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Millions Turn Out for Raisi's Funeral—MSM Lies Exposed!

Millions Turn Out for Raisi's Funeral—MSM Lies Exposed!

Interview with Islamic Republic of Iran News Network

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The massive turnout across Iran mourning the martyred president Ebrahim Raisi exposed the lies of Zionist-owned Western media, which absurdly claimed Raisi was unpopular in his own country. Compare the turnout at Raisi's funeral to what would happen if Joe Biden fell down the Air Force One stairs and hit his head and died and had a funeral. Would even Biden's dog show up?

Six years ago I spoke at a conference in Iran headlined by Ebrahim Raisi. That was three years before he was elected president. When I got a chance to shake his hand, little did I know that I was shaking hands with a future president and martyr. Here are a couple of pictures from that event.

Ebrahim Raisi, center. False Flag Weekly News co-hosts at far left.

Below is my 5-22-24 interview with the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network.

IRINN: As the first question, what's your assessment of the funeral for Iran's martyred president? Yesterday it was in Tabriz and Qom, and today we had a funeral in Tehran. Millions of people pulled out to the streets for the funeral. What signal does this image send to the world?

Kevin Barrett: Well, this informs the world that the Western media is mean-spirited and lying in their coverage of everything having to do with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Western media has done everything it can to try to darken the name of these martyrs and insult them. They've made up all kinds of slanderous reports and tried to claim that Iranians don't love their martyred leaders. And these images prove the contrary. We see huge crowds. In fact, even Western media, when they covered (the huge funeral processions)—and they're having a hard time covering this because it contradicts the false narrative that they've been portraying. But they have had to use words like “huge crowds, overwhelming crowds.” They try to downplay the numbers, but they ultimately fail.

And the reason for this is that the Western propaganda machine is living in a bubble of its own creation of false facts and misinformation. And clearly, the Iranian nation loved and mourns these martyrs, President Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. And I can promise you that if Joe Biden's helicopter crashed, that there would not be a crowd remotely like that, because Americans only vote for Biden because they hate Trump worse.

So this has essentially exposed the Western media as a group of pathological liars, and they are now regrouping and licking their wounds.

As an external observer of the endurance of all these hardships for the Iranian nation, you've seen those sanctions, assassinations, wars, and other incidents, including those in recent years (including) the maximum pressure campaign by the United States and also Joe Biden's pressure on the Iranian government.

But after the Iranian president dies, the people of Iran come to the streets in millions. How do you see this tolerance and this endurance of the Iranian nation?

The Iranian nation is playing a heroic role on the world stage. It is standing up for the people of Palestine in a way that no other major nation has done. And it's leading the forces pushing for a more just multipolar world. And these positions expose the leaders of Iran and some of the people of Iran—scientists, ordinary people who get caught up in the terror attacks backed by the Western powers—it exposes Iranians to danger.

But the people of Iran are part of a great Islamic culture that ultimately fears displeasing God more than it fears death. And the Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah tells us, “never say that those martyred in the cause of God are dead. In fact, they are alive, but you don't perceive it.”And that understanding permeates the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And therefore, these brave leaders like President Raisi and others that we know were assassinated, like General Zahedi and general, Muhammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, who the Zionists boasted about killing—there's a long list of martyrs going back to the establishment of the Islamic Republic. And that's a tribute to the Iranian nation's willingness to stand up for what's right, even if it puts themselves at risk.

And again, all true Muslims feel that way. That is, dying in the cause of God for doing the right thing is the best possible way to die. And so all we can say is that we have to admire the spirit and the true faith and piety of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its leadership. And we have to feel the same way about the people of Iran, who are all willing to accept these risks that come with doing the right thing and supporting a leadership that does the right thing, and who come out by the millions to mourn when their leaders are martyred.

And the last question: One of the dimensions of the recent developments has been the reactions of different countries to the death of President Raisi and Amir Abdullahi. And today over close to 60 foreign delegations attended Tehran to pay tribute to them. What do you think about this dimension?

It's wonderful to see the new multipolar world emerging with more and more nations courageous enough to stand up to the satanic Western powers and to come and participate in these funerals among the millions of people. And we've seen that even Turkey, which is part of the NATO alliance, sent its high level representative, as did many other regional countries. And, of course, Russia.

The reactions from from the West, including the horrific—a kind of celebrating of these deaths from Israel—are so distasteful. And likewise, even the United States and some of the European countries were very perfunctory in expressing whatever sentiments they had about this.

And so what we're seeing is that more and more nations in the world are respecting the Islamic Republic of Iran and its courageous leadership and are willing to take at least a few steps in the direction of following that example and eventually hoping to reach genuine sovereignty and independence, which is the status that Iran reached back in 1979.

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