That's a good point. I got my gmail and yahoo emails a long time ago, before I realized they would be allowed to spy on people. Since then I have tried alternatives but it was always a huge hassle - they fried my macmail which is my main interface with the world, among other issues. I am so busy on content that I have very little time for tech issues.

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How exciting! I'm so happy for you. Will your boys move too? I wish we could donate but my son was badly injured when struck by a car and supporting him has wiped out our savings. Hope you raise the money you need. Love and light, P

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Worth it for the tajine ans pastries alone ... I will continue to support you because of the sacrifices you made when I was still oblivious to it all. I like to think I would have risked everything had I escaped the propaganda machine in the aughts, but it is certainly easier to be s conspiracy theorist in 2023 than 2006

... as long as I have a bank account.

But seriously Kevin you won't use a cell phone but you have a Yahoo email and a Gmail?


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