The Oregon and Colorado non-commercial cannabis communities are leading the way and setting the example for sustainable agricultural practices. We've been preaching rock dust for almost 10 years. You have to alternate sources every other year. The big secret to rock dust is basalt, king of kings, and its paramagnetic properties that no other rock dust provides. It's also significantly higher in nutrient and mineral density.



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Here a recent reddit comment I posted... "... The people who want global government also want digital currency... They also don't want everyone being millionaires because nobody is going to grow their food if everyone is crypto rich. So they're setting up endless crypto scams to leach up as much US dollars as possible, keeping everyone poor when they rug pull. They tricked everyone into crypto, stocks, buying houses, stocking up on food... Whatever it takes to get people to give up their money before they skyrocket the value of the dollar. They don't want you buying anything of value when the DXY hits 140-180."

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I contacted the DoD a couple months ago and told them to investigate the poisoning of the American food supply. I told them to form a team to investigate the major food distributions and test for glyphosate residue poisoning. I told them to verify the science and data outlined in the toxicology reports, Glyphosate: Pathways to Modern Diseases and to corroborate the data from hospitals that show the disgustingly rapid increase of gastrointestinal disorders and gallbladder surgeries.

I received a blank, automated response.

There's a strong possibility that these food distributions were destroying evidence or avoiding the investigation into our poisoned food supply. ... or they discovered how poisoned the food is and burned them down to help us. The DoD helping America? sure, why not

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