Dr. Barrett,

I sure don't know it all as you may have heard me say before. But I know what I see online for around 25 years now, and I know I see who covers it up. With the exception of former Congressman Ron Paul and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (where Cynthia passes the 9/11 truth litmus test and Paul doesn't) and maybe JFK we can pretty much say all this has been spin, lies and omissions of important truths since 1913 when the "Federal" Reserve was allowed to take over our nation's money supply. Right then we were taken over by the same psyop scammers our Founders fought. Have you noticed how many highly-suggestible and cowardly people there are around us? So many act like they don't understand the importance of legal, sensible immigration? The importance of border security? Of getting rid of electronic voting machines? (a very dumb scam from the start) Of this feminism psyop scam bs? Of sound money? Of getting rid of usury? Of being responsible? Of real education? You know, the basics.

No matter what happens from here on out, (or how slavery REALLY went all over the world) I'm still glad I discovered Deism, the religion of Thomas Paine and a few other of America's Founders. It really has helped me a lot. Psyop scams have ruined the world thus far. Which may have even been planned.

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I feel so hopeless. I wish there was a way I could ask Helen what when the collapse will happen- I live in a city and I am on ssdi for lupus and autoimmune emphysema. My sister has been in and out of the hospital since getting covid in spring 2020 and my dad has cancer- we lost my mother in March. I live in an area with alot of dope addiction and crime as it is all I can afford. I caregive and support my family as best i can with what I have. I got three covid shots and live in terror of getting the virus again or dying from the shots. If the country collapses I won't survive it and have no way out. I used to listen to and play music and read and write- I used to love to joke around now all I do when I am not helping my family is just beg God not to let anymore people I love die or let the EMP or more pandemics be allowed to be released. I am in a real dark night of the soul. Is there any hope at all that the collapse and horrible war with nukes and the nuclear tsunami prophesied by Jonathan Kleck won't happen? I often feel I should just end it all bc I'll be so scared when the bombs go off or when i die from the shots or get covid again. I've lost everything anyway.

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