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Richard Gage, AIA, on 9/11 – October 7 Parallels

Richard Gage, AIA, on 9/11 – October 7 Parallels


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Richard Gage, AIA, is best known for his work on controlled demolitions at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Recently he has taken an interest in questions about what really happened during the Palestinian Resistance’s Al-Aqsa Storm operation on October 7, including speculation about Israeli foreknowledge. Richard has been invited to speak at the Red Pill Expo in Rapid City South Dakota on June 15/16 on “Gaza: the astounding parallels with 911.”

For my take on the limitations of Richard’s thesis, see “9/11 and October 7: Parallels—and Stark Differences.”


Richard Gage: There are parallels…astounding parallels of Gaza and 9/11. And yeah, let's do get into it. I'll share my screen and we'll see what we can learn in addition to what you have shared. And maybe we'll find that what you have said is corroborated, Kevin.

One thing we... It takes courage to look at these facts, whether it's 9/11 or Gaza, because the facts betray common knowledge and official narratives and our own cognitive dissonance. We've all had to overcome our worldview, me certainly as an architect, confronting the hellscape of three skyscrapers coming down to with almost 3000 people in them. So yeah, we're going to be taking a deep dive and finding out what these parallels are and who's complicit.

This nine 11 moment of Israel's: Curiously, in the context of what you've said, they had a bit of their own 9-11 moment back in 2001 as well. These events forced radical changes politically, economically, and geopolitically. So we have to ask the question, were these the intended outcomes, and the process through which they were derived an artificial one? That's what we're gonna be looking at today.

We have to look for patterns, connect the dots, and ask questions fearlessly. Questions like, what always follows these types of events? There's a common denominator, war: an intended outcome. What triggers war historically? False flag events.

Let's look at false flag events: A political or military action that's made to appear to have been carried out by a group that's not actually responsible. This is actually in the dictionary. This isn't conspiracy theory lore. This is well documented.

Academic Lance de Haven Smith defines something even greater in terms of scope: State crimes against democracy, SCADs. In contrast to conspiracy theories, he says, which speculate about each suspicious event in isolation, the SCAD construct delineates a general category of criminality and calls for crimes that fit this category to be examined comparatively. SCADs often appear where presidential politics and foreign policy intersect. SCADs differ from earlier forms of political corruption in that they frequently

SCADs differ from earlier forms of political corruption in that they frequently involve political, military, and/or economic elites at the very highest levels of the social and political order.

So do the events of 9-11 and Gaza share any of these SCAD features? It turns out that they do. Because what they do is they create a problem, right? And part of that is parallel number one, previously established geostrategic goals coveting the natural resources of the target territory.

There's one part of a SCAD parallel to a rich history of recent and historic false flag operations.

Parallel three, politically useful controlled patsies. This is where Kevin and I will have some disagreement and some discussion on this. (Unlike Hamas and its Resistance partners, Al-Qaeda was a purely synthetic patsy, not a legitimate resistance group. -KB)

Parallel four, a triggering event, an innovative attack with dubious origins, a manufactured invasion from foreign operatives.

Parallel five, a catastrophic intelligence failure,

Parallel six, a military stand down with an obvious uncharacteristic delay in response.

Parallel seven, foreknowledge of the attacks.

Parallel eight, uncontrolled delight during the attacks, i.e. dancing Israelis on 9/11.

Kevin Barrett: Wait, Richard, were there dancing Israelis on October 7th too?

Richard Gage: Yes, and I'm going to show them to you...

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