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Dr. Peter McCullough on Slow Death of the “Safe & Effective” Myth

Dr. Peter McCullough on Slow Death of the “Safe & Effective” Myth

Bonus: At the end of the show, he speaks out about the mass slaughter in Gaza and the real meaning of "antisemitism"

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Dr. Peter McCullough, author of Courage to Face Covid-19 and CEO of The Wellness Companyreturns to Truth Jihad Radio to update us on current research on whether those mRNA vaccines were really “safe and effective.” We’ll start out by discussing Dr. McCullough’s new article “Association Between COVID-19 Vaccination and Development of Alzheimer’s Disease.” It seems a Korean study just found “an increased incidence of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in vaccinated individuals, particularly those receiving mRNA vaccines, within three months post-vaccination.” (Maybe Biden shouldn’t have gotten boosted before that debate…)

I wrote to Dr. McCullough: “If the vaccines were remotely ‘safe and effective’ we would expect the vaxxed to be doing significantly better than the unvaxxed. If the opposite is the case, as this study suggests, something is obviously badly wrong. The same problem seems to be cropping up in other vaxxed-vs.-unvaxxed comparisons. If you could offer an overview for my audience, that would be great.”

Coincidentally, on the day of our interview, the New York Times published what may be its most upfront acknowledgment of vaccine injuries yet: “Darrell Currie’s life-changing illness: ‘It felt like a bomb went off in my brain.’” From the NYT:

As he has gone deeper into the investigation and more tests have been done, the belief his illness is related to the virus or the subsequent three vaccines he took has grown stronger.

“After the first vaccine I got terrible tinnitus in my ears within 12 hours, so it was definitely a side-effect,” he says. “I went to see my GP and they said there weren’t any (known side-effects) at the time, as it was so new. The media were some of the first to get the vaccines as we were allowed to travel and work. I questioned whether I should take another but I did, as I had to work.

“This is possibly the start of the story. After the second and third vaccines I had weird feelings — pins and needles up my arms, across my face, it felt like my tongue was vibrating, my jaw was hardly moving and I had headaches. Now doctors say those are signs of mild allergic reactions.

“Did the Covid vaccines potentially affect my immune system and so, when I then got Covid, could my body not react? Was it immune failure, attacking itself? A lot of doctors I am seeing now feel that is what happened.”

Currie has waited to speak about his suffering partly because he was concerned about the tone of the conversation around Covid vaccines and the attention it could attract.

Here is an uncharitable interpretation of “waiting to speak out due to concerns about tone etc.”

Will the New York Times eventually apologize to people like Peter McCullough, who has been highlighting vaccine risks ever since the rollout? Don’t hold your breath.

Selection from my interview with Peter McCullough:

Thanks for having me, and it's great to join.

Yeah, great to have you back. It's been, I think, like a year and a half or something. And during that time, I think your position on these COVID issues has been confirmed by more and more information, scientific studies and other things. The truth about COVID now is leaking out even into the mainstream. The “safe and effective” thing, which we were all skeptical of from the get-go (is on its last legs). You had more information than I did, but even I was skeptical enough to not get vaxxed. It was experimental, new technology they couldn't possibly have tested properly. There were a lot of reasons to want to wait and be in the control group. And I'm so glad I did, partly because I listened to people like you.

Now we look back at the “safe and effective” rhetoric from the COVID era, and we have studies coming in like this Korean one that you just wrote about showing links between COVID-vaccination and the development of Alzheimer's. Peter, correct me if I'm wrong here, but if these vaccines are safe and effective, they should be mitigating COVID infections, meaning that the harms associated from COVID infections should be less. And therefore, if you run this vaxxed-versus-unvaxxed study, you should find that the vaxxed people should be doing better. They should have less Alzheimer's, less cognitive impairment. But in fact, it looks like the opposite is the case. That's really concerning. Is the mainstream going to have to face up to this, and if so, when?

The mainstream media—there is a tsunami of adverse data reports that are coming in. Remember, at the time the mainstream media proclaimed the vaccines were safe and effective, when they were released December 10th, 2020, there was only one month for the primary series to be administered—this was Pfizer—and two months of observation. No one knew at month four or five or six what was going to happen. No one could have known.

Think about this. How could they possibly say that they were safe and effective when there was no time to understand if they were safe and effective? And then before we knew what was going on, we were told that boosters were going be needed every six months. But there's been no studies of the cumulative effect of taking shot one and shot two, and then shots three and four and five. And currently the CDC is going to be recommending shot number 10 for people our age. But the cumulative toxicity of the shots has never been studied. It would be impossible to study in a prospective randomized fashion.

So you and I are in the 25% of Americans who did not take a shot. And the COVID States program has reported that. Rasmussen surveys and now adjusted CDC data are all cohesive. Thank goodness 25% did not take a shot. And we fared fine through COVID. A paper from Cleveland Clinic by Shwetha and colleagues showed that we actually did better through COVID than the vaccinated.

Let me quickly ask about that, because usually there's a healthy vaccinee bias, since normally people concerned about their health tend to be more educated and they get more propagandized. So they go out and get lots of vaccines. But they were already healthier. And so when you compare vaxxed to unvaxxed you have to adjust for the fact that the people who get vaxxed are baseline healthier. So you're saying that here the bad effects are so bad that they're actually overcoming that healthy vaccinee bias?

Yes, it's true. And in fact, the vaccinated were more likely to call me for early treatment. They were paranoid about COVID-19. So think about this: the vaccinated, when they got vaccines, were healthier than the unvaccinated. They were more likely to seek early treatment. Many of them already had COVID before. We have a paper by Daniels and colleagues from the NCAA. Young people, 60% of college kids, already had COVID in 2020. And then on top of that, when the vaccines rolled out, the virus was much milder. It quickly mutated to milder forms.

So the vaccinated were more likely to seek early treatment, and already had natural immunity. The vaccinated should have looked better. But in most studies that have fairly ascertained vaccine stats, they look worse. In the Cleveland Clinic study, they got more and more COVID. Data from the Office of National Statistics in Scotland showed that the vaccinated had higher rates of hospitalization and death than the unvaccinated.

No randomized trials have ever shown a hospitalization or mortality benefit with the vaccines. Yet the official statement from COVID select committee member, Brad Wenstrip, the chair, as well as Anthony Fauci, is that the vaccines saved millions of lives. I can tell you as an epidemiologist and a clinician, it's impossible for the vaccines to have saved millions of lives. In fact, it's just the opposite. The vaccine has cost the lives of millions of people across the globe.

And how about the comparative mortality studies of vaxxed and unvaxxed overall, the overall mortality? You would think that that would be a good way of ascertaining whether there was anything serious going on one way or the other. What are some of the studies there and what are they showing?

It's not looking good. Dennis Rancourt from Montreal Epidemiologist about a year ago published an estimate, an ecological analysis, that a million people had lost their lives due to the vaccine. Now we have data coming in from Mostert in the Netherlands, Alessandria from Italy, and now Buchender in Germany, all showing that as the vaccines rolled out in 2021 and 2022, instead of mortality getting better with vaccination and the culling effect of the infection, it got worse.

We haven't seen the 2023 data, but this is terrible.

Immediately, there should be a merging of the vaccine administration data and the mortality data in these countries that have, complete reporting. But not a single country on Earth will merge the vaccine records with the death records. That should tell you something.

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