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Brilliant, Kevin. You made so many excellent points! Enough to make a wokester's head explode from the logic of it all.

On another note, here is an interesting response that a National Justice Party (NJP) leader posted on Telegram:

This is a reasonable position on the part of Elon Musk. I detest professional conspiracy-mongers, especially when they grow to be multi-millionaires by peddling bullshit such as the "crisis actors" in horrific school shootings.

However, the NJP has never "used the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame"—unless you count trying to bring justice for Jackson Sparks, when the whole country ignored his death, as "using" it for "politics"—in which case any advocacy for justice for any murder victim could be accused of the same thing.

We know Twitter lost their advertising revenue because of the ADL. We know the ADL is actively trying to destroy Twitter. We know Elon is currently engaged in a low-level feud with Johnathan Greenblatt. And there are no bigger critics of the ADL than the NJP!

So let us back on the platform. Alex Jones is not the litmus test for free speech; the NJP and our cogent political critiques of Jewish power are. You're not going to get the ADL to back off by platforming Trump and Jordan Peterson, but keeping us deplatformed.

Show some balls, man. Otherwise this apparently principled stand on Alex Jones is just hot air; you're trying to justify keeping off certain people in the hopes that some kind of compromise can be worked out with the Jews.

(NJP’s platform is worth looking at, flaws and all)


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Upto 1989 (40 full years after WW2) a 4m deaths at Auschwitz figure was a sacrosanct number and proofed by every jew historian and his dog. Then in 1989 the 4m plaque at Auschwitz was quietly removed and substituted by a 1.5m plaque (total of gays, gypsies plus 960k yids). So we have a 6-4+1≠6 holeohoax with a 3m hole, QED. But try saying that in the digital public square, free speech a la Voltaire!!

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To paraphrase Orwell: "Freedom is the ability to say 6 million minus 2.5 million is not 6 million."

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