Western media (mainstream and alt) always present China's social credit system is the epitome of totalitarian control, so it was refreshing to hear Alex Krainer provide a different take on how China uses it's social credit system. His comments dovetail with an interpretation an informed friend recently shared with me.

My friend said the Chinese don't use their social credit system as an evil surveillance tool per se, but rather for far more pedestrian purposes. That the government has long had few computer systems or mechanisms to do things as mundane as collect fines. With a digital social credit system, he says they are now able to truly enforce laws, such as garnish wages.

Just as guns don't kill people, people kill people, so too with a digital social credit system. The West assumes China is using it throughout the country in nefarious Big Brother ways. Maybe that's just our Western projection.

However, I'm not so naive that I don't think China would go a dark mirror route on steroids, but I am open to giving them the benefit of the doubt. My bigger concern is that I totally believe if and when Western psychopaths implement their long desired goal of having a digital social credit system, they'll use it against us in nefarious ways to the max.

Put another way, between China versus the "neocons" and "neoliberals" who currently control the West, I would feel far safer with a digital social credit system in the hands of China's leaders. Heaven forbid the latter-day Trotskyites gain access. We're talking the horrors of Bolsheviks 2.0.

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Of course the Monaco police are polite, they never know which very powerful person they are stopping

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