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Speaking Being

Mysticism, as well as politics, is on the menu this weekend

God is the one who, when He wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, "Be" — and it is.

Google fancies itself the company that, when it wills a thing not to be, says unto it “don’t be” — and it isn’t.

Google has been saying “don’t be!” to me, louder and louder, for several years. Once upon a time I could easily locate pretty much anything I’d ever posted on the internet just by Googling it, and it would invariably show up at or near the top of the results list. Then, around 2015 or thereabouts, I started disappearing. By the summer of 2020 I was basically gone.

What happened, of course, is that I had been shadowbanned. Someone had tweaked Google’s search engine algorithm to make me disappear.

Today they went one step further and disabled all of the YouTube accounts to which I contribute—not only my personal account and another established by a family member, but also the account of the 501c3 nonprofit that sponsors the Little Mosque in the Woods where I give Friday sermons. Many thousands of hours of video have been annihilated.

Google is trying to consign me to the realm of non-being because the people who run it don’t agree with my views on politics, current events, history, philosophy, and religion. That’s precisely the kind of speech the First Amendment was designed to protect. But the corrupt courts have held that Google, which effectively monopolizes the digital public square of search engines and online video, is a private company that has the First Amendment right to obliterate everyone else’s First Amendment rights.

Obviously internet platforms are just phone companies, and as such have no right to tell telephone/internet users what they can or cannot say. Nor do they have any right to favor one user over another based on views expressed. Nor should they be allowed to eavesdrop on our phone calls/internet communications.

As far as I am concerned, violations of the principles enunciated in the above paragraph should be capital crimes.

Live broadcast begins in a few minutes:

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at my Substack.

First hour: Greg Leveille of the Spiritual Secrets Substack just published “Going Beyond Chaos while floating in a River of Loving Consciousness.” In it he asks some good questions:

“Are you making a positive difference in the world, or are you contributing to the confusion and the contentiousness of the current round of worldwide chaos?   Can you let go, or at least ignore the left-side and right-side arguments, or have you taken a firm stand supporting one side or the other?

“Do you think of yourself as part of the government narrative, the alternative narrative, or the spiritual narrative?   Are you in a state of spiritual peace or are you in a state of opposition to one thing or another?”

Greg Leveille’s experience includes 50 years of intense meditation and 40 years of teaching meditation methods.

Second hour: Professor Emeritus Anthony Hall (University of Lethbridge) returns to discuss the ongoing grassroots revolt against Canadian fuhrer, I mean, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. We’ll discuss “what’s going on in Canada that led to the installation of a new Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, who replaced Jason Kenney who resigned. Smith promises to institute an Alberta Sovereignty Act. The great distance between Danielle and Trudeau can be signified by this comment from the new premier who intends to insert medical choice into the Alberta Human Rights Act.”

We’ll also discuss the rise of the Alberta Independence Party; the likely false flag publicity stunt that led to the dubious Canadian truckers movement prosecutions in Coutts; and Zionist control of both mainstream and alternative Canadian media.

Tomorrow’s False Flag Weekly News:

Massacre of the Innocents: CDC Inflicts Biowar Vax on Children

False Flag Weekly News featuring J-Mike Springmann should be posted at the usual spot by around noon Central = 1 pm Eastern. Check out the list of stories and contribute to the Fundrazr.

Thank you for supporting free speech!

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