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Jewish Theocracy, Zionist Governance

Jewish Theocracy, Zionist Governance

A False Flag Weekly News special report with Prof. Anthony Hall

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In this special supplement to our recent False Flag Weekly News broadcast, Professor Anthony Hall discusses his essay The Influential Role of Jewish Theocracy in the Zionist Governance of the West.


It seems to me that maybe Iran has an advantage because the theocratic nature of the country is up front. It's clear to people how decisions are made. There's transparency. But then when I look at my own society, Western society, I think, well, that's become very theocratic as well. There are inheritances from the Old Testament, the Torah, having to do with this concept that there is a chosen people—that going back to Abraham and his son Isaac and Isaac's son Jacob, there is a covenant with a chosen people who represent the seed of Abraham.

And this Chosenite ethos seems to have become very powerful in the West. And it is now being expressed even to the point where one Chosenite people, the Jewish people and their state—their state is becoming like a chosen state. It has a different set of rules. It's not bound by the same limitations as the rule of law, equality, and the universal nature of laws and the understanding that everybody be treated equally. It's even reached the extent that one people is claiming the right to kill another people, to eliminate another people, in what's being called a genocide.

And the people perpetrating the genocide are the victims, they tell us.

That raises the whole issue of the Holocaustianity and another approach to theocracy. The story of World War II creates the context out of which Israel emerges after World War II as a kind of phoenix rising.

So it seemed to me that it would be useful to think about the Western governance as saying there is a uniform rule of law, as saying we're all equal before the law, but the reality is it's not at all like that. And Israel itself is becoming a kind of theocracy with the likes of these settlers, the Ben-Gavirs and Smotriches and all they embody. It's becoming a messianic, very religious country where people are obsessed with ideas of a third temple and ruling the world from Jerusalem.

And a bunch of Americans support that, including Christians. Do you want to talk about John Hagee and Christian Zionism?

I don't know that much about John Hagee, but as far as I know, he's a typical example of these dispensationalist-type Christians, the Christians that got waylaid by the Scofield Bible and went down the path of becoming extremist Christian Zionists who have the bizarre idea that we should force God's hand by encouraging the Jews to commit abominations in the Holy Land, which will then somehow bring Jesus back, and Jesus will save the elect, the few, and damn almost everybody else. And somehow that's good. And then they'll take credit for making Jesus come back and do that. It’s one of the dumbest theologies that I've ever heard of.

Well, there is this phenomena called Christian Zionism.And we'll look at the deeper historical roots of it. But these days, Pastor John Hagee is kind of the dominant figure because of his group that has over 11 million members, Christians for Israel. And so he is running a major empire. He's a multi-billionaire by now.

This is an extremely lucrative approach to Christianity. The big evangelical churches are all to some extent Christian Zionists. There's the odd Christian critique of Christian Zionism, like Rick Wiles, but the big commercial audiences, the big television audiences, are dominated by this obsession now with something called the rapture and the second coming of Jesus and somehow Israel becoming the center of world governance for a golden millennium. And the Christians think that Jesus will be in control. And then the Jews haven't had their Messiah yet, but they're still waiting for their Messiah. And how is this going to work out?

So Mike Pence or other people who want to get into high office have to go through John Hagee. And John Hagee can harness millions of people to electoral campaigns. And you've got to play with big money to be part of this system. It is forming a national church in the United States, Christian Zionism.

So we're living in a society which definitely has a powerful theocracy which is not really noticed. So my effort in this essay was to say, let's notice it.

It's not only about Christian Zionism. It's about largely the fact that we have this thing called the rule of law, but then we have an understanding that some people are exempt.

The Chosenites are exempt. So now it's seen as strange that they're being held to some kind of account by these UN courts, the International Court of Justice on the one hand, and now the ICC, the International Criminal Court, which is being infiltrated.

And now Britain has intervened to say, you can't charge Netanyahu and Gallant and probably others. Why? Well, hey, come on. They're the chosen people. They're doing a noble task. It's not genocide. They're simply defending themselves from the sins of the real genociders who came out on October. And Hamas are charged along with the Israelis. It's sort of like the real damage was done to Israel, which now has to defend itself.

So I'm trying to look at all of these developments through the lens of this theocracy that we don't acknowledge, but we now have to acknowledge because it's hitting us in the face: the disparity of conduct and the disparity of wealth and the disparity of power. The fact that it's not an egalitarian system and people are not subject to the same rules. There is a Chosenite category, which is highly theocratic in its roots, and it's becoming the obvious defining principle in how our world is unfolding.

Yeah, I would have to pretty much agree with most of that, Tony. One thing I think I would add, though, is that I think that the theocracy in the West is not so much the pastor John Hagee’s, though he is one wing of it. But I think the dominant official religion in the West is secular, progressivist, materialist humanism. Now, that actually gets tied in with Judaism because Judaism is very materialistic. It doesn't believe in an afterlife. There are only very vague allusions to an afterlife in Judaism and not much attention is paid to it. What's important in Judaism is this life: having a good life materially and getting power and the Jewish tribe having power and pleasure and prospering. And they don't worry about the next life.

And so this secular materialist progressivist humanism is also very much like Judaism because Judaism is narcissistic. It worships itself, the “chosen people.” Sandra Lubarsky, who co-edited with me the book 9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out, said it directly to me that today the Jewish people has replaced God as the object of worship of the Jews.

So I said, that's very bizarre, Sandra. That's totally cosmically narcissistic.

But it's true. And just as humanism is humans worshiping humans, which is cosmic narcissism, likewise, Jews worshiping Jews is cosmic narcissism.

So we have these materialists, narcissists, humanists, whatever. And then progressivists. The Jews are trying to get closer and closer and closer to this utopia on earth that they believe will happen when their Messiah comes and conquers and subjugates all of the non-Jews. That's the traditional Jewish eschatology. So things are supposed to get better and get really good in the end. Progressivism is also like that.

So this seemingly non-religious faith of the elites of the West, which has been around for more than a century, which is basically atheistic—secular, progressivist, materialist humanism— is very much a kind of a spinoff on millenarian messianic Judaism.

And so for me, Pastor John Hagee is just some whack job representing a bunch of very low IQ, relatively low income people. That's why they give a lot of their what little income they have to John Hagee, because they're so low IQ Those people don't matter (in terms of exercising power). They're just smart enough to figure out how to find their way to the voting booth and pull the lever that their Jewish billionaire masters tell them to pull.

But the real religion of the West, the real theocracy is secular, materialist, progressivist humanism. And that is a spinoff on Jewish millenarian messianic thought. So that's my take…

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