Methinks the Chinese-bat-blamers protest WAY too much
Now reposted on YouTube with my introduction
Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould Expose Political Assassinations and War-Trigger ProvocationsListen now (57 min) | "The Valediction" is eye-opening—and a great read!
Philosopher Peter Simpson on Internet CensorshipListen now (55 min) | When Bad Speech Censors Good Speech the Culture Is in Trouble
Alan Sabrosky Discusses Internet Censorship—and Announces His Retirement (from Doing Interviews Like This)Listen now (56 min) | Dr. Alan Sabrosky USMC, “most censored man in America,” former head of Strategic Studies, US Army War College, returns to Truth J…
In 2013, It Took the NSA to Censor the Internet. Today Censorship Is Normalized and Ubiquitous.
Ken Meyercord on 9/11 Remote HijackingsListen now (55 min) | Ken Meyercord discusses his article “9/11: Controlled Demolition of Truth.” In it he writes: “I believe the planes were remotely …
The "natural origin" propaganda is incoherent...and highly suspicious
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