The smoking gun can be seen on YT at anytime, WTC7 47 stories tall, 100 yards long, in a symmetrical FREEFALL along its ENTIRE 100 yard length. QED. BTW very very importantly it means the great satan and little satan have from then on been inexorably tied at the hip forever, until they are destroyed.

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When media brain washes us to look up to "academia"..then whatever comes through "flying pig "phenomena is "superman".... Kevin Berret I salute u for being a true jihadist ..pursuing the truth for what it is! May God Almighty protect u ..and may we witness Absolute truth at the Absolute time..loves Kevin

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Kevin, you have brought up the watershed moments of history, particularly in modern times, and then proposed the what if we knew the truth? For example, I am in awe of the work of Dr. Judy Wood, also fired and maligned. She is a consummate scientist who is a keen and prolonged observer and recorder of what actually went on. She allows her readers, viewers, and listeners to come to their own conclusions. Mine? That directed energy and weather manipulation were used against us in an all but unthinkable manner. The plot clearly witnessed by those countless clips and photographs; she makes no suppositions besides what absolutely didn't happen (not sure how much of her compilations are still on You Tube.). She takes her listeners through the physical structural impossibilities of that cataclysm. By the way she is a structural physicist as well as a brilliant educator.

Yes. to the JFK/RFK and King assassinations as well. The power of truth these men wielded was not going to be allowed to survive long enough for the birth of real questions into human minds-- or to trespass into the plutocrats' schemes.

Thank you for writing this, and tying so many loose ends together! Sometimes I think I am losing my mind. But them-- something like the pandemic-- so clearly a psyop to kill and blind the millions-- driving humanity ever closer to the Pied Piper's ledge. You have helped secure my beliefs in what I have seen and know.

Orwell was right: "Repetition legitimizes!"

"...and with all the deceptions of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved...." 2 Thes. 2:10

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