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Laurent Guyénot on “Fear of the Jews and the Jewish God of Terror”

Laurent Guyénot on “Fear of the Jews and the Jewish God of Terror”


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Historian Laurent Guyénot discusses his new article “Fear of the Jews and the Jewish God of Terror.” It begins: ““It’s time for Jews to be feared!” declared Rabbi Shmuley recently. Jews having failed to overcome anti-Semitism by trying to be loved, respected or admired, must now make themselves feared. This is the new watchword. The problem is, if Jews want to be feared, then they must also accept being hated.”

Laurent Guyénot is the author of From Yahweh to Zion and many other books and articles. He is well-known for his revisionist interpretations of the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11.


Schmuley isn't the first person who's made this point that it's better to be feared than loved. Neocon (Michael Ledeen) made a big deal of Jews all being Machiavellians.

Yeah, actually Rabbi Shmuley in this small video that he made of himself saying it's time for Jews to be feared, quoted Machiavelli, and he explained Machiavelli said it's good to be loved but it's better to be feared. Machiavelli was talking to the princes, to people who had power. So, you know, if you want to be feared, you better have power. Anyway, you have to have power because otherwise nobody will fear you. So the very fact that he says this means that he considers that his community is now powerful enough to be feared. They did enough trying to be loved. They didn't succeed. They didn't do it very well.

Right, but of course when you try to make everyone fear you by mistreating them, you run the risk of angering them, and their anger might outweigh their fear to the point that they might stand up to you, which certainly is what the Palestinians have done.

Yeah, actually the paradox is that he says we've tried to overcome anti-Semitism by trying to be loved. So now we're going to try to overcome anti-Semitism by trying to be feared.

Good luck with that.

How do you do that? you have to think what's going on in his mind. How can he think that he will overcome anti-Semitism by being feared? As I explained in the first paragraph of my article, fear of the Jews translates literally as Judeophobia. Phobos means to fear in Greek. If Jews want to be feared, they will just create more Judeophobia, which is basically what they (wrongly) call anti-Semitism.

Shmuley and others who've said this, quoted Machiavelli and so on, they're not really talking about changing anything that much because the hardcore tribalist element of world Jewry has been working overtime to be feared rather than loved for quite some time. Look at the way the ADL terrorizes people who get out of line on online platforms. Anybody who questions the official Jewish version of the Holocaust (TM) is going to be terrorized and they're going to lose their jobs and so on. And then they have the JDL, the Jewish Defense League, to bomb people and kill people…

It was Gilad Atzman who said “Jewish power is the power to prevent people from talking about Jewish power.” So that's the power of fear. People are so afraid they will not even say what they are afraid of. It's really getting insane.

I would be interested to have your viewpoint about RFK Jr. In my article I end up mentioning that Rabbi Shmuley is an advisor to Robert Kennedy Jr. Some people even thought he would pick him up as the vice president candidate. There is a strange video in which Rabbi Shmuley introduces Robert Kennedy Jr. and talks about his father having been murdered by a Palestinian who hated Israel. And then Robert Kennedy Jr., his son, who has studied the case and knows very well his father was not killed by Sirhan Sirhan—and certainly not because he supported Israel—just sits there and listens. And this creates a very strange feeling, because he's being insulted about the memory of his own father in front of his face and he doesn't say anything. He let Rabbi Shmuley tell this huge lie about his own father. The only conclusion I can come up with is that Robert Kennedy Jr. is afraid of Rabbi Shmuley. There is fear that comes up in this video, I feel. There is no other explanation.

You know, as a caricature of a Jew, he is pretty scary because you feel he's really a crazy guy. He's insane. Just listen to him and you get this feeling that he's completely insane. He's possessed by the devil or by Yahweh, I think, you know, which in my mind is basically the same thing.

Yeah, he does have a weird vibe. And that brings us to the observation that Ron Unz has made, and I'm sure others probably have too, but Ron's done it in a kind of a memorable way, in saying that the Jewish community has this minority of kamikazes who are willing to go crazy to try to terrorize anybody that is perceived as threatening Jewish power.

Yeah, but I have never seen a Jewish extremist going on a suicidal mission, have they? There was Baruch Goldstein, a guy who murdered 29 people in Hebron.

That's Ben Gavir's hero. It's interesting that Baruch Goldstein is a hero for the whole Israeli right wing, including Ben-Gvir. They have posters of him on their walls and so on. And so those people all have that mentality. They are crazy, and they greatly admire and identify with this Goldstein guy who went on a suicide mission to kill a bunch of people who were praying.

Actually, he was not even on a suicide mission because he had a machine gun and he was in a mosque where nobody was armed. He probably hoped to escape.

Right. And I suppose if he had ended up in Israeli custody nothing terribly bad would have happened to him.

He would have been jailed for a few years, and then become a deputy.

First they would have said that his bullets came from Palestinian terrorists. Then they would later then they would say, “well no actually we we admit that it came from Goldstein's gun, but we think it was an accident.” And then eventually after the whole thing had died down then they might admit that he did it. “He lost his mind for a few minutes, he's better now.”

There is a pattern of crazy tribalist Jews doing insane things. A lot of that is geared towards trying to terrorize their perceived enemies.

Yeah, and they are not called terrorists. As you said, they become martyrs. The tomb of Baruch Goldstein has become a pilgrimage site. And it was said that Yigal Amir, who once was the minister in the government of Israel had his poster on top of his desk. This is crazy. This is really incredible. That means this mindset is maybe not completely dominant, but actually very, very strong in Israel. So we're dealing with a country, you know, which is really insane. That's why, you know, a long time ago, I started to realize the key to understand Israel is to understand psychopathy. Israel is a psychopathic nation. This is what we are dealing with.

What's happening today shows that they can behave like a psychopath and their big bully, the United States, is completely under their spell, so it protects them from being punished by anybody else.

It's amazing that a modern, important nation state can have in its cabinet somebody who had a poster of Baruch Goldstein on their wall and who kind of worships Baruch Goldstein, and that a country can have a substantial segment of its population worshipping Baruch Goldstein. He came into a mosque and killed 29 people, shooting them in the back while they were praying.

Can you imagine if there was somebody in Joe Biden's cabinet who was a huge fan of Robert Bowers, the synagogue shooter in Pittsburgh, who was convicted of killing 11 people in 2018 when he went into a synagogue and shot it up? Basically, Robert Bowers is one third of Goldstein. They both did the same thing. They went into a house of worship and just shot people. Here in the United States, if you were one of the people who has a high opinion of Robert Bowers for doing that, you probably wouldn't want to advertise it too much. It's just not imaginable that anybody who was a huge fan of Robert Bowers, the synagogue shooter, would end up in the cabinet of the President of the United States.

But Israel is a country where a huge segment of the population thinks that way. And even to the point of having somebody in the cabinet—it's really mind boggling.

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