A term you might find useful is the acronym NSOE which stands for Not So Obvious Establishment and includes people like Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald who pose as truth warriors while pulling their punches.

The originator of the term, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (whom you should interview) faults Carlson and Greenwald for failing to report on Shiva's May 2020 lawsuit against the State of Massachusetts and Twitter which exposed the backdoor portal that Twitter afford state election officials who were requesting censorship and shadowbanning against Dr Shiva and his campaign for US Senate. Carlson and Greenwald, Shiva alleges were aware of the injunction Shiva was awarded in the case but did nothing about reporting it.

Later Taibbi (another alleged NSOE) was allowed to report the fact, at a far less critical time.

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I love Helen Buyniski. She has one of the most brilliant minds I've ever heard or read, and that's why I support her by subscribing to her substack page. But the idea of "sucking down Jewish semen " is pretty disgusting! Thanks a lot Helen...

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