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Mathew Crawford: 200,000+ COVID Vaccine Deaths in US Alone?

Why Gordon Duff's Claim That Nobody Has Died From a Covid Vaccine Is Wrong

Mathew Crawford is a mathematician and statistician whose Rounding the Earth Substack is rapidly becoming a legend in its own time. In the first half hour of our conversation (transcribed below with links) he explains how hard data raises the strong possibility that the US has experienced more than 200,000 deaths from COVID vaccines (as opposed to the “zero vaccine deaths” asserted yesterday by Gordon Duff). The second half hour touches on history and geopolitics; psychopaths in general and the Western bankster elite in particular; and how and when the pathocracy may finally collapse.

Kevin Barrett: Welcome to Truth Jihad audio-visual, the radio and now video show that goes everywhere where brave people are thinking outside the box and telling truths that the mainstream doesn't want you to hear. Today, I'm honored to bring on a new Truth Jihad Radio guest, Mathew Crawford. He's a mathematician, a statistician and a real visionary. He puts out the Rounding the Earth newsletter, which is highly recommended, some of the most provocative writing on the internet today. So, hey, welcome, Matthew. Good to have you.

Mathew Crawford: Thanks, Kevin. Thanks for inviting me.

Kevin Barrett: I really enjoy your work. It covers a whole bunch of bases that aren't always covered in one place. In fact, I think you're covering probably 80 to 90 percent of the issues that I've been covering for the last 15 or 20 years—with one exception, which of course is that I've been focused heavily on 9/11 truth. That's what pushed me into this alternative info world, and I know you haven't done a huge amount on that. But other than that, especially in the COVID era, we're definitely barking up similar trees. And I appreciate you bringing math, science and humanities together, which is something that I've always wanted to see more of ever since I was a humanities teacher. So where do we start? Your COVID statistical work challenges orthodoxy. I just had a rabid defender of orthodoxy on the show, Gordon Duff. He's "more Catholic than the pope." Gordon insists that the real fatality rates for COVID are higher than the mainstream tells us, and he insists that nobody has ever died from a vaccine. So let's start by explaining why he's wrong.

Mathew Crawford: Oh, gosh.

Kevin Barrett: Where do you start?

Mathew Crawford: There's a lot of ground to cover right there. One thing to say is it's actually a weird statement to talk about what somebody died of. And I find less trustworthy a conversation that makes very firm claims than one that is more exploratory. And what I mean by that is when a person dies, it's most often very difficult to give one reason for why they died. Even a person shot with a gun, do you say they died from the gunshot or they died from, you know, losing too much blood or hypoxia?

Kevin Barrett: Or having an FBI asset smother them with a pillow, which is what happened to Martin Luther King Jr., according to William Pepper's investigation.

Mathew Crawford: I don't know that story. That's an interesting one. But even on a very ordinary level, a person may be suffering from cancer in a hospital bed and get COVID. And it may be that if they hadn't gotten COVID, they would have died a month later. But because they have COVID their body is now stressed; they die a little bit sooner. And so how do you write that death down? Do you write that down as a cancer death, as a COVID death? And I think that vaccine deaths may be the same thing, when it comes to language that can be easily manipulated.

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