everybody I knew in the Muslim community in Madison seemed to be pretty suspicious or think 9/11 was an inside job. And I was still waiting for more evidence to come in—which, of course, it did once I started paying attention.

But anyway, my Muslim friends, a lot of them, actually got interrogated. They had these FBI visits. And some of the FBI agents that did this were apparently really hostile. And they would say “you can't tell anybody that you were interrogated. You can't tell anybody that we were here. If you tell anybody, even your spouse or your children or parents or anybody, we're going to arrest you. You might get sent to Guantanamo.” So there were some hard-ass FBI agents that did that kind of stuff. But there were also people in Madison who who had friendly interrogations where the FBI agents would basically say,

“we know you guys didn't do this, but we just have to go through the motions.”

That's what I was just about to say. I'm just about to say they have to show they did some work on paper. And log in some hours, you know. Honestly, it was a very friendly meeting. They actually caught us when we were about to eat. I let him eat (with us)…

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