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Cynthia McKinney: Jamaal Bowman Denounced Me Under AIPAC Orders

Cynthia McKinney: Jamaal Bowman Denounced Me Under AIPAC Orders

But it didn't save him

En route to Congress, Jamaal Bowman was forced to issue a ritual denunciation of one of his heroes, six-term Georgia Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. We know Bowman admired McKinney because he put her, alongside Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and others, on his Cornerstone Academy “wall of honor.”

But Bowman’s ritual denunciations of McKinney didn’t save him. AIPAC, the Jewish billionaire lobby that runs America as its private fiefdom, couldn’t allow anyone to remain in Congress who doesn’t enthusiastically support the genocide of Gaza.

Cynthia McKinney, during her six terms in Congress, got a close-up-and-personal view of the Jewish billionaires’ stranglehold over American government. If she had let them buy her the way they’ve bought almost everyone else (except Thomas Massie?) she might well have become a vice president, or even president.

One of the Jewish billionaire dictatorship’s genocidal mind-control commissars informs us:

Bowman has likewise left no doubt that he disagrees with McKinney’s most vile, antisemitic statements. When McKinney tweeted a meme about Zionists perpetrating 9/11 in June 2021, Bowman replied that her message was “antisemitic,” “hateful,” “misguided and ignorant,” and asked Twitter to remove her post…McKinney, an outspoken Israel critic, lost the Democratic primary to a challenger backed by pro-Israel donors in 2002. When asked who he blamed for McKinney’s difficult race, McKinney’s father, then-state Rep. Billy McKinney, told a TV interviewer: “Jews have bought everybody. Jews, J-E-W-S.”

Cynthia McKinney, like her father, has the guts to spell it out. If Americans ever take back their country, she’ll feature prominently and heroically in the history books.

Excerpt from the interview:

I’m Kevin Barrett doing audio with an old friend and regular guest going way, way back: Cynthia McKinney, the best person I ever voted for for president. Cynthia, you're far ahead of your time now with people like Thomas Massie (confirming McKinney’s description of AIPAC handlers controlling Congressional reps) and the whole Jamal Bowman affair. People are saying “Cynthia figured out that these Jewish Zionists own Congress long before most people had ever heard of it.”

That's exactly right. And the situation with Jamal Bowman is bittersweet for me. Because right after he got elected, clearly he was carrying out some diktat from AIPAC because he put out a tweet criticizing, condemning me. And he never knew me. He knew about me. I've since read that he had me on his black history board for his high school or middle school, where he was the principal. So I went from being someone laudable enough to make a New York state board for Black History Month, to becoming the goat to be ridiculed on his Twitter after he was elected to the Congress.

And I just knew it had the APAC fingerprints all over it. Putting myself in Bowman's position: “Let me go ahead and get this out of the way. Let me show them how loyal I am to them. Let me do this public criticism of Cynthia McKinney.”

So he did that. He had to denounce Cynthia McKinney. And then (three years later) he exits Congress after having been McKinneyed.

What good does it do to kowtow to these Zionists? It doesn't help. They just keep coming.

That's the whole point. It’s what I said—it must be 25 or 30 years ago now. I said 100% is not enough. You can give AIPAC (everything). And all of the tentacles that extend from AIPAC.

They talk about the AIPAC donations. But if you're speaking about the pro-Israel lobby, it's way bigger than just AIPAC. Those tentacles extend all over the Washington, D.C., political landscape. For example, you might be an environmentalist and you're looking to get some money from environmental organizations. Well, who creates the hurdles that you have to jump over? It's the pro-Israel climate people or green people or environmental people.

It might be that you're looking for health or budget priorities. And then, who establishes those hurdles that you have to jump over in order to get the PAC money? It's the same people, it's the cousins of the same people, that you have to jump over for the climate.

And so once you get up there, what you realize is that it's all very connected. It's like…What is that called that the mushrooms make?

The mycelium.

Exactly. So Washington, D.C. is run by the pro-Israel mycelium that extends all over Washington, D.C.

That sounds about right, although it's kind of an insult to mycelium and the noble mushroom to call it that. I mean, I like mushrooms. I'm not even getting into the kinds of mushrooms I used to grow when I was young and stupid. But seriously, yeah, they're everywhere, aren't they?

They are everywhere. And so I have had many conversations about this, and one of the most illuminating conversations was with Walter Fontroy. And Walter Fontroy from the Committee on Political Assassinations from the U.S. Congress was the delegate from Washington, D.C. Fontroy coined their presence in this way. He said they utilize the choke point. They act by way of the choke point theory, which means that wherever the choke point is in an organization, that's where you'll find them. So you don't need a massive numerical presence. You just have to have the right presence in the right place, in the right position, and then you can know everything that's going on in that organization.

So for example, Thomas Massey just recently exposed—well, re-exposed because I said it—that every congressional office has an AIPAC person checking off the checklist. Does this member do this? Does this member do that? What are the weaknesses of this member? You write that down. What are the strengths of this member? You write that down. What can we use this member for?

And in every committee meeting, every subcommittee meeting, there's an APAC person checking off the checklist. What did this member say? What did that member say? And they have the most complete dossier that I can ever imagine on every member of Congress.

I have a story I can tell you. So there's one—I won't mention her because she is still in the Congress— but she was friends with me. She was friendly with me and she liked me. She used to call me Cindy. She said, Cindy, you're too smart. You, we need you here because you're too smart.

You know, I was maybe too honest in my smartness because I couldn't help myself. I couldn't help if I couldn't just look the other way. Anyway, this particular member of Congress came to me one day when I explained everything to her, how they operate. And she was stunned. She was shocked. And she said “they know everything about me now.”

The process that they used in order to know everything about her was they volunteered to do her campaign accounting for free. So they sent someone to her to do the free accounting for the campaign. And now you know that that is extremely intricate, detail-oriented work. You've got to be on point with that, right? And so you have very few campaign staffers that can actually perform that function.

So they volunteered for her. And then they said, well, you know, we can do your taxes every year. We'll do it for free.

But it was only after I told her what my experiences were, blah, blah, blah. And she was so concerned. She came to me and she wanted me to remain quiet so I could stay in Congress. And so then she was shocked and horrified that they had utilized this methodology of offering freebies to get to know everything about her. And I told her, “yeah, they know everything about you.”

So then when redistricting came, because she was firmly wrapped up in their cocoon and controlled by them, she was favorably redistricted. And one from her state, who is very well known to everybody, was unfavorably redistricted and removed from Congress by way of redistricting.

He probably just had like a Jewish hairdresser or something, but not a Jewish accountant. And as Kanye learned, you have to watch out for Jewish personal trainers….

So the hierarchy is that you actually marry a Jew, then that's, you know, that's it.

Right. It's almost like getting circumcised by a rabbi.

Well, yeah, it's the circumcision of your brain, right? So I have another story I can tell of a member of Congress who…I don't think he intended to be problematic to the pro-Israel lobby, but he was, I think, unintentionally problematic. And in this particular regard, they were interested in extracting as much as they could from the African continent, and they didn't want any African American members of Congress interfering with that, trying to be pan-Africanist or whatever.

Trying to give the local people a cut of the deal.

That's an issue. How can you make more billionaires, more oligarchs, if you have to share the proceeds? So this particular congressional office was always sort of a problem on Africa and serving on the House International Relations Committee, the Africa subcommittee. And eventually what they decided to do was to infiltrate the office by way of that congressional staffer that did the bulk of the work for the Africa subcommittee. And they made sure that one of their persons presented a big fat diamond ring, worth tens of thousands of dollars, to her. And then married her. And all of a sudden, the advocacy for Africa and Africans ceased.

Oh, man. So it's not just accountants and personal trainers. It's spouses.

It's spouses, that's right. So you can imagine what Mr. Doug is whispering in Kamala's ear, right?

Totally, totally.

Of course, the thing about Kamala, the way she came up, is that a whole lot of whispering has been done in her ears.

I think Willie Brown whispered a few sweet nothings.

That's right. All we have to do is ask Willie Brown. He knows probably every one of them.

Yeah, I think he knows more than he says. He did mention that his plane flight got canceled right before 9/11. He's one of those people like Salman Rushdie that they got advance warning that something was going to happen that day, so they didn't fly.

That's right. Yep. He's connected.

So these people, they're 2% of the population, and the active members of the tribe are probably 2% of that, so they're a tiny number of people, but somehow they rule the other 98+%.

That's because we allow it to happen. And now, how does that happen? Well, one is through fear, intimidation, blackmail, that sort of thing. If you're in the position to receive that kind of treatment, then you're going to receive that kind of treatment. I was offered all kinds of things if I went along with their game. I just didn't go along with it.

As I think about it in retrospect, you don't make the cover of the New York Times Sunday magazine unless they have something in store for you. So this was the way they prepared me to say yes to their scheme. And then I said no, right? So they were doing everything. They even had Nat Hentoff call me and say, “Cynthia, when are you going to get arrested at the Sudan embassy?” Because this is before the balkanization of Sudan. And of course they're not finished with Sudan.

Well, I said, never, because they want me to lie. And he told me that he could ensure that I would get on the cover of Time magazine and Newsweek if I would do that and I could have my seat for the rest of my life. He said “you could die in the seat.”

So, you know, those are the kinds of conversations that I had all the time. And they're quite frank and open about their bribery, because they were trying to bribe me into becoming an adjunct to the tribe, I guess you could say.


They sent some count to me, some European count. And he's trying, they're trying, to get me under control on Africa. So he wants to introduce me to an African president. And it never happened, of course. It never happened. And I guess he was sent on that mission. And since he failed in his mission, he jumped off a building and killed himself.

Wow. I don't think I've ever heard that story before.

Oh, no, I haven't told it because I'm just not thinking about these things. You're so busy living life, you don't really take the time to record what you've lived. And so that's just one of the things that happened to me.

So it's all about controlling people and controlling resources. And people are resources, too. And so it's all about controlling every aspect of every possible resource that can exist on the planet. And they do a good job of it. And then we don't stop them.

So, you know, I ask myself, is it really worth fighting them? Because now they have completely conquered African-Americans. They've completely conquered Africa. They've turned their sights toward Asia. They don't completely control Asia. There's a lot of control within China. And I'm watching China very closely to see where China falls in the end.

And you've got, I mean, they're making tremendous inroads in Asia as well. We'll see. But the pivot to Asia is the pivot for the Jewish power control over Asia. They've basically broken the backs of the Anglo-Saxons and the Europeans. They control Europe—although Europe is not really a separate continent, but they like to think of themselves as being separate, particularly the Western Europeans.

They think they’re a garden, and everyplace else is the jungle.

Yes, that's right. The problem is that too many of us in the jungle also think they are the garden and that they've got some secret for flower growing that we don't have…

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