How Israel Corrupted America

My new Freedom Hub interview (final 35 minutes is Q & A, including angry diatribe from a Christian Zionist)

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Thanks, Charlie and Jim. Good to be back with you guys. So the topic is Israel's harmful influence on the United States. I suppose I could talk for many hours about that, but I'll kind of boil it down to 15 minutes.

And, you know, where do you even start?

I guess some people might start back with the foundation of the Federal Reserve and World War One, and argue that Zionists had a hand in that undermining of the Republic.

But I'll start in 1948 when the State of Israel was created by an act of genocide. The Zionist leaders had always known that to have a Jewish state in Palestine, they would have to kill and/or expel the native Palestinians. They didn't advertise that too blatantly, but they said it many times in so many words.

Now, the average ordinary Zionists didn't know that. So there were Jews who went to Palestine, thinking this is all a wonderful thing and we'll cooperate with people there and such. But the leadership knew that it was a genocidal project from the very beginning.

And so in 1948 the Zionists began massacring the local Arab population, going from village to village and bayoneting everybody to death, raping the women and then killing them, and committing these horrific atrocities. The most famous village that got that treatment was Deir Yassin, but there were a few hundred actually. These atrocities were widely advertised by the Zionists themselves. After they had murdered everybody in the previous village and raped the women and killed them, they would go with sound trucks to the next village and tell them “get out or else,” and then strafe them from the air as they fled.

So this was the Nakba, the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Palestine. And it was only after the Zionists had begun this genocide that the Arab countries in the region declared war on the Zionists and came in to try to save the Palestinian people from genocide.

Well, the Zionists succeeded in murdering or expelling more than 80% of the people of Palestine in that very brief episode in 1948. This horrendous genocide against the population of Palestine, which is again accelerating, has been a nonstop slow motion genocide since 1948. It kind of ramped up in 1967 when the Zionists invaded the neighboring countries and stole a lot more land. And now it's ramped up again with this attempted genocide of Gaza.

Now, why is this harmful for the United States? Well, let's go back to 1948, when the president was Harry Truman. He was mobbed up. He was friends with a Pendergast mob. His Jewish organized crime friends handed him $2 million in cash in a suitcase in return for his support for creating the state of Israel. (The source on that is Gore Vidal through John F. Kennedy.)

The entire establishment of experts in foreign policy told Truman, do not even think about supporting this so-called state of Israel that these crazy genocidal Zionists are trying to create. The entire State Department issued a very, very strong, basically almost an order to Truman to not recognize Israel: “This will create unending bloodshed and chaos in the region and America will be dragged in forever. This will be the worst thing that could ever happen to American national interest.” And the military leaders and advisors said the same thing.

And then it got worse. The Zionists hadn’t completely taken over the U.S. during the 1950s. President Eisenhower was still somewhat independent of them. And so when the Zionists teamed up with Britain and France in the Suez War, Eisenhower was able to tell them to go home. Eisenhower sided with the Arabs, the people of the region, at that time.

When John F. Kennedy came into office, expectations were that he was going to side with the Arabs even more strongly. He had to give lip service to Jewish power to get elected in 1960, but the Kennedy family was well known to be quote-unquote anti-Semitic, and John F. Kennedy strongly leaned towards supporting the independence of Algeria and the other Arab causes.

And Kennedy's perhaps number one priority in his brief presidency was nuclear nonproliferation, starting with preventing Israel from getting nuclear weapons. And that's probably the single biggest reason why he was murdered.

So U.S. support for Israel led to yet another level of corruption, the murder of a president. Similar things were happening here in France. (I'm speaking right now from Paris.) And de Gaulle, the great French leader who led the French resistance, was also targeted by basically the same forces that killed President Kennedy in the United States. And de Gaulle narrowly escaped more than one assassination attempt by the same people, because de Gaulle also sided with the Arabs against the Zionists. And he ended up being overthrown in a color revolution in 1968. There's a whole parallel story to how France was ruined by its Zionists as well.

In 1967, the Zionists, through their controlled asset Lyndon Johnson, “America's first Jewish president” according to a major Jewish magazine of the time, supported the Zionists in their war of aggression to steal territory from neighboring countries and indeed collaborated with Zionists on a plan to drag the U.S. into that war through murdering all of the sailors on the USS Liberty. President Johnson was a de facto Israeli agent and agreed to that plan to murder American sailors. He even has been quoted by witnesses as saying that I want that goddamn ship on the bottom. That is, he wanted all 300 American sailors to die under this Israeli attack that was going to be falsely blamed on Egypt.

We could also mention that in 1968, John F. Kennedy's brother Robert was “murdered by a Palestinian patsy.” Well, no, he wasn't. The Palestinian patsy Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized into firing shots at random in Kennedy's presence. It was merely a distraction. And the professional gunman shot Robert Kennedy from behind from point blank range. One would think that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. today would understand, just from the fact that they picked a Palestinian patsy to (be blamed for) killing his father.

And maybe he does understand that. Maybe that's why he's so terrified of the Zionists that he pretends to be more Zionist than thou, or professes to be.

So that level of corruption of the American political process, these are sort of the highlights. Throughout subsequent decades, there's been pushing and shoving to see how much the Zionists can get from the American government. In terms of money, they've extracted over a trillion dollars from the United States by the early 2000s, according to the Christian Science Monitor. And that doesn't count the $7 trillion spent on the 9-11 wars for Israel.

And so we'll skip all of the 70s, 80s, and 90s shenanigans.

September 11, 2001 was the biggest false flag operation in history. It was run by Israel and Israel's assets, the neoconservatives in the United States, once again, grossly corrupting the American political process. And that led to that theft of essentially six to seven trillion dollars, according to most establishment estimates, on wars against Israel's enemies in the Middle East.

Today, the US is about to lose its empire largely because of its support for this accelerated genocide of Gaza. Virtually all American leaders are professing support for that genocide. They're risking their reputations and their country's reputation. And they're risking their freedom, because they very well may be named in future war crimes prosecutions.

Joe Biden is ruining his political future, because about half the Democratic Party sees that this is a genocide and sides with the Palestinians, and yet Biden is giving Israel total support and paying for the weapons that are perpetrating this genocide. So far, well over 30,000 innocent Palestinian civilians have been massacred, the vast majority women and children.

The U.S. is continuing to exert its pressure on international bodies, including the U.N. The U.S. has vetoed U.N. resolutions more than 45 times to protect the genocidal Zionist entity. It's repeatedly gone to war against Israel's enemies. It's caused untold damage and killed millions of people in Iraq, Libya and Syria, all on behalf of Israel.

The American government officials have helped the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad steal American government secrets repeatedly and steal nuclear weapons. And in fact, prominent Jewish Americans have actually boasted that they have helped steal American nuclear weapons to give to Israel.

The US authorities have essentially rolled over. And today, virtually every one of them is supporting this genocide of Gaza. This is all bought and paid for by Zionist money. There are hundreds of Jewish billionaires—probably between a third and a half of the billionaires in the United States are Jewish—and they're almost all strongly pro-Israel partisans. There are hundreds of thousands of Jewish millionaires in the United States, many of whom are pro-Israel partisans. And then the average Jew in America earns a six-figure income.

So there are a lot of pretty well-off people, and many of those people are very active lobbyists. So the Israeli lobby is really the biggest single pressure group in Washington and basically has completely taken over the US government by so-called campaign contributions, which are really bribes.

And then this history that I've mentioned of these illegal, these criminal operations like assassinations, false flag attacks, and so on. They've terrorized the governing class in the United States. And so everybody, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of a man who was murdered by Israel, is so terrorized by the Zionists that he feels it necessary to pretend to be more pro-Israel than anybody else.

So that's just kind of a very brief summary of how badly Zionism and Israel have corrupted American politics. And we could get into the cultural side of it as well. There are all sorts of different avenues we could explore. But I'll stop and let you guys direct me towards what you're interested in.

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