A military background to gain of function and bioweapons programmes with viruses sounds evil intended.

The sudden save the world with vaccines mantra forced down our throats makes human rights a picnic .

The WHO..is evolving into a Marshall planned treaty to govern the health industry.

It appears that a random accident in Wuhan may not have been accidental..when rehearsals were done in case of a mishap.

We have nuclear bunker exercises in nuclear power countries..and when world war 3 takes place it is highly unlikely to evaluate it it as a random chance occurence.

Thx u Kevin and Peter..thecsearch for truth marches on!

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There is another angle, there must have been artists during the Prophets time, but he forbade depiction (unlike a saddam with portraits all over Baghdad!) in order to prevent distraction/subordination from the message/revelations of the Quran? Strictly no personality cult celebrity status (BTW - another powerful reason/sincerity/genuine for an aspirant to be attracted to Islam). The verse 5:82 mob/hebdos are of course (as usual) up to no good with their encouragement of "bomb" cartons among the goyim, very much removed from the real reason why the Prophets (ie no personality cult, kardashianery) imagery is frowned upon in Islam

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