Highly informative. He understands the basic fact which most protesters don't grasp.

Fact: Protests don't influence a government unless the government organized the protest to create "popular pressure" for what the government wanted to do anyway. A protest that genuinely disagrees with government goals will be busted, and the government will use it as a reason for even more tyranny.

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Well, first of all, where exactly IS Toronto? That is where they are headed, right? And Nova Scotia is the most eastern part of Canada, right?

Second, maybe they have personal, portable toilets on their trucks, and small free energy devices for heat since they already have lots of experience with Canadian winters. I hope so.

Thirdly, right on, all truckers and all protesters, including the j6ers! Right on to all who fight for freedom and their God-given and Constitutionally-given freedoms and rights. No one in their right mind wants war, no one wants someone else telling them how to live their lives, or what to put in their bodies. This actually includes tyrants and Congress. And everyone wants good health.

Did you hear old Joe Biden wheezing and gasping for breath thru that black mask, bless his biased ole heart, as we in the South might say?

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