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Wyatt Peterson on Oct. 7 in Context and “Perfidy of Zion”

Wyatt Peterson on Oct. 7 in Context and “Perfidy of Zion”


Wyatt Peterson discusses his book Perfidy of Zion and his article “October 7 in Context.” Excerpt:

“It’s difficult for non-Jews to fathom the depths of ethnic animosity towards ‘the other’ permeating the Israeli state. Both Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich — Benjamin Netanyahu’s current Ministers of National Security and Finance respectively — are outspoken supporters of Baruch Goldstein and his ‘Massacre at the Mosque.’ Ben-Gvir proudly boasts that he once had a portrait of Goldstein prominently displayed within his home, and groups of Jewish settlers continue to eulogize the mass-murdering physician during annual pilgrimages to his grave. (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh even wrote a book about him titled Baruch Hagaver –Baruch the Saint.) In the aftermath of Goldstein’s slaughter, Noam Federman, a spokesman for the Kach party in Israel, proclaimed, “The act itself was one of greatness. It was a great act of sanctifying the Name (of God).” Not to be outdone, Moshe Belogorodsky, an Israeli municipal council member, was quoted by the New York Times (Mar. 4, 1994) as saying, “It says in the Talmud that when a non-Jew strikes a Jew it’s as if he’s striking the Divine Presence itself…What Baruch did, at least in my book, is the opposite. It’s the sanctification of God’s name.”

“Wyatt Peterson is a musician and full time researcher of the global criminal enterprise that has hijacked America and the wider western world. Born and raised in the northeast United States, he was a high school student when the 9-11 attacks occurred, an event that would significantly shape his worldview and lead to a lifelong interest in unraveling the interconnected web responsible for such events. His debut book Perfidy of Zion is a concise deconstruction of September 11th and other politically motivated Zionist crimes.  (Email him to get a copy.) Wyatt maintains a blog called A Second Look and his writings have been featured on websites such as and Natural News.”

Excerpt from the interview:

Wyatt Peterson: I've been following your work for many years, so it's really an honor to be here with you today.

9/11 was a big event for me. I was in high school at the time, And that was the one that sort of rerouted me to the path I'm on now. I grew up in a classically liberal household, and my father was very involved in activism—in particular, the Leonard Peltier case. Leonard Peltier was an Oglala Sioux Native American who was convicted for the murder of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 1975. And my father actually wrote a book about it in 1994 called Aim on Target: The FBI's War on Leonard Peltier and the American Indian Movement.

So he was always thinking outside the box, and he really instilled in me the ability to question authority. He had books by Jim Marrs. He had his book on the Kennedy assassination, Crossfire, and books of similar themes. So I grew up questioning the pronouncements of officialdom.

So when 9/11 happened, it never sat well with me. But I was young at the time, so I didn't really start questioning it till about 2004. A friend of mine showed me a documentary. I think it was by Thierry Meyssan, and it involved the Pentagon and some of the anomalies surrounding the Pentagon attack.

And so that first pricked my conscience. I said, okay, something isn't right here. But I sort of put it on the back burner. I was a young man. I was involved in music. I was playing in a couple bands that had just started playing out. So it wasn't until about 2007 that I watched Loose Change for the first time, and that was really when the penny dropped for me. That was when I realized we'd been lied to, and I started consuming all the information I could on it.

But for a while, I was sort of spinning my tires. I read Michael Rupert's book, and he gets into peak oil. The idea that 9/11 was an operation by Dick Cheney and George Bush to launch a war for oil just didn't really add up to me. So it wasn't until a couple of years later that I came across the work of Christopher Bollyn. And when I understood the Zionist element to the 9/11 attack, that's when it really started to make more sense.

It's kind of become a pursuit of mine. I read a lot and recently I've started to write because I don't want to just read all these books and keep the information to myself.

I think if you look at what's going on in America right now, the way that they're pumping up the right wing to support what I think is going to be more wars for Israel. And I think this point is lost on a lot of people on the right, Trump supporters in particular, because they don't understand the way that international Jewry works through left and right.

So I think that Trump is probably their pick this time around because we're on a war footing now. And if you're trying to mobilize American support for more wars for Israel, to go into Iran, to fight Hezbollah, you're not going to be able to do that through the Democratic Party.

So I think a lot of what we're seeing now on a domestic front, especially with these campus protests and the way that they have been hijacked, is a way to start the right wing beating their chests and getting pumped up for war. I think Trump is probably their guide this time around to usher in that war for Israel agenda that we saw after 2001…. So I think what we're seeing now, once again, is the sort of jingoism that we saw after 2001 with super patriot Christian conservative George Bush in office.

We're starting to see left-wing Zionist types like Bill Ackman support Trump. A friend of mine showed me some of his recent tweets. They're very supportive of Donald Trump. And this is a lifelong Democrat benefactor. And in the media, I've noticed a lot more good play for Trump as well.

If we don't come to terms with how this movement operates through the left and through the right, depending on the prevailing zeitgeist of the day, I think we're going to miss everything and we're going to be on the wrong side each and every time.

Last time in 2020, the operant agenda was economic devastation, mass migration, economic catastrophe. And they've achieved all that.

But now we're being put on a war footing. And the only way that they're going to be successful with that is with super-patriot Trump in office and his legions of supporters behind him.

Kevin Barrett: Yeah, I agree. The notion of Trump as an anti-war candidate has a lot of appeal, but I think he's kind of a proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. Not that he himself is the wolf, but it's the people they're going to smuggle in with him, just like last time.

The war in Ukraine really is Trump's war as much as Biden's war, because the mobilization of Ukraine by NATO happened under Trump. Additionally, Trump was responsible for the biological attack on China and Iran that launched the COVID pandemic. And that happened because Trump appointed people like Pompeo and Bolton and Robert Kadlec, his germ warfare czar, who has devoted his entire career to promoting biological warfare as an actual real thing that you can use to damage adversary economies. That's probably what COVID was designed to do.

So Trump is very much a warmonger president, even though his own personal feelings seem to be, if anything, on the other side. He's questioned NATO. And now the people who are horrified by the way that this Ukraine war was manufactured are leaning towards supporting Trump and the Trumpists in Congress, who are the most Ukraine-skeptic elements in Congress. But I don't think that means that electing Trump is going to bring on an era of peace. I think maybe the opposite, like you're suggesting. So how do you think that the war party that has its hooks in both the Democratic and Republican parties, as well as in the Bobby Kennedy movement? They turned him into a genocidal Zionist as well.

Wyatt Peterson: They utilize both sides effectively. And what we're seeing right now is that after the 2020 George Floyd riots—and I've speculated whether or not those were set up specifically (to create) the wave of revulsion at any organized protest, especially emanating from the left. It just disgusts conservative Americans at this point.

So I wonder if it wasn't anticipating post-October 7th protests coming from the left. Because at this point, conservative Americans aren't noticing subtleties. They're just seeing a lot of leftist types, a lot of black and brown faces with Palestinian flags. And by reflex action, they're doubling down on their support for Israel. And that has been one of their most useful tools. Because most people don't look too deeply into things. Everything has to fit within this left-right prism. And they've pretty much squeezed this entire post-October 7th narrative into that left-right prism. (They have) polarized the people.

Now you have all these conservatives who otherwise should know better doubling down and supporting a Zionist regime that has been devastating to our nation. They've led us into decades of wars in the Middle East and they wield enormous power…

I think that's the card that's being played right now We've isolated ourselves from the rest of the world because of our fatal attraction to the Zionist state. And I think to mobilize public support to, as Trump said, finish the job in the Middle East, you're going to need that sort of bravado. You're going to need that sort of jingoistic hubris that Trump brings to the table. Because nobody's going to mobilize under a Joe Biden or Kamala Harris presidency.

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