Sitemap - 2022 - Kevin’s Newsletter

Edward Curtin on “Tucker Carlson and the JFK Allegations”

Mark Dankoff on What’s Coming in 2023

E. Michael Jones: "The Ukraine War Is Going to End in 2023—and the Russians Are Going to Win"

2022: The Year of Vaccine Failure

Alan Sabrosky and Cat McGuire on “Unsettled History: The Useful Abuse of the Holocaust”

Daniel Pinchbeck on “Jewish Identity, Anti-Semitism, and Tikkun Olam”

Daniel Pinchbeck on Jewish Identity, Alan Sabrosky on "Settled History" & Holocaust

Strip Club Owners Demand Apology From Tucker Carlson

Russia-Ukraine War: Narratives vs. Reality

Rogue Elephants: Can Elon, Tucker, and Ye Trample the Ringmasters and Tear Down the Big Top?

Ramin Mazaheri on France’s Yellow Vests

Gordon Duff on Victor Bout & Tucker’s “CIA Killed JFK”

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Morocco and Then Some

Get Vaxxed Before Your Assisted Suicide OR ELSE!

Josh Mitteldorf on US Senate COVID Panel

Matthew Ehret on Anti-China Psy-Ops; Josh Mitteldorf on US Senate COVID Panel

US Senate COVID Panel, Anti-China Psy-Ops, Dumping Hitler

Time Magazine Names Penis-Piano-Playing Nazi Cokehead “Person of the Year”

Arnaud Develay on "Donbass: The War on Remembrance"

How David Ray Griffin Changed My Life

Mathew Crawford on Grand Unified Theory of FTX

Ye on Alex Jones: Christian Carnival King and Truth-Telling Holy Fool

Reed Sainsbury: Ye Is Right, and Then Some

In Case the ADL Asks Me to Apologize

“Jewish Power” Exists—Genocidally—in Israel

Sami Jamil Jadallah on Racist Woke Witch-Hunt Against Qatar

Alfred and Monika Schaefer Reflect on Imprisonment for Exercising Free Speech

What Are the Limits to Free Speech?

Ken Meyercord on Jewish Ethnic Nepotism

Qatar Doesn't Have Enough Genders to Host a World Cup

Josh Mitteldorf on Suppression of “Free Energy”

Sam Bankman-Fried-on-Amphetamines

Depopulation and the "Rules-Based Order"


US Army Psy-Ops Whistleblower Scott Bennett on Elections, Ukraine, Iran, Islam

E. Michael Jones on "Death of a Figurehead," Kanye & Kyrie, and More

Midterms: Brain Damaged, Dead, & Zionist-Owned Candidates Triumph

Why I'm Voting Republican for the First Time Ever

BREAKING! Homer Van Meter IDs Pelosi Attack Suspect as Satanic Cultist Involved in 2004 Shootout

Rolf Lindgren and Allan Stevo on elections

Bruce Baird suspects Israel did “Russia’s 9/11” (and much more)

LIVE RADIO! Bruce Baird suspects Israel did “Russia’s 9/11” (and much more); Rolf Lindgren and Allan Stevo on elections

Today's Interviews with Iran TV, Freedom Hub, and Richie Allen

Law Enforcement and Media Suppressed Hunter’s Laptop—Should We Trust Their Pelosi Story?

Iran Joins SCO. The Next Day, “Spontaneous” Riots Erupt.

Randy Short Offers a Different View of Kanye; Joachim Hagopian on “Devil’s Playground: The West’s Nuclear False Flag”

Bro. Demetric Muhammad on “Ye Meets Jewish Power”

Debating Ye

“Why Do They Hate Us?” Ask Aafia Siddiqui

Massacre of the Innocents: CDC Inflicts Biowar Vax on Children

Anthony Hall on Grassroots Revolt Against Justin Trudeau’s Dystopia

Mystic Greg Leveille on "Going Beyond Chaos"

Speaking Being

AOL Reviews and Accepts "Israel Killed JFK" Comment

Jim Fetzer: Sandy Hookers Screw Alex Jones (out of $965 Million)

Helen Buyniski on “Persian Girls Gone Wild…in the Service of Western Imperialism”

Ear-Cutters Cut Off Van Gogh’s Cut-Off Ear to Protest Climate Change

El-Hajj Mauri’ Salakhan on “Free Aafia” Demonstrations Oct. 23

Jim Fetzer Returns to FFWN tomorrow

Claire Khaw Says Non-Muslims Should Follow the Qur'an's Rules (Some of Them, Anyway)

Riots in Iran: Another CIA Coup Attempt?

Thaddeus Kozinski Asks “Are You Aware?”

Beware of Nuclear False Flag Blaming Russia

“The Evolution of Beauty” with Eric Walberg and Josh Mitteldorf

Apocalypse Now? Let's Talk Beauty and Awareness

Did Uncle Sam, a.k.a. Wile E. Coyote, Blow Up the Wrong Pipeline?

The Empire, Not the Republic, Blew Up Nordstream

Sterling Harwood Goes to Mars to “Prove the Bible Is Mistaken”

Zoey O’Toole of Children’s Health Defense on “Turtles All the Way Down”

Biden Launches WWIII Under Cover of Hurricane Ian

Nancy Pelosi: Wicked Witch of the Warmongering West

Abolish Girls’ Sports?! Woke Wackiness Exposes Fake Feminism, Avatar of Apocalypse

Apollonian and Brian Ruhe on Buddhist Nazis vs. Satanists, NWO Bankers, and Much More

Gordon Duff on Aafia Siddiqui

BREAKING! World War III Hasn’t QUITE Happened Yet

Who's Behind 9/11 and the New World Order?

Jila Ansari Offers a Different Perspective on Iran, Religion, and Zionism

WEF Withdraws "Eat Bugs" Edict

Meryl Nass and Ron Unz on “Lancet Blames US for COVID”

“Lancet Blames US for COVID” - Meryl Nass and Ron Unz on This Evening's Live Radio Show!

9/11 Truth Turns 21

Matthew Ehret on “King Charles’ Great Reset”

Mainstream Media LIES! From POWs to COVID: Ron Unz Introduces SIX New Books

Math-Science Polymath & 9/11 Researcher AK Dewdney on 21st Anniversary

"King Charles' Great Reset"?!

9/11 Truth: 21st Anniversary Events, & What Next? Richard Gage, Barbara Honegger, Mick Harrison

Breaking! NY Times: "US Created COVID-19"

Moti Nissani on “Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations”

We Need a COVID Origins Truth Movement

Alexander Wolfheze and Kevin Barrett Discuss "The State of the Right" - Interregnum #64

Sander Hicks on Being Demonized (for 9/11 Truth) in Jewish Daily Forward

Trump furious that Biden’s FBI sniffed Melania’s Les Wexner underwear

Nadeem Haque on “Ecolibrium: The Sacred Balance in Islam”

Two Cheers for Patriarchy!

9/11 False Flag Fallout: US-Imposed Destruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan

"Eschatological War!" Another Debate With Adam Green

Rolf Lindgren on Trump Raid, Jim Fetzer on Court Ruling Stripping Him of His Intellectual Property

9/11, JFK, COVID, Holocaust...Will Americans Be the Last to Know That Their Leaders Are Criminally Insane?

Dave Lindorff on the Nukes of August (1945 & 1949)

David Chu: Why I LOVE China and the CCP

Rushdie Attacker Working for Israel, not Iran?

Dave Gahary Asks “Am I Responsible for Alex Jones Lawsuit?”

Ron Unz on Alex Jones, Cass Sunstein, "Cognitive Infiltration"

FBI: Trump Stole Nuclear Secrets, Was Building LEGO H-Bomb in Basement

Gerald Sussman on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The Propaganda War”

Zafar Bangash on “Pakistan’s Unending Political Crisis”

Coincidence or Conspiracy: What Are the Odds?

Adam Green on Rabbis & Abrahamic Conspiracy

Will the West’s Suicide Bring World Peace?

What Happened to Gordon Duff and False Flag Weekly News?

Dr. Syed Haider on “Transgender Ideologies Are Child Abuse”

We’re All Anti-Vaxxers Now

Zelensky’s Conscription Now Targeting Nursing Homes

Peter Myers on “Russia mocks US embrace of Trans”; Art Olivier on Symbolic Significance of Demolition of Georgia Guidestones

E. Michael Jones: Russia Mocks US Embrace of "Gender Denial"

Richard Cook on “The US, the Ukraine Disaster, and the Future”

LIVE RADIO! Richard Cook on “The US, the Ukraine Disaster, and the Future”; Peter Myers on “Russia mocks US embrace of Trans”; Art Olivier on Symbolic Significance of Demolition of Georgia Guidestones

Two Long Telegrams

Thaddeus Kozinski and Peter Simpson on “Antichrist Rising: The Plandemic and the Age of Unreality”

Sen. Ron Johnson Takes Aim at the Biggest COVID Scandals

Lori Price on “CLG in the Crosshairs of Totalitarian Censors”

1400 Years of Hijra, 2.5 Years of Plandemic

Ron Unz Writes the Book on Conspiracy Theories

Henry Herskovitz on Defeating Jewish Power Lobby in 6th Circuit and US Supreme Court

How Much Does the US Owe in Reparations for the COVID-19 Bio-Attack?

BREAKING! Georgia Guidestones Attack Suspect Identified

Ellen Brown on “Food Systems Under Attack?”

Happy Eid al-Adha!

Peter Koenig on Endless Wars, Food Shortages, Eugenics and the “Digitization of Everything”: The WEF Agenda 2030

Internet Censorship and the Tyranny of Woke Intentions

Breaking Down Transhumanism with John Friend of the AFP Report

Russia Is Winning in Ukraine

Jim Fetzer breaks news on Supreme Court & local court cases on Sandy Hook lawsuits

Will Joe Biden's "Second Pandemic" Begin in Russia?

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel challenges my “anti-liberal” stance

Correction: Sterling Harwood does not support gender transition or surgery for children.

Prepare for War!

Bruce Leichty on Holocaust Conference Arrest Lawsuit

Mr. Rho on Crypto Crash, Ellen Brown on Backyard Food Shortage Solution

E. Michael Jones: “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”

End of Humanism—End of Humans?

Helen Buyniski on Mass Shooting of the Day Club

Ron Unz on Neocon Recklessness & COVID Origins

Ron Unz on Neocon Recklessness & COVID Origins

January 6th Hearings Demonize Trump—But Miss the Elephant in the Room

Richard Cook on neocons & Ukraine; Francis Boyle on Resisting Medical Tyranny

Germar Rudolf: "Free Speech in Russia Could Have Stopped the War"

Ukraine Is Losing Big Time, So Biden Ups the Ante, Risking World War III

Ray McGinnis on Freedom Convoy vs. Canadian COVID Dystopia

Imam Khomeini Was Real, Trump Is a Phony

To Denazify Ukraine, Russia (and Americans) Must Denazify USA

John Manley on "Much Ado About Corona"

Discussing Mass Formation Psychosis and War Fever on Tim Kelly's Podcast

Ukraine War: US Defeats, Occupies, Loots, Brainwashes, and Humiliates Europe, Crushing Its Economy and Its Spirit

Western “Intelligence”: Putin is Sick, Dead, or Worse

Sterling Harwood Says Biden Is Doing a Good Job

Monkeypox Biowar Smoking Guns?

John Hankey on Uvalde as MK-Utra Psy-Op

Two Interviews and a Sermon

Only Israel Can Shoot Americans in the Face with Impunity

Biden, Over Chicken Kyiv Lunch, Renames World’s Strategic Waterways

Three New Politically-Incorrect Videos

Joachim Hagopian on Elites’ Endgame Dystopian Nightmare

Neocon Propaganda Backfires

Prof. Michael Brenner on Ukraine Reality & NATO in Azovstol

Baby Formula Shortage: Sign of the End Times?

BREAKING! Monkeypox Virus Escapes, Simian Death Syndrome (SDS) Cases Soar

Joel Hirschhorn on Long COVID & Collapse of Scientific Medicine; Fatna Bellouchi on Alternative Healing

McDonalds Leaves Russia—Russians Gain Four Years of Life Expectancy

“Miracle of Fatima” Anniversary Special: Pt. 2 with Dr. Peter Chojnowski

It's the War Mobilization, Stupid!

“Miracle of Fatima” Anniversary Special with Gary Giuffre

Twitter Censors "Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine" Tweet

Mass Formation Ukraine Psychosis: Worse Than COVIDiocy?

Linh Dinh on Globetrotting Through the Scamdemic

DHS Disinformation Squad: “Do NOT Watch False Flag Weekly News!” (with Cat Mcguire)

Thaddeus Kozinski: “Foucault Told the Truth”

Discussing Mideast, Ukraine, & More with Press TV and Richie Allen

Saudis "Normalize" Their Betrayal of Palestine

Josh Mitteldorf Proves We’re Not Living in a Simulation

ACLU Worries That Elon Musk Might Allow Free Speech on Twitter

I Will Miss Nader Talebzadeh—Filmmaker, Peacemaker, TV Star, Truth & Justice Hero, and Likely Martyr

William Willers & Dr. David King on Mask Psychosis & COVIDystopia

It's Quds Day!

Peter Koenig: Ukraine-Russia "Hot War" Advancing the Great Reset?

Azov Battalion: Why Mainstream Media Love Ukrainian Nazis

Charlotte Dennett on Why Ukraine Is the Mother of All Energy Wars

Tom Luongo: Why Russia Will Win the Energy War

COVID Idiots Now Turned Ukraine Idiots

Peter McCullough and Jessica Rose on "Alarming, Catastrophic Vaccine Deaths"

Ukraine War Lies = Trillion$ for the Pentagon

Gonzalo Lira: Murdered by The Daily Beast?

Steve Kirsch on Why Vax Advocates Refuse to Debate

James Perloff on Ukraine “Wall of Propaganda”

When They Build a "Wall of Propaganda"...What's on the Other Side?

Zelensky and Hunter Biden Announce Donbass Wedding and Black Sea Honeymoon

Ex-CIA/State Dept./Special Forces Larry Johnson debunks "virulent" anti-Russia hysteria

Gideon Polya on Comparative Casualties; Henry Makow on "Russia vs. West = Men vs. Femmes"

Ukraine Flies a False Flag

US Declared War on Russia and Ukraine in 2014 (and on Pakistan Today)

Ellen Brown on the Coming Global Financial Revolution

"Spiritual Solidarity Is the Solution" - and much more!

The No-Show Physics & Civil Engineering Debate with RichardGage911 & _____

Matthew Ehret Says Putin Is NOT Klaus Schwab’s Puppet; John Titus on Petrodollar Precarity

Meryl Nass on Big Pharma Funded Fake Science

"US Dollar Hegemony Ended Last Wednesday" (!?)

Eric Walberg on Gender Madness; Eric Zuesse Nominates Gen. Douglas Macgregor for President

Ukraine False Flag Coming: Bio, Chem, or Cyber?

NASA Whistleblower Richard Cook on “Zionist War on Russia”

Have You Had Your Anti-Putin Vaccinations Yet?

Michael Brenner on Anti-Putin Frenzy

Can the Iran Nuclear Deal Be Revived?

Marilyn Singleton vs. American Oligarchy

Ukraine: The New 9/11 (with E. Michael Jones)

AFP Report Podcast: "We Need an American Putin"

We Need an American Putin

Dmitry Orlov on Ukraine: "Everything You Know Is Wrong"; Nahed al-Huseini Agrees

Ukraine - Everything You Know Is Wrong! (with Dmitry Orlov)

Prof. Gary Leupp on NATO Expansion; Dave Lindorff Says “No-Fly Zone” = Global Thermonuclear War

Gordon Duff on What’s Really Going on in Ukraine

Damn Yankees!

Biowar World War 3: Has It Already Started?

Guy Mettan on “Creating Russophobia”

Andrei Martyanov on Russia-Ukraine & “Disintegration” of US

Is the USA Disintegrating? Andrei Martyanov Says "Yes"

Linh Dinh’s latest piece, fact-checked and corrected

Reclaiming Peace in the Current World Order: We Need War Crimes Trials and Regime Change in the USA

Jim Fetzer: "Why I'm Appealing to the Supreme Court"

From COVID to Putin

Ex-NYU Prof Michael Rectenwald: "Woke Capitalism" is a Scam

Sanctions on Russia: Anglo-Zionist Empire's Hypocrisy & Arrogance on Display

COVID Crisis Implodes, Ukraine Crisis Explodes (Just a Coincidence?)

Which Is Worse, COVID or Nuclear War?

Peter Myers and Matthew Ehret Debate Peter’s “Questions About LaRouche Viewpoint”

Seven Years of Saudi War Crimes—and Defeats—in Yemen

A.K. Dewdney on Exposing the New World Order

"Should We Fear God?", "Who Unleashed COVID?"...and other questions

Nick of "For Liberty" on How to Take This World Back

"COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun" video with Ron Unz

Michelle Malkin on Being Banned from AirB&B

Daud Batchelor on “Muhammad the Ultimate Leader”; James Howard Kunstler on COVID “Wake-Up Call”

Question MSM's Sacred Narratives, and You'll Be Digitally Burned at the Stake

US-Israeli Leaders' Problem: They Believe Their Own Lies

Ken Meyercord on Ukraine False Flags

From Silence to Slander

These Two Qur'anic Verses Will Unplug You From the Matrix

Truckers Rashid Daoud and Martin Hill Discuss Freedom Convoy

Mathew Crawford: 200,000+ COVID Vaccine Deaths in US Alone?

Gordon Duff Debates Kevin Barrett on COVID Data & RFK Jr.’s Speech

The Vax Needle and the Damage Done

US Trucker Cheers for the Freedom Convoy

Henry Herskovitz on Being Condemned by the City Council, Monika Schaefer on Her Political Prisoner Brother Alfred

Psychotherapist Fran Shure on 9/11 & COVID Psy-Ops

“Omicron Isn’t Working?! Unleash the Plague Monkeys!”

Can Canadian Truck Convoy Squash Vaccine Mandates?­

Iran's Achievements Since Its 1979 Revolution

“Freedom From Choice” Movement Demands Mandatory Vaccinations Against Free Will

“Don’t Know Much About the Holocaust”

Ron Jacobs on “Hazy Cosmic Jive”

Mick Harrison and Richard Gage AIA of Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry on Friday’s Oral Arguments

Mick Harrison and Richard Gage AIA of Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry on Today’s Oral Arguments

Saudis Escalate Bombing of Yemeni Cities

Mick Harrison and Richard Gage Will Discuss Breaking News on 9/11 Grand Jury on My Live Show This Friday

Robert Singer Explains Why the World Will End in 2023

Allan Stevo on How and Why to Stay Mask-Free

Physician Meryl Nass Targeted by COVID Inquisition

US Borrowed Iranian Treasures "for 3 Years" in 1930s — Gets Overdue Notice

Josh Mitteldorf on COVID/Vaccine Controversies, Miracles & Quantum Theory, Atlantis, 6th Extinction, and More

Joel Hirschhorn on Real COVID/Vaccine/Collateral Death Toll, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ivermectin” and More

"Dress for Omicron Success! Wear 'the Best Mask in Your Wardrobe'" -NYT COVID Fashion Expert

Meryl Nass on Fake Science vs. Vax Death Count

Russia Draws a Big Red Line

Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022?

General Qassem Soleimani: Role Model, Icon, Inspiration (E. Michael Jones & Kevin Barrett)

“Let’s Go Brandon” Was the “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” of 2021