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Europe Goes Antisemitic!

Europe Goes Antisemitic!

E. Michael Jones deplores Jew hatred and analyzes European elections

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Europe is going anti-Semitic. What's with that? Let's start with Britain. That's the latest election. So many elections happening, it's hard to keep them all straight. Sir Keir Starmerstein, or whatever his name is, just won a historic victory. And the historic victory was basically the Jewish oligarchs', who destroyed the UK's Labour Party over so-called anti-Semitism and are now returning to support genocide. But Jeremy Corbyn somehow still won a seat. So what's your take on this, Mike?

Well, it's a cautionary tale. The upshot of the Washington Post piece is if you obliterate your own culture or your political party, we will reward you by getting you elected. So it's a huge step backward. And it seems to be the opposite of what's happening in the rest of Europe at this time.

Everywhere else, everything's up for grabs. The so-called far right is menacing us! But in Britain, this totally Zionist “centerist” faction that recaptured Labour from the real Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn has engineered a landslide victory for the Jewish right to commit genocide against non-Jews.

This poll showed the pro-Jew genocide candidates won vastly more seats than the anti-genocide candidates:

There are only five winning anti-genocide candidates, but one of them was Jeremy Corbyn. So he's back, but he would be the prime minister if it weren't for the Jewish oligarchs.

It's been England's fatal embrace. Barbara Tuchman wrote a book called The Bible and the Sword about how England became Jewish somewhere along the line. This has been the curse of England. With the Reformation, the ruling elite became the people who treated the English people like Palestinians or Goyim or however you want to talk about it. And they've been this kind of crypto-Jewish elite for a long time now. The clearest example of this was Puritanism.

When you turn against the church, as the Church of England did, there's only one place to go. So you go to the Old Testament and you become a crypto-Jew. And these are the people that founded our country. So we have inherited this curse, if you want to call it that.

I think you're onto something with that analysis, Mike. And of course, they're accusing Starmer of taking time off from his busy job on Friday evenings to keep the Sabbath and visit his Jewish friends. Apparently his wife is Jewish and he's sort of quasi-Jewish himself. He goes to the synagogue. So there's this big hysteria about anti-Semitism because Tories were saying that maybe we can't trust this guy to be on the job Friday night. What if Putin attacks us while Starmer’s off keeping the Sabbath? That’s an anti-Semitism scandal there, just like there was when they got rid of Corbyn.

Yeah, they can't get away from it and they can't understand it either. That's the whole problem because England is the most anti-Catholic country in the world. It has always been the most anti-Catholic country in the world, because the creation of the new England called the Reformation was basically the theft of church property. And the oligarchs never wanted to give that property back. It was that simple.

So you had the same families like the Russell family, all these families that go back to that theft. Cromwell lived in a house that was stolen from the Dominicans, and he's never going to give it back. And so when you have this negative identity, you're naturally going to be moved in this direction. And as I said, the tragedy is that we speak English, and we have a congenital weakness when it comes to this type of thinking.

I'm afraid so. So Jeremy Corbyn was really swimming against the tide when he tried to run as a British Labour candidate rather than a Jewish oligarch backed Labour candidate. And the majority of the Labour voters, if they weren't being totally brainwashed by vast piles of Jewish billionaire money, might have different views.

Here's a piece from the Times of Israel pointing out that a whole lot of labor supporters are alienated by this “centrism” on Gaza, meaning tolerance of genocide.

Right. I love that word, centrism. I love that word. Center of what? Of course, the Jewish newspaper gets to define the center, which is invariably in their interest. Classic, classic. The English are now in a battle. They have this guy, Tommy Robinson, who is a total Muslim basher in the pay of the Jewish oligarchs to basically steer the working class, the soccer hooligans, the yabos.

Did you say the sucker hooligans?

Yeah. (Steer them) into the Israel camp by demonizing Muslims. And we know people over there. I know a guy interviewed me, Nick Cotton. He goes to Speaker's Corner, which is a venerable institution where they try to claim they have freedom of speech. And he tries to wake the people up to the fact that this anti-Muslim campaign is basically the oligarch campaign to keep you on the Jewish reservation.

Last week we talked about this latest Tommy Robinson scandal in Canada. Tommy ran out of money for his cocaine and sex worker fund. And so he he let it slip that he was “going to get nicked in Calgary.” And sure enough, when he got to Calgary, there was a staged arrest. And within about two microseconds, out went his big fundraising plea to the sucker hooligans and all those nice little old ladies who want to preserve Britain, who have been suckered into supporting Tommy Robinson.

Britain is a sad case. Let's move on to someplace a little bit less depressing, hopefully. How about France?

La France. C'est un grand pays. And they're getting into an interesting runoff election. The fool, Macron, called for new elections at kind of what looks like just the wrong time for him.

And now here's the anti-Semitism scandal in France. The usual suspects are not happy that Macron is blocking the Marine Le Pen National Front victory by playing games with the Mélenchon “extreme pro-Hamas left.” Well, frankly, I might vote for Mélenchon and the “extreme pro-Hamas left” if I were in France and able to vote. What's your take on all this, Mike?

I think the real issue is NATO. I think that that's the fear is that they're going to revert to de Gaulle, and de Gaulle will pull the French out of NATO. I think that's what's driving this right now. And I think Macron’s desperate. They've got a huge Muslim population there. Dieu Donne and Alain Soral tried to come up with a group called Égalité et Réconciliation that would basically be an alliance between the Muslims and the French nationalists. And I think that's precisely what they fear.

Same thing in England. It's waiting to happen. George Galloway is an example in England.

And this is Macron’s desperate attempt to get in front of that parade because, there are so many of them.

But I still think that the main issue here is NATO. I think that we're seeing the collapse of NATO right now, and France may be one of the main pillars in that collapse.

Yeah, I agree. They're pulling out all the stops to try to keep propping up NATO and prevent the Gaullists from winning. And that's what's kind of shocking, actually, about this whole thing: the way that the Gaullists actually are not performing very well in these elections. There's like a Gaullist party, the RPR or whatever it is, that's getting like 10%. If I were in France, I think I would want a return to power of the Gaullists who always stood up for the actual interests of the French more than anybody else there.

Yeah, I think that's what's going on. It's happening across the board. So it's exactly the Robinson manifestation where as soon as there's a significant nationalist movement, the Jews rush in and co-opt it. And that's what they've done with every nationalist movement in Europe.

And they've done it over here. That's what neoconservatism is, basically. When Pat Buchanan gets serious about America first or resurrecting America first, the neoconservatives rush in and take over the conservative movement. They're doing the same thing in Europe. So you can be pro-nationalist as long as you're pro-Israel. That's a contradiction in terms. But that's the way it is.

And that's Meloni. She's a colossal disappointment in this regard. The Dutch guy as well, Geert Wilders. It's all across the board.

That's the deal. And either you go along with it or you don't go along with it.

Yeah, well, some are going along with it, others are not. But the latest Je Suis Charlie propaganda stunt that is being used to try to steer this election back into a more pro-Zionist direction is the big story about an alleged anti-Semitic rape of a Jewish girl. So it's funny, it's like if anybody else of any other ethnicity happens to be victimized by a violent crime like a rape, it’s not usually considered a racial (or political) incident. But if the alleged victim is Jewish, then it is. How does that work?

Well, they roasted her in an oven, too. They didn't tell you that before they raped her…

Oh, by the way, we don't know the name of this girl. We have no details whatsoever. Oh, and by the way, it just happened in time for the election.

So if you're asking me, I'm a little bit cynical here. When they find the corpses of the decapitated babies and the babies that Hamas roasted in the oven, maybe I'll be willing to entertain the story of the Jewish girl who got raped.

Yeah, you have to wonder whether they printed up all those signs before the news of the rape, or before there even was a rape. With Je Suis Charlie, they had those signs printed up almost instantly after the shooting of the cartoonists.

So who knows? Maybe they're just really, really good at PR and they can just whip these things off of these print shops like almost instantly.

So how about over in Germany—more anti-semitic incidents in Germany! Here's the unintentional comedy piece of the week by this sports journalist Barney Ronay who goes to Germany to cover the the Euro football tournament. And everywhere he goes, he's terrified because…well, because it's Germany. His own family “was Jewish enough and communist enough to meet the criteria for extermination.” They fled into hiding. “And then, of course, there are the inevitable improbable stories.” Like the uncle, who got pulled off the train and got shot and a bullet passed through his neck. He lay down for a bit, took a little nap and got up and rejoined the resistance.


At least he wasn't raised by wolves.

Is that improbable?

It's one more Holocaust story. This is the Holocaust narrative gone berserk. I said in my book, The Holocaust Narrative, that the turning point came in the early 1980s when they put Ernst Zundel on trial in Canada.

And suddenly the Holocaust crowd had to testify under oath. And suddenly they couldn't document anything. The great Jewish historian, Raoul Hilberg— he was the guy, the leader of German historical memory—he couldn't testify to anything.

And at that point, it all broke down and they switched horses in midstream. And then came 1992 with Schindler's List. Which is Holocaust denial, if you watch it, because when they put the naked ladies in the shower, water comes out, not gas.

That's Holocaust denial.

And Debbie Lipstadt then created this deli called Holocaust denial. At that point, Spielberg created the Shoah Foundation. And at that point, they threw any type of accuracy or truth to the winds and anybody could show up and tell you anything. You could testify, and they would record it and put it in the archives.

And that's when these other stories started to proliferate. As you said, Misha and the wolves: Misha traveled 900 miles across Europe with a pack of wolves to liberate her parents in Auschwitz. It's a great story. It didn't happen. It blew up in her face and so on and so forth. And so there's no holds barred anymore. None of this has to be true anymore. You can make it up as you go along.

It's terrifying, though. That's the whole point of this article. He's terrified by his own lies. He's brainwashed himself by his own lies. The lady laughing on the train….

Yeah, that's the next quote here: “I had begun my first day at the Euros when a happy German woman was laughing uncontrollably on a train passing through woodland outside Munich. And I realized that happy, uncontrollable German laughter is terrifying.”

You know what, Kevin? Every time I get on the Indiana toll road, I'm terrified. Because Hitler built the Autobahn in Germany. Did you know that?

Well, the Autobahn is kind of terrifying. They drive pretty fast there.

Yeah, I know. I've driven fast there myself.

So this is the type of thing where the Jews are whipping up this hysteria of their own creation. They are creating these crazy stories and they believe them and they're becoming terrified. And when the Jew becomes terrified, you better watch out. He's going to kill somebody.

He's going to kill somebody. And Gaza is proof of that.

That’s partly what makes this piece so bizarre is that this guy has his head up his own whatever. The level of tribal narcissism during this genocide in Gaza, right? I mean, there's a real genocide. There actually is a mass killing, wiping out civilians happening as a matter of policy. And he's part of the tribe that's doing it. But he goes to Germany and he talks about his family myth that his uncle was shot through the neck and took a little nap, got up and rejoined the resistance and was raised by wolves. He probably has a family myth that somebody went into some gas chamber. So therefore he has the right to go to Germany, show us all these pictures of these alleged death camps and so on (of course, there weren't any death camps in Germany, even according to the orthodox historians, but they don't care about that either) and be terrified by happy Germans, laughing Germans, German trains, German railway sidings, German forests, German forest clearings, empty German parks at dusk, and any German village square.

He's being terrified by all this stuff as this mass slaughter is going on in Gaza. Do you think these people need psychoanalysis or something?

Yes, they do. Anthony Blinken said his stepfather went into the gas chamber. There were all these dead bodies lying on the floor. Zyklon B would have killed him simply by opening the door, if that is what happened. And he got out because he walked backwards. So it was like Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk. You thought he was going forward, but he was really going backward. And this is the Secretary of State of the United States of America, who is incapable of negotiating with the Russians at this critical point in human history.

And so he goes to Kiev and covers a Neil Young song. instead of doing what he's paid to do.

This is toxic. It's gone beyond funny. It's not funny anymore because too many people are dying because of these people's psychosis.

Yeah, I can't really disagree. Well, Germany is trying to fix this terrible problem of being so terrifying, having their laughing people being terrifying, their parks being terrifying, their trains being terrifying, and so on, by having a new anti-Semitism clause in their citizenship law. So if you want to be a German citizen, you have to swear undying allegiance to Israel?

That's right.

You have to swear that you support, quote-unquote, “Israel's right to exist,”meaning to keep committing genocide, I suppose. So you think that'll solve the problem? Will the British sports journalists be able to go to Germany without being terrified by happy Germans laughing after this new law passes?

No, there's no end to this. And the tragedy is that there's a whole class of people in Germany who would take that ridiculous story seriously and feel that they needed to do something.

When I was there years ago, that was a generation that had fought in World War II and had been raised before the war, educated before the war, and so on and so forth. It's only gotten worse since that time because there's a whole class of people who have to identify with oligarchic control in order to get into positions of power.

It's that simple. And they're doing it. And the Germans can't seem to wake up from this bad dream.

Even their right-wing populist party AFD is afraid to cross some of those lines.

On a side note, I met Germar Rudolph. He's written a book called the Holocaust encyclopedia. He spent four years in prison for Holocaust denial, which is what can happen to you in Germany. So he sent that book to the AfD, fhe Alternative for Deutschland, because this is supposed to be the alternative to the whole thing.

Of the 15 states in Germany, 14 of those states (that he sent his book to) indicted him for Holocaust denial. This is the AfD doing this, the Alternative for Deutschland doing this. They have to do this because they're constantly under a cloud that they're all crypto-Nazis. This shows you how bad the situation is and how this whole IFDA nonsense that they’re some type of reform party is simply not true. They have internalized the commands of their oppressors just as much as every other party has. And the heart of that internalization is the Holocaust narrative.

Some alternative. AFD, right. I had Germar Rudolph on my show not too far back, and he's doing good work. So Germar Rudolph's Holocaust Encyclopedia is a very interesting compilation. But apparently even the so-called Alternative for Deutschland isn't ready for it.

But let's get on to a real genocide, the one that's happening right now. Gaza is getting it a lot worse than Hiroshima did. It's a much smaller area, 36 square kilometers compared to over 900, and has gotten six times as much explosive power. Basically, they're taking down every building there.

Here's a WikiLeaks document showing that the plan to basically depopulate Gaza was there from the very beginning, right after the October th Al-Aqsa storm operation. And the New York Times, reporting on the ongoing seizure of West Bank land, is using all kinds of circumlocutions to avoid saying the obvious. It's being stolen. And meanwhile, the IDF is bragging about its inhumanity. Apparently, there are these violent killing porn-type channels on Israeli social media where the Israeli soldiers are sharing all these hideous, horrific things that they're doing, like blowing up a whole block of residents to celebrate his daughter's birthday and playing around with what's left of the children that they've murdered or expelled, and all kinds of weird, violent,  pornographic-type stuff.

Again, it seems like there's some kind of psychological issue here.

Yes, there is. It's it's guilt. The Marquis de Sade said, if you feel guilty, then commit a crime that's even greater than the one that made you feel guilty in the first place. I think that's what's at work here. So they have to up the ante. They have to become more and more outrageous, more and more dehumanized in order to maintain their position, in order to keep their conscience from plaguing them in the middle of the night. Because they are committing crimes against humanity.

So they basically lied about being genocide victims, or at least grossly exaggerated, and now they have to commit a real genocide to try to get rid of the guilt of that lie. I hate to imagine what they're going to try next.

That's why it gets worse by the day. You have to exceed, in order to calm your conscience, you have to do something worse than what led to the guilt in the first place. The Marquis de Sade, was a diabolical psychologist. He's St. Augustine turned upside down. Because he comes to many of the same conclusions as St. Augustine, but from a completely opposite point of view. Whatever St. Augustine said was bad, he says is good. But it's the same soul that they're talking about.

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