Nelson Mandela, speaking in

the Palestinian Gaza Strip in

1999, explained:

"The lesson of history is that

for the masses of the people,

the methods of political

action which they use are

determined by the oppressor

himself. If the oppressor

uses peaceful means, the

oppressed would never

resort to violence. It is when

the oppressor - in addition

to his repressive policies -

uses violence, that the

oppressed have no

alternative but to retaliate by

similar forms of action. And,

therefore, the pains, the

blood that was spilled, and

the responsibility for that lies

squarely on the shoulders of

the [oppressive] regime. Our

men and women with vision

choose peace rather than

confrontation, except in

cases where we cannot

proceed, where we cannot

move forward, then, if the

only alternative is violence,

we will use violence.

Palestinians have restored some Arab dignity with this resistance.

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Is this a Promise ,,lets hope so and hope everyone wakes the Hell up here ,Enough of this plague onto our World .Peace Now.

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Let me add that many Israelis are bailing out. Emigration out of Israel has never been higher, according to reliable reports. Leading destinations are Western European countries, especially Sweden and Portugal with their lax immigration laws. Some are returning to Russia, though I am told that a plane ticket from Tel Aviv to Moscow now costs $10,000.

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Kevin, you encapsulate the crux of the matter impeccably. This has been one long FAFO in the making.

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This is a brilliant tour de force Kevin. Thank you.

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Oct 8, 2023·edited Oct 8, 2023

At Oslo there were a 100k settlers in the West Bank, today there are 750k. There has been no war since 1993 Oslo, only shlomos carrying out a slowmo annexation of territory for 30 years non-stop.

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The Apartheid Entity is America‘s oldest enemy & greatest debtor. It’s time to throw it into the garbage can of history

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long live palestinian-iranian friendship!

long live saudi-iranian friendship!

fair game for idf soldiers!

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Thanks Kevin. Larry just told me that Miles Mathis says the war is fake...just Israel trying to get more money out of the US. I don't believe Miles is correct in his thinking.

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