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Dr. Kevin Barrett is absolutely correct...there were NO "Truth Movements" before the 9/11 Truth Community stood up on our hind legs and created one shortly after 9/11/2001.

Now 9/11 Truth is the "blueprint" for dozens and dozens of "citizen teams or groups" who are using the new communication-reference-research systems to expose the TRUTH behind whatever issues that they are curious about!

And of course, as citizens get closer and closer to exposing the international OLIGARCHS [that were/are still behind most of the nefarious actions and telling most of the lies against humanity], uses of clever official censorship...and this will be ON THE RISE for ll the years ahead of us!

So, to my brother and sister "9/11 Truth for World Peace Activists" [as well as any new arrivals where the 9/11 TRUTH has crept is way past your decades long denials], I remind all of what I wrote to the "long-run 9/11 Truth Activists" a while back:


...9/11 TRUTH!

The idea is to TAKE BACK our early high ground...aka...the high ground which was outwardly undermined by the Deep State tools such as Dick Cheney whom George W. Bush worked under for eight years.

Another GREAT PIECE...Dr. Barrett

Robin Hordon

Kingston, WA

PS This is why the very best way forward is for the 99/11 Truth for World Peace Community to create a virtual library and research center named:


Library and Research Center


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