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Hersh is a limited hangout, tribe is thicker than water. He has interviewed angleton (he of a monument in israel) and knows that one of the two translators (read mossad marksmen) staying at rubys apt, one is even mentioned in Warren as having taken a call from a cleaning lady asking for work, is the killer who blew away jfks brain from in front, that had Jackie instinctively scrambling to the back to recover. Zapruder was no amateur, he wasn't at the right place (to the left of mossad grassy knoller) at the right time with the right equipment, but also suppressed frame 313 clear proof of a kill shot from in front. Yes, he was a dancing 911 israeli too, the God defying atheist zionist devils like to archive their work. If you believe just 3 x 1000kg of C4 caused 911 like earthquakes felt so far away, then I have availabl a Grand Canyon to sell you. The size of the craters left behind and the 4th 911 like mini nuke still lying unexploded at the bottom of the sea will prove Hersh limited hangoutability.

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Fantastic. Thankyou Kevin and Karl.

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