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Feb 7, 2023·edited Feb 7, 2023

Akin to burning an Alexandria Library, the Western hegemonys unsaid intent has always been to keep the jungle down. Irans greatest achievement has been to have kept the great satans entire machinery (State, Pentagon, Intelligence) busy in that "Alexandria" endeavour for decades, whilst Russia and China (and others) have stealthily crept past with minimal hindrance. It reminds of a Russian Medvedev even joining hands with the West to sanction Iran on S300 and Bushehr, for leaving Russia unmolested. Similarly China has played along sanctioning N Korea to also remain unmolested. Too late the pivot hero, the satan now suddenly finds itself powerless against a Russia's bold move in Ukraine, thanks to Tsirkon, Avangard, Sarmat, etc. An Admiral Gorshkov patrolling the US East Coast and stealth subs in the Med opposite israel, both with unassailable hypersonic nukes that can lay waste to both regimes, means the neocohens now in charge at the satan need to go back to the drawing board. We have 20 years of no WW3 peace, by which time hopefully the satan will have been laid to rest. Wallahu Khayrul Makirrin.

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