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JFK, 911, The Media Gaza Unitarianism - Journey to Islam (my interview with Mahmood OD

JFK, 911, The Media Gaza Unitarianism - Journey to Islam (my interview with Mahmood OD


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I think there is a new wave of outraged skepticism building now (about MSM coverage of Occupied Palestine) very much like after 9-11 with the 9-11 Truth Movement. And at that time, it was driven by the—at that point—free, uncensored internet. You mentioned social media, but actually social media has made things worse. Prior to the rise of social media the way the internet worked was essentially people linked each other's websites and so it was all a matter of you know finding your way from link to link, website to website, and nobody was filtering it. And also people were emailing each other sources. Then the search engines came along. The search engines would just show you largely what was popular, so whatever people were looking at was what you would get on the search engines.

Once the truth movement really started rolling by maybe 2004 or 2005 and especially 2006, whatever you were Googling about 9-11, the first thing you were going to see was pro-9-11 truth material, because that's what people were interested in. And that worried the powers that be.

Cass Sunstein, who was essentially the Minister of Information for the Obama administration, wrote an article for the Harvard Law Review in I think 2008. It was published as a book in 2010 called Conspiracy Theories, Causes and Cures. And in that book, Obama's information czar said that conspiracy theories, starting with 9-11 conspiracy theories, are so dangerous that someday it might be necessary to make them illegal. But in the meantime, what the government needed to do to get a handle on them was to perform “cognitive infiltration.”

What that really meant, of course, was to infiltrate and to spread nonsense, spread crazy conspiracy theories, make sure that everybody interested in 9-11 truth sees lots of flat earth stuff on their feeds. And that wasn't very easy to do in 2008 or 2010. But as social media took over, and the powers that be got their hands on the levers of the social media feeds… The thing about social media is that on Facebook you're allowing the Zionist Mark Zuckerberg to determine what you see. On Twitter you're allowing Elon Musk to determine what you see. Maybe he has a slightly looser policy

And in all of these cases you're allowing to some extent the US government to determine what you see. We've seen the the tip of the iceberg with the twitter files and related material. So the rise of social media actually didn't help.

Now they make sure that you you'll never find the 9-11 material that used to be so easy to find. I used to be able to just find my own references, stuff I had done, on Google. Now finding myself on Google is very difficult, even though I've got one post with five million views, but I'm totally shadowbanned from Google and from essentially everyplace else. And so are a lot of other people with my kinds of views.

The point being that 9-11 truth spread because there was a free internet at that time. Today TikTok is the big driver of the truth about the genocide of Gaza, and that's why the majority of 18 to 24 year old Americans support the Palestinian resistance, which is a shocking amazing and wonderful statistic. And that's being driven primarily by TikTok which does not impose Zionist censorship and shadow banning and algorithm tweaking. All the American sites do. They can't keep a complete lid on truthful information about Gaza but they can spin the whole conversation in such a way that it covers up the the depth of (Zionist) depravity.

The hasbara trolls don't rule TikTok and the reason for that is that they're only so prominent on these other platforms because the owners of the platforms make sure that they are. If you have a platform that doesn't give the hasbara trolls special privileges, then they shrink down to the actual percentage of real human beings that support that line, which is very, very small.

(When a psychopath goes to court) the non-psychopath that they're up against stays within a reasonable distance of the truth when they testify. So the judge tends to split the difference. The judge doesn't realize that what we have here is a total psychopathic pathological liar versus a (more or less) truth teller, so the judge splits the difference and says: well the psychopath says it says it's 10 billion dollars and the truth teller says it's a hundred dollars, so the reality must be like five billion dollars, so i'm gonna give the psychopath five billion dollars. That's kind of how it works with the Zionists. They have managed to they lie so outrageously that a lot of average Americans hear the Palestinian case which is basically truthful, and they hear the Zionist case, which is an outrageous fantasy of lies, and they think, well the truth must be sort of in between. They must have a lot of right on both sides.

They're artists in deflection as well they'll admit nothing they will deny everything and they will deflect constantly like if you have a certain valid criticism valid criticism that can be valid for every single political entity on earth for every politician every prime minister every country all of a sudden when it comes to Israel it's anti-semitic why is it anti-semitic hold on a second if I criticize Saudi Arabia am I criticizing Islam? If I'm criticizing Turkey, am I criticizing Islam? If I criticize any Western Christian country, am I criticizing Christianity, or am I criticizing a political entity? And do I not have the right to express myself? And why is it the case with Israel that I can't express myself? Otherwise I would be deemed as an anti-Semite.

Yeah, it's completely mind boggling how that situation developed. To very briefly sketch how we arrived at this crazy place, I think that in the United States there's a struggle for power between ethnic groups. And the United States was founded by and dominated by white anglo-saxon Protestants roughly until world war II, or a little bit thereafter. Then subsequent to World War II there was essentially a takeover by Jewish Americans.

How did that takeover happen, in your opinion?

I think it was largely enabled by the war propaganda of World War Two. President Roosevelt wanted to get the United States into World War Two, for his own self-aggrandizement so he could remain president for a long time, and then lead the world's most powerful country. He saw that the US could emerge from the war as basically ruling the world.

The pro-war faction had to drag the American people into World War II kicking and screaming, because prior to the Pearl Harbor in December 1941, about 80% of the American people were against entering the war. So the shock effect of Pearl Harbor, which was actually engineered by Roosevelt's administration and the British, shocked the American people into supporting entry into World War II. That war was the biggest, bloodiest war ever. And it left tremendous scars. The allies, including the United States, committed unimaginable atrocitiesL firebombing cities and burning a hundred thousand plus people to death, nuclear bombs, and so on

And then after the war the mistreatment of Germans was just unbelievable. Eisenhower penned up a million German POWs in barbed wire cages and let them die of exposure and starvation, murdered a million German prisoners of war, and millions of other Germans were murdered in the ethnic cleansing of Germans from lands that would be taken away from Germany post-World War II. So there really was a holocaust in World War II and it was a holocaust of the Germans.

And of all the war criminals in World War Two—and Hitler, of course, was one of them—probably the Allies and the Japanese were the biggest war criminals, not the Germans. But the war propaganda that was generated during World War II became the victor's history. It was enshrined in Nuremberg trials.

And then it was widely assumed by well-informed people, at least in the United States, that the story of a six million Jews dying, millions of then in gas chambers, and so on was just typical war propaganda, like the Germans bayonetting Belgian babies in World War I. And so there was very little consciousness of any Holocaust throughout the 1950s and into the early 1960s. The Jewish ethnic lobby had been the only place that really paid any attention to this war propaganda about a gas chamber Holocaust in World War II. And that lobby then became so powerful after the 1967 war that the Holocaust was turned into the West's de facto state religion. The way you know what the official religion of a place is is what's sacred, and what you will be sanctioned, brutally sanctioned in some cases, for saying. That’s heresy.

Here in Morocco, of course, Islam is the religion. So whatever is blasphemous is basically what Islam considers blasphemous.

(In the West) this state religion (Holocaustianity) is enforced with blasphemy laws, and you can be imprisoned for for doubting the official dogma.

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