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Israel Checkmated?

Israel Checkmated?

Its occupation of Washington, DC is no longer a trump card

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The featured story at this week’s False Flag Weekly News is Scott Ritter’s “Checkmate.” Ritter argues that Iran demonstrated on April 13 that it can penetrate US and Israeli air defenses using swarms of drones paving the way for showers of ballistic missiles. Most are cheap decoys designed to “unlock the door to the Iron Dome” so the real weapons can get through. Iran’s retaliatory strike scored direct missile hits on two heavily-defended Negev bases, using missiles with either very small warheads or no warheads at all. The goal was to deliver not death and destruction, but a message: Iran now has the ability to level Israel and destroy US ships and bases in the region. Henceforth, no further actions like the murderous Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus will be tolerated. And by implication, Iran will not permit Israel to complete its genocide of Palestine.

The Zionists’ very weak response consisted of sending a couple of cheap drones to the general vicinity of Isfahan where the IRGC easily shot them down. That act of conspicuous non-retaliation was a tacit admission that Israel’s plan to drag the US into all-out war is not ready for prime time.

According to Ritter, Iran’s defeat of combined US-Israeli air defenses has global implications. Not only have the enormous and ever-expanding missile arsenals of Iran and Hezbollah checkmated the Zionists’ regional nuclear monopoly, but by implication the at-least-equally-advanced missiles of Russia and China should have no problem defeating US air defenses. The US empire, with its flotilla of sitting ducks and its 800 now-hypervulnerable bases occupying dozens of countries, is about as impregnable as the Maginot Line.

The Zionists made an existential mistake last October by gambling that they could complete the genocide of Palestine under US protection. Their time-tested m.o., "seize ever-increasing power over the US and force America to do Israel’s dirty work,” has passed its expiration date, because the US empire is no longer what it once was—in large part due to the damage Israel has inflicted on it.

Netanyahu’s minions are currently threatening the Biden regime: “Support our genocide, or else!” In this case, “or else” implies Zionist power to remove team Biden, whether by assassination (a Zionist specialty) or by using financial and media power to throw the election to Trump (or whoever promises to take orders from Tel Aviv).

But as April 13 demonstrated, the US no longer has the power to protect Israel, or even its own bases and ships. And Israel has even less power to protect itself. So it doesn’t really matter who’s in the Oval Office. Even less does it matter that the Zionists can force Congress to pass bills against such expressions as “river to the sea.” The Zionist entity, like US global hegemony, is doomed. And though the Entity itself is thrashing out madly and genocidally in its death throes, it remains to be seen whether the managers of the US empire will follow suit and instigate a planetary “nuclear Masada.”

Future historians will no doubt express puzzlement about why and how Israel captured then helped destroy the US empire that it was so completely dependent on. Below is an article sketching the broad outlines. -KB

Election Interference: The Elephant in the Room

By Kevin Barrett, for American Free Press

The term election interference entered the American lexicon in late 2016. Following Donald Trump’s surprising victory, allegations that Russia had somehow rigged the contest for Trump were heavily publicized. The so-called Trump-Russia scandal was used to hobble Trump’s presidency, even though the 2019 Mueller Report and subsequent investigations found little support for the allegations.

Now Israel, of all countries, is whining about election interference. Israeli officials and their bought-and-paid-for American mouthpieces have charged that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s call for new elections in Israel is—as Zionist flack and death squad organizer Elliot Abrams put it— “unconscionable interference in the internal politics of another democracy.”

Do countries interfere in each others’ elections? Of course they do. The US is a repeat offender. But Israel’s interference in American politics dwarfs anything America has ever done.

Actually, to say that Israel interferes in US elections is an understatement. Israel practically owns US elections. Former six-term congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) has revealed that shortly after she arrived in Washington, she was pressured to swear a loyalty oath to Israel. She was told that virtually all congressional representatives take the oath, and that any who resist face formidable obstacles to re-election. (Imagine if the Kremlin were making US officials swear loyalty oaths to Russia!)

AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is by far the most powerful lobby in Washington. Though it pretends to be a domestic group, AIPAC is a front for the Israeli government. Its predecessor, The American Zionist Council (AZC), was investigated by the Eisenhower Administration before it was finally forced to register as a foreign agent by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Kennedy, who had dedicated himself to shutting down Israel’s nuclear program, was then removed in a coup and replaced with rabid Zionist Lyndon Johnson, who allowed the Israel lobby to change disguises from AZC to AIPAC. (Johnson also facilitated Israel’s nuclear bomb program, including the theft of American nuclear materials and weapons, and rubber-stamped Israel’s 1967 war of aggression, including its false-flag murder of 34 sailors aboard the USS Liberty.)

Since the Kennedy assassinations of 1963 and 1968, Israel’s death grip on American politics has kept getting stronger. American politicians who try to represent America rather than Israel—including Senators William Fulbright, Chuck Percy, and James Abourezk, and Congressmen Paul Findley, Pete McCloskey, and Cynthia McKinney—are unceremoniously ejected from office by the state of Israel and its American agents. Those who stand in the way of Israel’s capture of the US military to wage its wars, like Senator Paul Wellstone, risk being removed from office “with extreme prejudice.”

How does Israel control American politics? First, Israel’s agents dominate American media. Alfred Lilienthal observed that at the time of the Nakba (Palestinian holocaust) of 1948: “The capture of the American press by Jewish nationalism was, in fact, incredibly complete.” In 1972, Richard Nixon and Billy Graham agreed that the Jewish “stranglehold” on media “has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.” More recently, the Jewish ex-New York Times journalist Philip Weiss asked “Do Jews Dominate in American Media?” and answered “yes.” Weiss observes that media-dominant Jews are mostly partisans of Israel and produce biased coverage to benefit the self-proclaimed Jewish state.

Why didn’t Nixon speak out publicly? Because the Jewish-dominated media would have immediately destroyed him.

Israel’s indirect but effective domination of American media gives Tel Aviv the power to shape Americans’ perceptions. Through its media dominance, Israel rules the American “Overton window,” the spectrum of legitimate mainstream debate, while marginalizing those who threaten its interests as “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-Semites.” Zionist media power can anoint candidates, cover up crimes, and even start wars.

Another key to Israel’s domination of American politics was succinctly summarized by Rep. Ilhan Omar: “It’s the Benjamins, baby.” Pro-Israel Jews provide a massive share of the bribes, euphemistically described as “campaign contributions,” that power the American political system. Sociologist James Petras, author of The Power of Israel in the United States, has written that the Israel lobby is funded by dozens of billionaires and thousands of millionaires who could all say, like the Democrats’ leading funder Haim Saban: “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.”

Finally, Jewish-dominated organized crime, working in tandem with Israel’s black-ops-focused intelligence agencies, exerts a massive yet mostly-invisible influence on American politics. Meyer Lansky, the loyal-to-Israel mobster who controlled J. Edgar Hoover, and Jeffrey Epstein, another notorious Mossad blackmailer of American politicians, are well-known examples. Israel and its criminal accomplices have repeatedly upended American politics, most obviously with the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11.

Today, as the entire American political class endorses the genocide of Gaza, the whole world can see that the US, like Palestine, is a nation under occupation.

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