"Neither Hitler nor Mussolini realized the awesome power of the "determined men of Masonry" who exercised total control over the "democratic" powers." - Eustace Mullins, The Curse of Canaan

Two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

Notice how 51% of voters can never vote away an individuals unalienable rights. America was never a democracy, and the unalienable rights of which described in the Declaration of Independence proves it. Sure they try and think they do and can... But this shows how its Gods law, natural law that will always trump any form of mans law. A Democracy of voters is a satanic inversion, its allowing the most ignorant, demoralized, busy working labor class, attempt to form law... Its the worst possible form of mans law. You have to be a stupid voter in order to not understand this.

The only real competitor to natural law is commercial law, contractual agreements. 51% of voters can't trump that either. Mob rule? Check out Article 4, Section 4.

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Jan 30, 2023·edited Jan 30, 2023

2016POTUS votes - killary 66m trump 63m. 2020POTUS - biden 81m trump 75m (21% 27m extra in 4 years? nb-100m were postal votes). How are they going to cook up an extra 30m votes this time, as every dictator will tell you, it will be difficult for neocohens to give up power now. Standby for mavimarmara/flight 77 type spielbergy scripts goyim, bwahahaha. USA USA USA!!

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The most important thing is to heal our soil. Chemical farming is destroying it. Eventually it will give out if not healed without chemicals. When the soil finally gives out, the starvation will be unprecedented. Unhealthy soil leads to unhealthy humans which leads to unhealthy brains which explains all the destructive behavior in all aspects of life. From ruthless corrupt politicians to mass shootings.

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